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Starburst Performance

Starburst Performance



New Product Launch for Mars; an idea and strategy I\’ve had since the mid 1990\’s.

New Product Launch for Mars; an idea and strategy I\’ve had since the mid 1990\’s.



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    Starburst Performance Starburst Performance Presentation Transcript

    • MarsInC.
      Starburst Performance
      Joshua S. Neeper
    • Who Is Mars?
      • Established in 1911 by Frank C. Mars
      • International Confectionary Company
      • Based in McLean, Virginia, Mars has net sales of more than $30 billion, six business segments including Chocolate, Petcare, Food, Gum & Confections, and Symbioscience, and more than 65,000 Associates
    • What They Make
      Milky Way
      3 Musketeers
      Mars Bar
      Munch Bar
      Juicy Fruit
      Pet Products
      Food &Beverage
      Snickers Ice Cream
      Twix Ice Cream
      Uncle Ben’s Rice
      Each brand also has several product lines that branch off.
    • Proposal
      Introducing Mars’s newest product, Starburst Performance drink to enter into a new market of product manufacturing but targeting most of the existing consumers that use Mars products while incorporating e-commerce marketing to increase sales for all brands.
      Investment of $50 million
    • Underlining Reasoning
      1. Market only has two competitors: Gatorade and PowerAde, that compete for the same target market but no attempt has been made to threaten their market share, until now.
      2. Creates new online marketing strategies, international commercials, endorsements, and sporting event sponsoring
      3. Designed to track multiple realms of analytics in regards to:
      • Online traffic
      • Sales
      • Awareness
      • Loyalty
      • Effectiveness
    • Product Overview
      • Starburst Performance is a new performance drink that competes directly with Gatorade & PowerAde
      • Developed by Mars’s Symbio-Science division
      • Engineered to optimize every athletes’ pre & post game/ training
      • Duplicates the original Starburst flavors
      • Packed with amino acids, proteins, B12 vitamins & Mars’s secret performance blend
      • Bottled and powered options available
    • Industry Overview
      Sports Drink Market
      • $300 billion sales worldwide in 2005
      • North America accounted for roughly 49% consumption in 2005
      • Asia Pacific region accounted for a 38% share in global consumption in 2005
      • Japan ranked second to the U.S. in terms of per capita consumption, but China is assumed to overtake Japan as Asia Pacific's leading consumer by volume in year 2010
      • 2003, Germany was the leading market for sports drinks in Western Europe followed by Italy then the U.K
      (all information below attained from http://researchwikis.com/Sports_Drink_Market)
    • Market Metrics
      Global functional drink volume (millions of liters)
      CATEGORY 2006 FORECAST 2011
      SPORTS DRINKS 9,870.6 13,301.70
      ENERGY DRINKS 2,429.4 3,534.10
      ELIXIRS 320.7 366.10
      TOTAL 12,620.7 17,201.9
      Sports Beverage Market
      (Source: Euromonitor International, 2007)
      Wholesale Dollars (in US billion)
      1997 $1.48
      1998 $1.69
      1999 $1.87
      2000 $2.01
      2001 $2.18
      2002 $2.41
      (all information below attained from http://researchwikis.com/Sports_Drink_Market)
    • Market Share & Capitalization
    • Demographics
      • Football http://blogs.loc.gov
      “In 1985 there were 509 football teams in the NCAA and in 2008 the number had grown to 628 teams. During this same period of time attendance at these games increased by about 40% from 34,952,000 in 1985 to 48,839,000 in 2008.”
    • Soccer Demographics
      • An estimated 18,188 women played soccer in the three college divisions in 2001, compared with 17,788 in track and field
      • “Of the 18 million Americans who play soccer, 78% are under the age of eighteen. In the 1990s, soccer was recognized as the fastest-growing college and high school sport in the United States.”
      • “The 300,000 soccer clubs worldwide are comprised of 240 million players, 30 million of which are women.”
      Soccer Facts from: http://usa.usembassy.de/sports-soccer.htm
    • Golf Demographics
      • 1985 there were approximately 17 million golfers in the U.S. playing over 414 million rounds of golf, at over 12,000 facilities.
      • 2003 the numbers had climbed to over 27 million golfers playing almost half a million rounds, at almost 16,000 facilities.
      Golf Facts from: http://www.loc.gov/rr/business/BERA/issue3/golf.html
    • Tennis Demographics
      • 2002 the number of men playing was just over 6 million, compared to almost 5 million women players
      Tennis Facts from: http://www.loc.gov/rr/business/BERA/issue3/tennis.html
    • General Facts
      • “In 2003, 58 percent of boys and 51 percent of girls in high school played on a sports team.”
      • “About $1 billion in athletic scholarships are awarded through the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) each year. Over 126,000 student-athletes receive either a partial or a full athletic scholarship.”
      General Facts from: http://usa.usembassy.de/sports-youth.htm
    • Targeted Sports
      Track & Field
      All sports will be targeted and marketed:
      • Youth
      • Collegiate
      • Professional level
    • Psychographics
      • Physical Activity
      • Healthy Products
      • Modern Supplement
      • Relevant Merchandise
      Ages from 5 to 50
      Jr. High
      High School
      Club Sports
      Minor League
      • They enjoy sports
      • They train/ workout regularly
      • Hard Working
      • Push the limit of the human body every day
      • Come from all across the world
      • Have passion
      • Have love
      • Intense workouts
    • Off-Line Behavior
      • Team Orientated – School, Professional, etc.
      • Look to satisfy needs:
      • Hydration
      • Natural Energy
      • An alternative to water, which is perceived as bland
      • Healthy option for “re-fueling” during physical activity
      • Require large amounts of fluid intake
      • Younger, venturesome, and recreational
      • They live a very busy life style, constantly working, training and being active
      • Travel very heavily especially when the athletes get older
    • On-Line Behavior
      • Reliant on peers for information
      • Heavy users of social media
      • Appeal to loyalty/rewards programs
      • More convenience oriented
      • Stay up to date with sports
      • Avid ESPN viewers
      • Watch several sports videos
    • Competitive Analysis
      On-Line & Off-Line Competition
      Pepsi, Co.
      • Gatorade
      Coca Cola
      • PowerAde
    • Off-Line Marketing Plan
      • Launch Starburst Performance TV commercials in 5 international regions
      • Launch a Mars TV commercial in U.S.
      • Synergize all brands while associating them with Mars
      • Highlight all the GOOD that Mars has done since its beginning
      • Own the largest solar grid in the U.S.
      • Charity Donations
      Mars’s 5 Principles
      • Awards
    • Goals
      • Starburst Performance ($500,000,000 in first year sales)
      • Increase overall sales of the company by 20%
      • Increase each brand’s sales by at least 3% world wide
      • Generate Starburst Performance sales in 5 countries within first year
      o U.S.
      o China
      o U.K
      o Russia
      o Australia
    • Off-Line Sales Force
      Sales Force:
      • Compiled of the company’s best sales people
      • In charge of:
      • Distribution of samples
      • University relations/selling
      • Professional team liaisons
      • Traveling up to 70% of the time
    • Crucial Off-Line Issue
      Mars & Pepsi use the same company (BBDO) to create and design commercials.
      Conflict of interests could be a problem.
    • On-Line Marketing Plan
      Create Synergy between Mars’s Corporate website and all of their brands
      • Synchronize all online presence for quicker publication
      • Drive all traffic to the corporate web site
      • Increase presence and brand association to Mars and all of their products
      • Create a Youtube, Facebook and Twitter page for Starburst Performance
      • Increase each brand’s sales by at least 3% world wide
      • Generate a total 1,000,000 hits per day to the corporate website
      • Generate no less than 300,000 hits per day for Starburst Performance
      • Increase brand awareness and loyalty for all Mars Products
    • Advertising & Traffic Drivers
      All traffic drivers will include Google Business Solutions
      • Ad Words
      • Ad Sense
      • Analytics
      • Website Optimizer
      On-Line Measurements
      • Stickiness
      • Conversion Rates
      • Average Time on Site
      • Brand Awareness
      • Referring sites
      • Geographical Areas
    • 5 Social Media Tactics
      • Each brand/product has their own Facebook page
      • As far as we know they do not participate in Facebook Ads
      2. Youtube
      • Mars already has product commercials on Youtube
      • We plan on making all of our TV commercials available for view on YouTube
      • We will not spend money on advertising on Youtube such as: commercials before videos start or pop up ads during videos
      3. My Space will not be a part of our online campaign
      4. Twitter
      • Design Starburst Performance Twitter page.
      • Fans can follow and receive instant news and updates when on the go
      5. Mars.com (Corporate Website)
      • Offer RSS feeds for fans
      • These feeds will allow others to get the latest news and product info through e-mail, mobile devices and/or your e-mail home page
    • Metrics of Success
      • Professional Team sponsorships
      • University Sponsorships
      • 2 Professional Athlete Endorsements
      • 1 Male
      • 1 Female
      • Saturated Online Advertising
      • Targeted Sports Advertising
      • TV Commercials
      • E-commerce Team
      • Sales Force
      • Mars’s international presence
    • Legal Issues
      The entire plan needs to go through the legal department since this area is not our specialty.
      • Make decision regarding BBDO’s conflict of interests
      • Endorsement contracts
      • College/University Sponsorships
      • Copy Right Issues
      • Patents
      • Nutrition
      • USDA
      • FDA
      • Marketing Laws on an International Level
    • Closing Statements
      - Enormous market and opportunity
      - 2 competitors: Gatorade and PowerAde
      - Gatorade does not have money or resources to compete with Mars or the Mars family regarding cash
      - Low manufacturing investment
      - Product distribution partnership with Budweiser
    • Starburst