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Jaipur national university for Online Education
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Jaipur national university for Online Education


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Published in: Education, Business

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  • 1. Jaipur National University
  • 2. Top 50 rank University in India by India Today group. The programs are accredited by the Tripartite Committee – UGC, DEC & AICTE. The dual degree program is the combination of a Postgraduate diploma and a MBA degree. The Postgraduate diploma is offered Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune (MIT) which is the finest and well known educational hub in the country. The dual certified degree program comprises of a total 22 specializations which are specifically designed with the intend to give the best career prospects to students.
  • 3. This online course imparts knowledge about the business administration and its application in the practical world and decisions making skills.
  • 4. Business Process Outsourcing industry is the very well developed field which help in boosting economy of any country. This dual certified degree educates in enhancing various necessary managerial skills required in the BPO industry.
  • 5. Design Management degree offers the best perspectives of design, integrative thinking, sustainability and management knowledge. The program builds unique thinkers with entrepreneurship and generative leadership skills which will help to develop new business models for the future.
  • 6. MBA in energy management programs refers in addressing extraction & production, processing & conversion, and marketing & delivery in each segment. This is the program is initiated for professionals who enjoy solving unstructured energy management and business related problems.
  • 7. The two-year dual degree program in Finance Management specializes you to pursue exciting careers in banks, financial consultancies and financial institutions. Finance management has been at the epicenter of all business operations and expertise in the domain is the solution to contribute economy.
  • 8. Fire and Safety dual degree programs give a great impetus to learner about the Fire and Safety management which is necessary in any industry. Students learns about the necessary management knowledge which is best served during the crisis , emergency and hazard management.
  • 9. Hospital management is the emerging field as the infrastructure is not much developed in India. It deals in equipping knowledge about the hospital and healthcare management with the organizational skills that’s helps during functioning of hospital.
  • 10. This degree serves as the medium for students to a career in the hotel and tourism industry. Hospitality industry is the most dynamic which intents to grow from years to years with the maximum financial turnovers. This dual degree course makes you gain the management skills related to the field with best career options.
  • 11. MBA + PG diploma in Human Resource Management equips you with the organizational skills like planning, recruitments, Labor relations, employment ethics etc. This dual degree helps you to gain a most successful and flourishing careers in HR departments of the best management companies.
  • 12. This dual degree program consists of 4 semesters . Supply Chain Management degree helps you in achieving knowledge about flow of goods design, planning, execution, control and monitoring of supply chain activities in any industry. The objective of Supply chain is developing and synchronizing supply with demand and measuring performance in any industry.
  • 13. Dual degree in Telecom Management prepares the students with the management knowledge required in telecom sector which is emerging as day by day. This sector involves mobile networks, wireless network and upcoming and ongoing technological advancement. Best career prospects are provided once the course is completed.
  • 14. MBA degree prepares students with different aspects of Wealth Management from an investment decision to making perspective. This degree course seeks to develop a set of conceptual frameworks and analytic tools, which can be applied to investments, investment strategies and wealth management.
  • 15. Infrastructure and Construction management knowledge coupled with management skills gives extensive exposure in handling realty managing companies with the firm goal to prosper. This degree courses trains students to capitalize on the social economic, environmental and physical resources at hand to ensure maximum viability in business handling.
  • 16. This dual degree is designed to provide you with specialist knowledge of international business. It will enhance your ability to think strategically and understand the essentials of business and organizations in order to manage change more effectively in the global business environment.
  • 17. Dual degree in IT Management offers the advanced technical and business knowledge to face multifaceted technology and upcoming business challenges in the IT profession. It trains in use of management skills to develop the usage and application of the knowledge.
  • 18. With the convenience and flexibility of online learning this dual degree courses provide the practical marketing knowledge necessary to make good business decisions. It will develop and sharpen skills associated with leveraging good marketing sense. The objective of this degree courses is to train a new breed of marketing professionals to excel in the current economic landscape with skills.
  • 19. Online dual degree in Material Management equips the learners with the knowledge about handling the materials in an efficient manner so as to proper functioning of the manufacturing/ production process. The objective of materials management department in any company is to provide an unbroken supply chain for production to manufacture goods on time for the customer base
  • 20. The objective of this network infrastructure management degree course is to impart skills in sin IT departments in many fields where data and information is stored and transferred with the use of computers. It provides the required knowledge and expertise to individuals in managing complex IT infrastructure related equipments, operating systems and their applications
  • 21. The intend of this program is to develop core operational skill which are utmost necessary in any firm. This degree program aims to produce management graduates with the required specialist knowledge and skills appropriate to pursue careers in operations management which is required in many organizational platforms like IT management, supply chain management, general management and consulting etc.
  • 22. The Postgraduate Diploma + MBA in Project Management has been designed to meet the requirements of working professionals and is complete online. Degree is by online learning through the University's virtual learning management system.
  • 23. This dual degree program focuses on building a strong foundation in Retail Management for entry-level to mid-level professionals. The objective is to provide a thorough understanding and hands-on experience of Retail Management professionals with indepth retail knowledge.
  • 24. The dual degree in Risk Management and Insurance imparts with a strong core curriculum in fundamental business planning with expertise in managing organizational risk. The main focus is given to the insurance industry, yet with an aim towards develop exceptionally strong critical thinking and analytical skills which are aided by a vast array of business strategy management.
  • 25. Get DEC, UGC & AICTE Recognised Degree that Works. Speed up your Career Growth, join JNU Online University For more details visit Thank You!!