The Battles of Trenton and Princeton
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The Battles of Trenton and Princeton






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The Battles of Trenton and Princeton The Battles of Trenton and Princeton Presentation Transcript

  • The battles of Trenton and Princeton By: Charles Crider, Ella Nadeau, Emma Schechter, Madeleine Peel, Maisie Ryle, Sal Suarez.
  • General Information
    • - The date was December 26 1776
    • - The Colonists got ready from the 14 to the 25 for the attack.
    • - George Washington planed a desperate attack after many losses
  • Who Won
    • Johann Rall and his troops, not ready for the attack, they were feasting and celebrating christmas, were drunk, and playing chess and cards. They desperately tried to win but the colonists were much better prepared and won.
  • Colonist’s General George Washington
    • He was a well experienced General
    • By the age of 37 George had lost all his teeth and needed dentures.
    • Washington said that none of his militia were allowed to swear, or become drunk
  • H essian Colonel Johann Rall
    • Johann Rall was a colonel not a General.
    • After the battle of Trenton Johann Rall soon dies of his imencely fatle wounds.
    • Rall was playing chess and cards the night of the attack.
  • Heroes of the Battle and Why. The hero of the Battle of Trenton was George Washington because he planed the surprise of the battle of Trenton the day after Christmas that is why the battle lasted 2 hours because the hessians, were feasting and celebrating Christmas. Johann Rall was also a hero of the battle but he was being paid to fight for the British.
  • Weapons used during the battle of Trenton. Weapon used in battle of Trenton Muskets Canons
  • Casualties
    • Colonists Hessians
    • Killed = 2 - killed = 22
    • Wounded = 5 - Wounded = 86
    • Captured = 0 - Captured =906
  • The Battle of Princeton After the battle of Trenton George Washington was so pleased about how he had given hope to people so he said that they should just go and try to win another one, and so came the battle of Princeton.
  • General Information On Friday January 3rd 1777, at 1:00am, British general Cornwallis had been distracted by American General Hand, and when nightfall arrived, Washington lead his soldiers away and fooled the British. Washington spots General Mawhood going down to help out Cornwallis and they fought, Mawhood shoots first and scares away some of Washington's men, then Washington steps in and chases Mawhood away, then chases the rest of the British across Frog Hollow Ravine.
  • Casualties
    • The British suffered 100 killed, 70 wounded and 280 captured.
    • The Americans suffered 25 killed, 40 wounded and none captured.
  • Heroes of the Battle Some of the heroes of the battle were George Washington, General Mawhood, General Hand, and the 40 th and 55 th foot. George Washington and were heroes because they both had very good plans, but it was only George Washington’s that worked. General Hand was another hero because he played a part in the distracting of Corwallis so that George Washington could get away. The 40 th and 50 th foot were heroes because they backed Mawhood up when he was almost killed.
  • George Washington
    • George Washington led many battles and is the most remembered hero of the revolution
    • He had a plan to have his troops escape from the British and captured Princeton
  • General Mawhood and Cornwallis
    • Cornwallis led the attack on the American camp but not all of the army was there.
    • Cornwallis was tricked by George Washington
    • Mawhood had spotted George Washington's army and attack him but was defeated.
  • Aftermath After the battle George Washington gave hope to everyone that they could possibly defeat the British. At first people didn't believe that he won because of the bad luck in New York. The point of the war was that he gave hope to people.
  • Interesting Facts
    • Trenton
    • The colonists were practicing for the battle from December 14-25
    • General Rall thought that Washington would not attack after the big loss in New York City.
    Princeton -General Cornwallis was very self confident and didn’t think that his soldiers would lose. - When George approached Princeton the soldiers trying to block them didn't shoot because they thought he was to brave.