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12 1 state lab clothes pin 12 1 state lab clothes pin Presentation Transcript

  • Do Now Identify the formula for biological process humans use for energy in the absence of oxygen. Identify the waste product that creates fatigue and soreness.
  • Objective: How does fatigueaffect muscle performance?
  • Regents ReviewBase your answer to the question on thediagram below and on your knowledge ofbiology. The diagram illustrates a processby which energy is released in humans inthe absence of oxygen.Identify the waste product that Xrepresents.1. alcohol2. lactic acid3. oxygen4. enzyme
  • Muscle Fatigue in animals Occurs when certain waste products of anaerobic cellular respiration build up in cells ◦ LACTIC ACID!
  • Your Investigation Split up into pairs Prove that lactic acid affects muscle performance with experimental data
  • Procedure1. Choose one person to squeeze the clothespin and one person to record info and watch the clock.2. Squeezer – Hold the clothespin between your thumb and index finger. Pinch the two ends together as many times as possible for one minute. Try this four times with 30 seconds of rest between each trial. ◦ Make sure you use the same two fingers on the same hand for each trial!3. Recorder – Record the number of times the squeezer can squeeze the clothespin in the data table and watch the clock.4. Create a graph depicting the information from the data table. Label the axes correctly and title the graph.
  • Data Table Trial Number Number of Squeezes per Min 1 2 3 4
  • Graph
  • Follow-Up Questions Some people are able to squeeze the clothespin more times in a minute than others. Suggest a possible explanation for this.Could you do as many squeezes in oneminute in your second trial as you couldthe first? Provide a biologicalexplanation for these results.
  • Objective How does fatigue affect muscle performance?
  • Closure Questions Mr. Nappy suggests that when most people watch exciting sporting events on television, their pulse rates increase. Describe a reliable way to find out if this statement is correct.Set up an experiment – two groups; onegroup watches a sporting event andmeasure their pulse rate; one group staysin the same environment but does notwatch a sporting event (monitor their pulserate too).
  • Closure Questions Determine what evidence you would need in order to determine if what Mr. Nappy suggested in question #3 can be supported.The pulse rate of the subjects in theexperimental group increased (thosewatching sporting events).