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John slide deck


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Crowdfundingfor CausesCompany Overview
  • 2. ABOUT US• 1,000 Causes• 350,000 Crowdfunders• $50M in donations• 15 Employees
  • 4. WHAT IS CROWDFUNDING? • Leverages your supporters’ social networks • Enables your limited list of donors to reach out to their peersTraditionalFundraising • People are more Crowdfunding likely to donate if they are asked by their peers
  • 5. CROWDFUNDING WORKSFriends help friends first, and campaigns second. We Keep It Personal With Karma411, messages, invitations, and requests come from friends, not from “institutional,” impersonal blasts. We Make It Viral Karma411 provides multiple tools for sharing, posting, and spreading the word.
  • 7. CLASSIC OUTREACH IS EXPENSIVEDirect mail and other standard channels cost 15-26% of funds raised. Charity Benefits, Direct Mail, Telethons, Events NONPROFITS DONORS
  • 8. KARMA411 REDUCES FUNDRAISING COSTS BY 50% NONPROFITS DONORS FRIENDS • Online donations 5x bigger than offline • Friends invite friends • Reach new online audiences • Social collaboration • No direct mail required
  • 9. NON-PROFITS UNDER PRESSURE&NEW NEED METHODS Nonprofits need to diversify their income and rely less heavily on government and foundations Unrestricted donations for operating costs are more likely to come from individuals Foundations are demanding greater independence and self-sustainability of nonprofits before they can Individuals Foundations Corporations Bequests earn grants
  • 10. KEY TRENDS DRIVING SOCIAL NETWORKING Power is moving from institutions to communities User generated content is more persuasive than traditional marketing Innovation is shifting to bottom-up model
  • 11. KARMA411 BRINGS TOGETHERA CONNECTED ECOSYSTEM• Nonprofits reach broader audiences &donors more cheaply• Viral tools leverage social media• Nonprofits deliver measurable SOCIAL MEDIA marketing results for corporations• Back end integration with DMS BACKEND donor management systems streamline operations
  • 12. PRODUCTS
  • 13. WE MAKE IT PERSONALto raise money, and bring all the tools to you. Persuasive Fundraising User-generated content has replaced classic marketing pitches to become the most persuasive way to raise money. You need to leverage that power for your organizations fundraising.
  • 14. PRODUCT: CROWDFUNDING PAGE • Personal story and appeal • Clear Donate and Share call to actions • Customization for branding
  • 15. PRODUCT: MICROSITES • 10 Minutes to set up and deploy • Online Registration and Sponsorships • Registrants get their own Crowdfunding page
  • 16. PRODUCT: SOLUTIONS • Framework for multiple microsites • All microsites have their own registration options • Full admin control across all sites
  • 17. MOBILE PLATFORM • Optimized for mobile browsers • Registration • Donations • Full Content Management control for administrator
  • 18. 1 6SYSTEM OVERVIEW • Flexible model based on client needs • Specialized integration services available • Configuration services available
  • 19. MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL • Competitive fundraising • Shows off supporters • Self declared interests to make it fun include favorite team, favorite number and throwing hand
  • 20. AUTISM SPEAKS • Seamlessly Embedded in AS website • All activity is based around an event • Everyone has events in their lives – Weddings – Dinner Parties – Birthdays
  • 21. AUTISM SPEAKS PROJECT • Light it Up Blue Campaign • Visually driven • iPhone app makes process very easy – Take picture – Make donation
  • 22. SMILE TRAIN • Match donor smiles to surgical smiles • Multiple image gallery per supporter • Share options for uploaded photos
  • 23. DIOCESE OF BROOKLYN • Full design, branding and development • Crowd funding for scholarships • $1,500 may be a large amount to donate today, but 15 people contributing $100 is easier
  • 24. MESSAGING FOR A CAUSE • Redesign • Brand and messaging strategy • All online fundraising • Content Management System • Twitter and Facebook programs
  • 25. FUNDRAISING PARTNERSHIPS • Online registration • Purchase T- Shirts • Branded UI for Municipalities • Company team competitions
  • 26. WEBSITE AND MICROSITE COMBO • Website built in Wordpress • Microsites deployed every other month for fundraising events
  • 27. GRASSROOTS VOLUNTEERISM • Converted awareness campaign to volunteer platform • Teacher review of volunteer hours
  • 28. TUNNEL TO TOWERS - NATIONAL • Stephen Siller Foundation • Big Picture Overview • Scalable solution • Geographical reference to activity • Search for events to support foundation