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Day1 search-1
Day1 search-1
Day1 search-1
Day1 search-1
Day1 search-1
Day1 search-1
Day1 search-1
Day1 search-1
Day1 search-1
Day1 search-1
Day1 search-1
Day1 search-1
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Day1 search-1


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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  • 1. Power Searching:General
    • On-line resources are dispersed across various Net locations
    • Web server
    • FTP server
    • NewsGroups
    • Mailing lists
    • Blogs
    • Discussionboards
    • 04/24/11
    • UIADR-2010 (version-6) (
  • 2. Power Searching:General
    • The challenge:
    • To locate the relevant resources with minimum effort
    • Several search tools help us spot Net info
      • Search Engines (like
      • Search Directories
        • Describes web sites (eg.: /)
      • Subject Gateways
      • Specialised Search tools
      • Meta Search Engines
    • 04/24/11
    • UIADR-2010 (version-6) (
  • 3. Power Searching: Search Engines
    • Database is created automatically using computer programs
    • Index contains billions of web pages
    • L arge number of results
    • Many irrelevant ones
    • General search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo...
    • 04/24/11
    • UIADR-2010 (version-6) (
  • 4. Power Searching:Better Googling
    • When you start a search, the search is done in the Google’s index of the Web
    • Google’s program searches its index to find all the pages that contain your search terms
    • output of this process could be millions of web pages……..
    • Now the real challenge comes in…. Weeding out the irrelevant ones
    • Google filters the relevant pages using hundreds of parameters-
    • like, does the page includes synonyms for the keywords- if so it gets prominence;
    • if the search terms appear together that page gets prominence
    • If the title of the page contains the search term then the page is considered more relevant gets search; quality of the page (page-rank) etc.
    • Using these parameters Google ranks each of the pages and displays the results- the page with highest rank will appear first, then the one with second rank and so on…
    • Ref.:
    • 04/24/11
    • UIADR-2010 (version-6) (
  • 5. Power Searching:Better Googling
    • Keywords: the word that you enter the search box. Try to use a unique word that would appear on the documents you are looking for.
    • Google is not case sensitive. Maternal health and Meternal HEALTH are same
    • query [maternal health]  will look for pages that contain all the two words.
    • Order of terms can change the output.
    • Phrase: “maternal health“ [ stop or common words: the it of and etc] + inclusion operator, OR (|) and - exclusion operator Biology –Physics
    • Terms can be grouped with parentheses, “Gender Violence” (data|statistics)
    • synonym operator ~tutorial (will look for help, guide etc) ‘*’ represents more than one word : hyphen (-) e-mail means e-mail, email ‘e mail’
    • [200/5] [23 % of 334] [1 $ in indian money]
    • [nth root of y] [3th root of 64] factorial of a no. [!] 5!
    • In hex in radians in binary [10 in hex] [2 in binary]
    • 04/24/11
    • Net-Tips-04
    • 04/24/11
    • UIADR-2010 (version-6) (
  • 6. Power Searching: Better Googling
    • Range of numbers use .. inventions 1800..2000
    • Define: is used to get definition of words
    • for live cricket score, type cricket
    • ‘ time’ to obtain the latest time time cochin ‘movie’ for list of movies in your town movie:calicut
    • Factual search population india die Mohandas Gandhi prime minister india
    • Data search gdp india
    • Search with the Advanced option
    • 04/24/11
    • UIADR-2010 (version-6) (
  • 7. Power Searching:Better Googling
    • (who links to a page)
    • Intitle: restricts the search to web page titles
    • Site: restricts the search to pages from a specific site/domain
    • economics of innovation site:edu site:org (no output. Why?)
    • Inurl: restricts your search to the web page links
    • "Tax Forum"
    • intitle:"antenatal care” site:edu
    • intext: (search only the body text)
    • filetype:doc "Antenatal Care in Developing Countries".
    • filetype:ppt intitle:”reproductive health”
    • .
    • 04/24/11
    • UIADR-2010 (version-6) (
  • 8. Better Googling
    • Google search via SMS:
    • Send SMS to 9773300000 Eg.: “define subprime” or “1 usd in inr” “GDP of india”
    • 04/24/11
    • UIADR-2010 (version-6) (
  • 9. Power Searching: Googling extra
    • Google Cheatsheet : (a web page with all google commands/services)
    • Google tutorials:
      • The Google Librarian Centre , meant for helping Librarians exploit the Google services effectively, is a good resources worth exploring.
      • 55 ways to have fun with Google A freely downloadable book on Google:
    • 04/24/11
    • UIADR-2010 (version-6) (
  • 10. Services to test your Google proficiency (Google Games)
    • Gwigle:
      • Looking at the results, figure out the search string
    • What did I search for:
    • Google Toolbar:
    • Groowe:
    • 04/24/11
    • UIADR-2010 (version-6) (
  • 11. Power Searching: Other google services
    • Google Scholar - search service created for spotting scholarly materials easily Use this if you need results from journal articles, news report, abstracts etc
      • author:name-of-the-author “search string” Cited by’ feature, which provides links to other articles that cite the selected article
    • Google Suggest: Suggest popular keywords as you type
    • Google images: (for images)
    • Google video: / and now google acquired youtube.
    • Google news:
      • Google news archives
      • The service helps you dig out several-years-old news stories from news sources such as BBC news, Time magazine and the like. (try time line for the keyword olympics)
    • A simple interface to access different Google services:
    • 04/24/11
    • UIADR-2010 (version-6) (
  • 12. THANK U!!!
    • 04/24/11
    • UIADR-2010 (version-6) (