How to (not) build an elections map
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How to (not) build an elections map



Code for South Africa built the Mail & Guardian's 2014 General Elections Map ( In this talk by Jason Norwood-Young, first given to the ...

Code for South Africa built the Mail & Guardian's 2014 General Elections Map ( In this talk by Jason Norwood-Young, first given to the Hacks/Hackers group in Cape Town on 30 May 2014, he discusses the trials, tribulations, and more trials of building an elections map.



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How to (not) build an elections map How to (not) build an elections map Presentation Transcript

  • How to (not) build an election map Jason Norwood-Young Code4SA
  • Code4SA “Everyone has the right of access to any information held by the state; and any information that is held by another person and that is required for the exercise or protection of any rights.” South African Constitution (Section 32)
  • Elections 2009
  • Then, in 2012…
  • 2014 HTML Data Mobile 2009 Flash Multimedia Web
  • News24 • 1.7 Million Unique Users • 22 Million Page Views • 30,000 app downloads • 102,000 concurrent users • … just on the day after the elections source:
  • Mail & Guardian • Map accounted for 10% of traffic • 5,000 concurrent users on the map • 22,674 unique users • 54,475 sessions • 85,668 pageviews • Avg session duration: 9m29s source: Google Analytics, TechCentral
  • That’s nice, but I thought this was about maps, not statistics
  • Data Information Presentation Knowledge
  • First, the APIs
  • Mix in a bit of inspiration
  • Start visualising
  • Our first look - all the provinces, municipalities, wards
  • Adding some color
  • Pulling back a bit
  • Mario Maps!
  • Fighting with the maps
  • Large parts of the country don’t have wards (2009)
  • EC Ward in KZN? WTF
  • That’s okay EC, have some KZN islands
  • Fighting with the IEC
  • Contacting the IEC (This isn’t a link - it’s an IMAGE)
  • At least we had plenty of time for testing…
  • east we got the API documentation in g Election day: Wednesday 7 May 2014
  • we had known about the FRICKING MYSQL REPLICATION OP
  • Voting Day
  • May 7, 10:16am
  • • 7am - 2pm • Throw out 2009 Wards maps • Throw out seat allocation graphic • Add names to map • Add party flags • 2pm - 3pm • Vote • 3pm - 6pm • Final fixes to map • 6pm - 7pm • Rest, dinner • 7pm - 9pm • Integrate with IEC API • 9pm - 5:54am • PANIC!!!! • 5:54am - 10am • Sleep • 10am onwards • PANIC some more
  • Fun on the day • IEC API reports that a Voting District has changed (pull, not push) • We fetch the changed VD • We fetch the changed Munic (No ward data available) • We fetch the changed Province • Have to do this for Provincial and National • Takes approximately 4 seconds for one result
  • 4 (seconds) * 22,000 (voting districts) * 2 (provincial, national) = 176,000 seconds or 2,933 minutes or 49 hours
  • Meanwhile, IEC is giving us bullshit data which means we’re giving bullshit data
  • At 12pm on 8 May I decided to turn off ward reporting
  • But a few days later (Thanks to Adrian Frith who quickly scraped the data)
  • Wards are back, baby!
  • And now we have Voting Districts!
  • So who did the best maps? • Media24 had the most up-to-date, accurate data • We had the coolest • Adrian Frith had the awesomest (and continues to do the most with the maps) • Everyone else kinda sucked
  • Lessons • Data accuracy should come first, second and third • Don’t trust the data • Check, double-check, triple-check, and then get someone else to check • I’m too old for all-nighters
  • What’re the 2016 Elections going to look like? • Mobile • Waaay more data • A more sophisticated, data-literate reader • They’re maps, Jim, but not as we know it…
  • Tech Stack • Code4SA Elections API • Python (Flask) • • Interface to IEC API • Node.js • Middleware btw Code4SA API and IEC API interface • Python (Flask) • Maps API • Node.js, Topojson, Restify • Front end • D3.js • Bootstrap 3 • CodeKit
  • Embed your own <link rel="stylesheet" href=" <div id="Code4SA" style="height: 100px"></div> <script src="" typ <script>Code4SA.Map.deploy();</script>
  • But was it worth it?
  • Yes, but only because of the APIs
  • – Emma Goldman “If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.”