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  • 1. Introduction to South Africa
  • 2. The continent of Africa
    Africa is the 2nd largest continent on the planet.
    Africa is the 2nd most populous continent with just over 1 billion people.
    There are 53 countries on the continent.
    The longest river is the Nile at 4,160 miles.
    The tallest mountain is Mount Kilimanjaro at 19,340 feet.
  • 3. The Country of South Africa
    Official name: Republic of South Africa
    Capital: Pretoria
    Population: 48 million
    Currency: The Rand
    Total coastline: 1,739 miles
    It is the world’s 32nd largest country by land area and 28th largest by population.
    We are living here.
  • 4. What do you know about South Africa?
    Take a moment and think about that question. As a class, share what you know
    Class Notes
  • 5. Visualize
    Imagine you are in South Africa. Paint a picture in your mind as to what you might see. What does that picture look like?
    Class Notes
  • 6. You are going to see 10 photographs.Was each photo taken in South Africa?
    Number a small piece of paper from 1-10. After you see each picture, simply write YES, it is a photo taken in South Africa, or NO it is taken some place else.
    (The answers will be revealed after the last photo.)
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  • 16. Slide #10
  • 17. All of the answers are YES
    South Africa is a wondrous and beautiful place. It is very diverse in its people, landscape, and animal life.
    I hope that you want to learn about this incredible country by the ocean.