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Business success is built on vision. Determination. Intelligence.

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ePartners solutions are founded on market-leading Microsoft®
software, known for functionality, scalability, and rapid ROI...
At ePartners we seek out the most qualified and dedicated consulting, project

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ePartners is passionate about providing our clients with solutions that
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Industry solutions
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E Partners Overview


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E Partners Overview

  1. 1. forge a link with the partner you can trust elevate. ePartners is widely regarded as the most experienced thought leader in the global Microsoft Partner Channel. ePartners sits on many of Microsoft’s Partner Advisory Councils and Software Beta Testing Groups and provides development services directly to Microsoft. In this capacity, we are able to champion our clients’ interests while helping shape Microsoft’s future business and product strategies. people. performance. profits. United States / Headquarters 6565 N MacArthur Boulevard, Suite 950 Recognition from Microsoft Irving, TX 75039 In 2005 ePartners was the largest supplier of Microsoft business solutions 888.883.9797 in the United States. In 2004 and 2001, ePartners was recognized as the United Kingdom / Headquarters Microsoft Business Solutions Global Partner of the Year. In 2003 ePartners 4 Lombard Street received the CRM Excellence Award as the largest provider of Microsoft London, EC3V 9HD CRM in the world. And in 2002 ePartners was awarded Microsoft’s +44 (0) 20 7190 2848 Customer Loyalty Award. success is in the partners you choose® Visit our web site for more information about our solutions, to read case 20 offices in the US and UK studies, and to find the office location nearest you. 06-EPS-019 10/06 © 2006 ePartners Incorporated. All rights reserved. ePartners is a registered trademark of ePartners Incorporated. All other products, services, or marks may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
  2. 2. Business success is built on vision. Determination. Intelligence. It is also built on a firm foundation of information tools and connections lift results configured to make every employee an empowered worker. Since 1992, ePartners has been giving businesses like yours the power to reach their goals, to grow, and to discover and profit from new areas of potential. We invite you to see how ePartners is the right partner for your success. with software and systems engineered for your successand The information technologies you select need to support the unique challenges and opportunities that face your business. Your IT systems should also be intuitive to use, making it easy for your employees to utilize them to the full. At ePartners, we take the time to understand your business so we can devise comprehensive solutions—solutions that are tailored to your specific industry and processes and afford a short learning curve for your employees. We’ll empower your workforce with the tools they need to fulfill their mission and make better decisions, whether they work on the shop floor, at the front desk, or in the executive suite. The bottom line is, we’ll help you align your IT strategy with your business objectives, driving performance improvements across your enterprise and helping you get a fast return on your IT investment. Our comprehensive offerings include: > Business Consulting Services > Financial and Business Management Solutions > Customer Relationship Management Solutions > Reporting and Business Intelligence Solutions > Vertical and Industry-Specific Solutions > Custom Software Development Services > Software Integration and Enhancements > Intranet, Extranet and Portal Solution Development > Network and Technology Infrastructure Services > Hosting and Application Management Services > Web-based and Classroom Training Services > Telephone, E-mail and Field Support
  3. 3. ePartners solutions are founded on market-leading Microsoft® software, known for functionality, scalability, and rapid ROI across the enterprise. These are powerful solutions with a familiar interface that can take on many business challenges. Using our development expertise, we tailor the functionality of the Microsoft business solutions to your specific needs. We leverage our intellectual property and third party software from our large network of trusted independent vendors to supplement your core solution. We make sure your state-of-the-art software and technology systems are fully integrated so you can achieve your business objectives. feel the power of solutions that give you the winner’s edge Your ePartners solution will enable you to track and manage physical resources and finances, provide superior care for your customers, deliver increased profits for investors and shareholders, predict business and employee needs, and resolve your operational challenges. “[Our experience with] the Microsoft Business Solutions With ePartners and Microsoft, you can build your business as high as your aspirations will go. system is a night and day difference from our previous experience. Our people have grasped it quickly, and Our solutions leverage the latest Microsoft applications and technologies there isn’t a high level of frustration. This means greater including: productivity, greater workforce satisfaction, and high Microsoft Dynamics AX Microsoft Windows Server System ® ™ ™ retention of valuable personnel.” Microsoft Dynamics GP Microsoft Windows® Brett L. Scott, Chief Financial Officer Microsoft Dynamics CRM Microsoft Office Irvine Biomedical, Inc. Microsoft Dynamics SL Microsoft SharePoint® Microsoft Dynamics NAV Microsoft .NET™
  4. 4. At ePartners we seek out the most qualified and dedicated consulting, project create synergy management and information technology professionals in the industry. We invest in continuous development programs to keep our professionals on the cutting edge of ever-changing technologies. Thus our clients have a top-rated team of experts working on their business. with teams that take your success personally Consulting and Professional Services deliver business results Our Consulting and Professional Services organization delivers a comprehensive service offering built upon an understanding of our clients’ strategies and processes; the industries in which they compete; the business applications and information technologies relevant to their businesses; the training and development and change management techniques and tools most appropriate for their organization; and proven project management and delivery methods, tools and processes. Our consulting and delivery capabilities mean that our clients can count on ePartners to craft and deliver creative and cost-effective solutions that improve the performance of their businesses and increase the return from their business and technology investments. Project Management acts as mission control “Approaching a project that requires a complete hardware and In order to provide the highest level of service, ePartners places certified software change is a daunting task. You must be sure that the project managers at the head of complex implementations. Your skilled project management team will work to ensure that your project is staffed technology partner you select is the best that your budget allows; with the right resources, and is completed on time and on budget. that’s why we chose ePartners. Following implementation, they have continued to provide EDCO with quality service and support.” Customer Care keeps it working smoothly Finally, your project will be backed by ePartners’ world class training and Dean Poirier, Treasurer, Education Collaborative support. Our Customer Care Center is staffed by certified technology for Greater Boston (EDCO) experts who are dedicated to your satisfaction and success.
  5. 5. ePartners is passionate about providing our clients with solutions that boost productivity, show a return on investment, and over time yield total cost of ownership (TCO) results that meet your company’s overall business and financial performance goals. raise expectations for rapid return on investment and lower total cost of ownership Methodology We begin by guiding your company’s leadership through high-level planning sessions in order to align your existing and planned technology spending with your broader corporate strategies. “We regularly see our own clients struggle with their implementation Our business consulting services include long-range technology planning, of tier one systems. When it came time for us to implement an solution assessment engagements, business process improvement, and ERP system, ePartners convinced us of the low TCO of Microsoft post-implementation evaluation, all designed to maximize your investment Business Solutions-Solomon (now part of Microsoft Dynamics) and help make your business more successful. and the upside ROI that we could expect. We still use Microsoft Solutions Dynamics after nine years. Microsoft and ePartners have provided Once the requirements are clearly defined, we will assess, integrate and technology enhancements to keep our system current, and they deploy compatible business solutions that deliver the fastest IT investment have enabled us to grow and provide better customer service. payback and the lowest total cost of ownership. Not only are licensing fees Every day our clients depend on the information and service which more affordable, but the inherent simplicity of a Microsoft solution helps contain implementation, customization and maintenance costs. In the end, all the core Microsoft Dynamics allows us to provide, above and beyond their functionality is yours, at a fraction of the cost of some competing solutions. own tier one systems.” Terry L. Richter, Owner/CFO, Unified Resources, Inc.
  6. 6. Industry solutions Today’s business world is too complex for companies to run effectively with their data and processes confined to separate silos. Being competitive requires a migration to an integrated solutions approach that enables you to have visibility into your operations across departments, and to manage your entire organization efficiently. ePartners has invested heavily in developing sets of software and services that focus on industry-specific business issues and processes not adequately addressed by other solution providers. with precise solutions focused on your industry and role reach higher We offer integrated solutions for the unique needs of companies in: > Banking and Finance > Construction and Engineering > Energy > Healthcare and Medicine > Hospitality and Travel > Manufacturing > Media and Telecommunications > Non-Profit > Retail and Wholesale > Services > State and Local Government > Warehouse, Distribution and Transportation “The integration developed by ePartners between our clinical and Role-based solutions financial systems has streamlined data capture at Winona Health. ePartners provides crucial role-based solutions to help make your people more productive in their jobs, whether they deal with customers, financials, We’re proud of the fact that with state-of-the-art financial, human operations, materials, or other business-critical functions. We also offer resources and clinical systems, we unquestionably have one of the business intelligence tools, such as digital dashboards designed to give most advanced solutions available for community hospitals.” your executives the facts about company performance that they need for effective decision-making. Michael Allen, Chief Financial Officer, Winona Health