Geomajas introduction, BeJUG, March 2012
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Geomajas introduction, BeJUG, March 2012

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Slides for the "Introduction to Geomajas" part of the "Spatial Data in the Enterprise" BeJUG session.

Slides for the "Introduction to Geomajas" part of the "Spatial Data in the Enterprise" BeJUG session.

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  • Performance = Speed of implementation AND Speed of the realized applications (performance) Scalable Enterprise integration All-JAVA API contract Enterprise integration Flexible / extensible Advanced GIS in the browser
  • Geschiedenis
  • At an architectural level we have chosen to build the framework technology as a Service Oriented Architecture With an integrated client and server side This enable you to build - very secure applications - gives you many performance and scalability possibilities - integration with domain logic of other web applications with a strong back-end component


  • 1. … a GIS framework for the web Joachim Van der Auwera March 2012
  • 2. What is it? GIS application framework for the web Integrate GIS data sources Make data available on the web (view / edit) Security Performance No browser plug-ins all-Java : GWT, Spring, Hibernate, GeoTools
  • 3. History 2006 2008 2010 Today OSGeo Graduat ion Version 1.0 Version 1.6 Version 1.10Generic Web GIS - First framework - Modular framework - 24 plug-insFunded by Flemish - Dojo face - API Contract - RasterizationGovernment - GWT face - CachingPrototype - Security - SLD support - Plug-in mechanism - Commercial support
  • 4. ArchitectureIntegrated front andback-endEnterprise Integration
  • 5. Under the hood
  • 6. Security DMZ LAN/WAN internet Geomajas Browser view Get application (token) Data source Display data Web Get data (token) clientView source / firebug Data source Wms?token=xyz Filtered data
  • 7. How things combine, the future Geomajas Spatial Application Server Geomajas application Geomajas Spatial Application Framework back-end faces plug-ins Geomajas projects Geometry API Geometry Geometry SLD
  • 8. Plug-ins Faces: Widgets GWT Advanced views PureGWT Feature Info REST PureGWT core Search and Filter Caching Utility Editing Layers Geocoder GeoTools JavaScript API Google Printing Hibernate Profiling KML Rasterizing OpenStreetMap Reporting TMS Staticsecurity WMS
  • 9. Demo Ktunaxa Referral Management System Starting a new application
  • 10. Questions? Thanks! Contact me : Mail:, Blog: Twitter : @joachimvda, @geomajas