Activity 13 common online terminologies
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Activity 13 common online terminologies






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Activity 13 common online terminologies Activity 13 common online terminologies Presentation Transcript

  • Want to know more stuff about different online terms? Jenina P. Especi Bachelor of Secondary Education University of Santo Tomas
  • What is an Email? o Commonly used to send and receive messages from one user to another. o It also allows you to send graphics and sounds. You can also view, sort and even download files sent to you. o messages that are sent electronically from one computer to another. (
  • Wiki is a kind of web site that allows other people to access the site and add, replace or modify its content. This kind of site is created mainly by different kinds of authors. “wiki” comes from the Hawaiian phrase “wiki wiki” which means “super fast”. ( Wikipedia is the largest, and the most used wiki site which is a free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.
  • Social bookmarking is a userdefined taxonomy system for bookmarks. Bookmarks are referred to as tags. Unlike storing bookmarks in a folder on your computer, tagged pages are stored on the Web and can be accessed from any computer. (
  • This is the kind of language that web pages uses in order to create it. This is where you type what design you would like to put in your page, or what kind of effect you would like to use. The HTML syntax is based on a list of tags that describe the page's format and what is displayed on the Web page. (
  • a digital audio or video file or recording, usually part of a themed series, that c an be downloaded from a website to a media player or computer. ( You can download this and/or subscribe daily.
  • VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol a technology that allows telephone calls to be made over computer networks like the Internet. (
  • Online Chat Talking to different people using the internet. There can be a group of users talking to each other. It can be on going or scheduled.
  • WWW (World Wide Web) consists of all the public Web sites connected to the Internet worldwide, including the client devices (such as computers and cell phones) that access Web content. (
  • Streaming To view, listen, or watch a file online instead of downloading it. You listen or watch stuffs on your computer or gadget, live. It is not saved in your computer but you can still access it again if you’ll go back to the site where you got it.
  • What is a blog? A site that can be your personal journal where in you could put comments, opinions and reflections You can also put pictures, videos and other multimedia stuffs. Can be updated anytime and anywhere.
  • Social Networking is… Social networking is the grouping of individuals into specific groups, like small rural communities or a neighborhood subdivision, if you will. Although social networking is possible in person, especially in the workplace, universities, and high schools, it is most popular online. ( Social networking sites are slightly like blog sites where in people posts what they want and other people communicates with them.
  • What is URL Uniform Resource Locator a specific character string that constitutes a reference to a resource. In most web browsers, the URL of a web page is displayed on top inside an address bar. refer to a file on some machine on the network.
  • The End. :)
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