Final Project Part I
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Final Project Part I

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This professional development plan explains Voice Thread in connection to language arts. See Part II for Youblisher and Kid Blog.

This professional development plan explains Voice Thread in connection to language arts. See Part II for Youblisher and Kid Blog.

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  • Play VT, scroll through examples after watching first slide.
  • Explain VT example of Three Little Pigs and play.
  • 1. Register with name, email, and password.2. Sign in.
  • 1. Upload pictures/movies/etc.2. Comment (introduce VT).
  • 1. Upload pictures/movies/etc.2. Comment (introduce VT or prompt discussion).


  • 1. Fishing for Connections:Integrating Technology into Language Arts
    ECOMP 6800 Final
    Cassie Applegate
    Johnna Noles
    Lindsey Young
  • 2. Multiple Mediums
  • 3. Voice Thread
    A collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents, and videos.
    It allows people to navigate pages and leave comments.
    Users can doodle while commenting!
  • 7. Why Use Voice Thread?
    The commenting feature
    Group work for class projects
    Allows students to feel more comfortable with sharing their ideas
    Manage and maintain the safety of their students by moderating comments
    Parents can view their child's work online
  • 8. Educational Use
    • Voice Thread offers a specific section for educators.
    • 9. VoiceThread for educators ensures appropriate comments and allows educators and classes to collaborate.
  • Literacy Connections
    There are many ways to use Voice Thread in the classroom. One way is to create a book that students can retell and add comments.
  • 10. Your Account
  • 11. Voice Thread Basics
    1. Add your pictures, Power Point, You Tube video, or website.
  • 12. Voice Thread Basics
    2. Choose a comment option (phone, webcam, microphone, or text).
  • 13. Voice Thread Basics
    3. Share your creation with teachers, students, and parents!
  • 14. Extra Features
    Embed your Voice Thread in your classroom blog, webpage, or Wiki!
    Choose who can view or comment on your Voice Thread.
  • 15. Tips for Teachers
    • Start small. Begin by creating your own VoiceThread and have students practice commenting. As your students become more comfortable with VoiceThread, they can make an individual project.
    • 16. Model appropriate comments. Give them prompts to start their comments.
    • 17. Discuss netiquette and copyright issues.
    • 18. Under one account, you can create an entire class, which will allow you to monitor students from your account.
    • 19. If your VoiceThread is public, make sure to monitor all comments before allowing them to be posted.
  • Restroom Break