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  • With the growth of mobile technology, companies are investing more money into mobile apps and websites so that their products or services are available to be browsed through the limited screens of smartphones and tablets. is a perfect candidate for such technology.
  • Studies have shown that mobile browsing has grown impressively within the last few years.
  • Just to give a few examples. In a recent study by comCore, 55% of Internet usage in January were done from mobile devices.Another study done by Super Monitoring for 2013 shows that 91% of the world’s population have a mobile phone, 56% own a Smart phone, 50% of mobile users use their mobile phones as primary internet source and 72% of tablet users purchase something from their tablets each week.
  • Additionally, in the future, Analysts from a company called Strategy Analytics believe that Mobile Data traffic will grow 300% by 2017.
  • This data has made a huge impacted with the way websites are being designed. Clients and Designers have to keep in mind that desktop content does not look the same or as attractive in a smaller screen. Information shown on a website designed for a desktop computer would not fit in a mobile screen and has to keep that in mind when creating theirs.
  • All of this data is proof that companies, especially one like, should invest money and time into creating a well developed website that provides services for both desktop and mobile browsers. Maybe even an App.
  • The type of coding used for mobile development is HTML and CSS. However, today, there is enough technology that both the developer and company can use to create a well developed website which benefits both desktop browsers and mobile/tablet browsers.
  • Content Management Systems are available to create beautiful website that provide tools for creative development and for updating. To mention a few: Wordpress.orgShopify.comSquarespace.comSilverStripe.orgWix.comWe do recommend having some basic HTML and CSS knowledge, just in case some coding adjustments need to be done.
  • Next, let’s review some good examples of what a mobile website should look like. The following websites work flawlessly on a mobile device. It adjusts all the text and pictures for the smaller screens of mobile and tablet.
  • This is an example from Notice how the adjusts to the mobile site.
  • This is another great example from It even features an interactive menu.
  • Now let’s review some bad examples of websites that do not work well with mobile and what should not be done when creating a website in the 21st century.In websites like the following, the user is forced to zoom in on the content and try to use his/her fingers to click the small links.
  • This one is from a company called Prince Agri Products ( The design looks exactly the same and does not adjust automatically.
  • The second one is an example from a website called the We are presented with the same problem as, the content and pictures does not automatically adjust.
  • My recommendation to is to know its audience. In order to make an educated decision, use tools like Google Analytics to find out real-time statistics of which type of devices your customers are using when visiting your website, whether it’s Desktop, Mobile or tablets. This way your company will know for sure if it’s worth investing time and money into creating a website made for both desktop and mobile users.
  • Make full use of tools available to you like the Content Management Systems (CMS) previously mentioned, all of which give you many options to ensure that a website is properly coded for mobile access and easy to update.
  • Thank you.
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  • Vasquez juan mobile_presentation

    1. 1. PRESENTATION ON MOBILE/TABLET DESIGN By Juan Vasquez 0004003649
    2. 2. Mobile/tablet design  With Growth of technology.  Companies invest money into mobile.  is a perfect candidate. (My Company)
    3. 3. Why choose to design for mobile?  Studies show that Mobile Browsing has grown.
    4. 4. Recent Statistics for you  Study by ComCore for January.  55% of Internet Usage through Mobile Devices.  Another Study by Super Monitoring.  91% world’s population have mobile phone.  56% own a Smartphone.  50% use mobiles as primary internet.  72% of Tablet users purchase each week.
    5. 5. Analysis for the future  Additional Study from Strategy Analytics.  By 2017.  Mobile traffic will grow 300%.
    6. 6. What does this mean?  Made a huge impact on designers.  Desktop Content vs. Mobile Content.  Does not look the same.  Desktop design does not fit and is not as attractive in mobile browsers.
    7. 7.  Should Invest Money and Time.  Create well developed website.  An App would be a great option.
    8. 8. What can you use?  Type of Coding:  HTML  CSS  There is enough technology to be used.
    9. 9. Content Management Systems       Some Basic HTML and CSS Knowledge is recommended.
    10. 10. Great websites made for Mobile. Examples
    11. 11. Desktop Version Mobile Version
    12. 12. Desktop Version Mobile Version
    13. 13. Bad examples websites visited from a mobile browser. Examples
    14. 14. Desktop Version Mobile Version
    15. 15. Desktop Version Mobile Version
    16. 16. Final Recommendation  For  Know your audience  Google Analytics  Real-Time Statistics  Find out if it’s worth investing
    17. 17. Final Recommendation  Make full use of tools  Content Management Systems  Ensure websites are coded  Easy to update
    18. 18. THANK YOU
    19. 19. References   Desktop/1010095  web-browsing-activity-patterns/    surpass-pcs-online-retail  2017-led-by-video-web-traffic-says-strategy-analytics/  course-and-demo/ 
    20. 20. Additional References     