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Monetizing Subscriber & Revenue-sharing business models.

Monetizing Subscriber & Revenue-sharing business models.

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  • 1. Monetizing Subscriber & Revenue-sharing business models December 15, 2010John NaguibVodafone, Expert
  • 2. “The booming markets almost have the samevarieties of handsets, services, reasonableprices. Simply all these factors can be copied byany mobile operator.“Monetizing Subscriber & Revenue-sharing business models
  • 3. Agenda- Market Overview- Market Outlook- Proposition based on monetizing- Monetization integrated model- Revenue Arena- Carrier-centric To User-centric- Revenue- Sharing Business Models- Co-opetition as a Strategy- Ideas
  • 4. Market OverviewFacts* Operators are offering all-you-can-eat data service plans* Operators are competing for data subscribersResults* Voice margins are falling & Data margins are flattening* Broadband investment without significant profit* No strong VAS revenue growthEras of VAS TechnologyOld era (communication based)SMS, VMS, RBT, e-mailNew era (Data based)- Browsing & download- M-commerce & financing- Gaming & Video streaming
  • 5. Market Outlook
  • 6. Market Outlook
  • 7. Value proposition based on MonetizingRevenue streams are a result Satisfy the customerfrom value propositions needs and generate profit Value Propositionscommon needs/behaviors, Targeted model basedor other attributes , on customer datainformation based onpreferences and life style Segmentation variables have the greatestUtilizing the subscribers impact on service adoptiondata as a source of profit MonetizingInformation of The usage patterns across* Subscribers multiple services* Service Usage* Device Mobile Data Intelligence
  • 8. Make the most of subscribers’ data
  • 9. Make the most of subscribers’ data
  • 10. Monetization Integrated Model (MIM) Monetization processTarget Segment 1 Proposition 1 ROI Propositions Target Segment 2 Proposition 2 controller Target Segment n Proposition n Feedback & Re-tuning Customer Retention planner (for each segment )
  • 11. Revenue ArenaThe Value Propositions describethe bundle of products and/or Creating the demand based onservices that create value for a monetizing variables.specific Customer Segment Example of monetizing variables Revenues Voice Data Number of users customers’ Products Traffic volume willingness & Services Top devices Peak usage times and locations Top sites Monetization integrated Number of sessions Model Data traffic types (P2P, video, )
  • 12. Carrier-centric To User-centricCyberspace now at home,work and on the way Content centric Commun -ication centric Carrier-centric Commerce centric Mobile Operators Search centric Community Centric Advertizing centric
  • 13. Carrier-centric To User-centric
  • 14. Carrier-centric To User-centric
  • 15. Carrier-centric To User-centric
  • 16. Facts, we need to build on it
  • 17. Revenue- Sharing Business ModelsEcosystems including content owners, solution providers, aggregators, carriers andusers should be formed in this cyberspace.Revenue share from• mobile apps purchases • product purchases • product placement
  • 18. Cooperation in creating value & Competition in dividing it upcooperative effort made to enlarge the total market size while the competitive effortmade to increase market share.
  • 19. - Increase the pie under regulator supervision to avoid the anti-trust low.- Share the resources with competitors.- Maintaining the competitive edge as you have unique monetized subscriber data.- Focus on subscriber wallet share and don’t forget the market share. Competitors Co-Opetition Regulators Mobile Operator
  • 20. Awareness campaigns as a field of cooperation - Data services generally & the benefit of using it - M-commerce (B2B, B2C, C2C) -M-learning - M- healthcare (telemedicine) - M-financing -Money transfer -Banking -Payment - Secured location based services
  • 21. 1- Top 10 YouTube sms notification (supported by cashingserver for good customer experience in terms of speed andcost).2- Extra points for the customers vs answering weeklyquestion ( as online survey for deeper understandingcustomers wants/needs)3- M- healthcare for routine & emergency services4- Offloading congested data areas by introducing highspeed free/paid Wi-Fi hot spots.
  • 22. comes not only from competingsuccessfully, but also from shaping thefuture by creating opportunities rather thandoing things with the way currently are. John Naguib
  • 23. Thank You & Questions ? Name : John Samir Naguib Email : Mobile : +2-010-5805875