Using Web Taxonomies in Drupal

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Code examples are outdated, see for the current version of Economics Taxonomies.

Code examples are outdated, see for the current version of Economics Taxonomies.

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  • 1. ZBW is member of the Leibniz AssociationUsing Web Taxonomies in DrupalJoachim NeubertZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for EconomicsInternational Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata ApplicationsSpecial Session on Linked Data Vocabularies and DrupalKuching07.09.2012
  • 2. Page 2Agenda1) Quick intro into the related modules hierarchy2) Usage from the perspective of aa) Content editorb) Consuming human userc) Consuming machined) Site buildere) Plugin programmer3) Work to do
  • 3. Page 3Drupal modules hierarchy• taxonomyIn Drupal core, by default enabled for tagging, with autosuggestinput function, provides locally stored terms with identity (e.g.• web_taxonomyContrib module in alpha state, pulls in web-accessible vocabularieswhich deliver JSON data (,stores local proxy terms plus external term/concept URI• Plugins for web_taxonomyContrib modules providing plumbing to particular vocabularies (e.g.,Economics Taxonomies,
  • 4. Page 4Content editor‘s perspective
  • 5. Page 5Human visitor‘s perspective
  • 6. Page 6Human visitor‘s perspective
  • 7. Page 7Consuming machine‘s perspective
  • 8. Page 8Consuming machine‘s perspective
  • 9. Page 9Site builder‘s perspective 1
  • 10. Page 10Site builder‘s perspective 2
  • 11. Page 11Site builder‘s perspective 3
  • 12. Page 12Site builder‘s perspective – results • re-use of ready-made vocabularies built elsewhere• no current local maintenance work• no update headaches (just cron-job)• quite simple configuration• Linked Data almost for free
  • 13. Page 13Plugin programmer‘s perspective –Module
  • 14. Page 14Plugin programmer‘s perspective – Plugin
  • 15. Page 15Plugin programmer‘s perspective
  • 16. Page 16Plugin programmer‘s perspective
  • 17. Page 17Work to do• Minor annoyances (e.g., commas in terms)• Multilingual support• Seperating terms from (perhaps extended) labels for autosuggest listIn the long run, considering workflows for adding not-yet-existingterms/concepts to web taxonomies- store term locally and suggest it to taxonomy provider- review, reject or add (in an out-of-scope process)- update local proxy with authoritative URI (and perhaps standardizedterm form and/or translations)
  • 18. Page 18Thank you!Joachim NeubertZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economicsj.neubert@zbw.eu (Drupal/LOD prototype) (Web Services for Economics)See Lin Clarks (creator of web_taxonomy) description of her use case and step-for-step setupinstructions at