Carma internet research module getting started with question pro


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Signup and initial survey creation for QuestionPro free survey account

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Carma internet research module getting started with question pro

  1. 1. Getting Started with QuestionPro CARMA Internet Research Module Jeff Stanton
  2. 2. QuestionPro Sign-up to URL and enter email
  3. 3. QuestionPro Home Screen• After you verify your account with the email link, go to the home screen and click “Create Survey”• Create from scratch
  4. 4. Follow the Wizard DialogStep 1: Name the surveyStep 2: Choose a style templateStep 3: Integrate with Facebook! Will require individuals to login with their Facebook credentials and can optionally store UID, Name, and other identifying variables: Hello IRB!Step 4: Finish, takes you to a question creation page; on this same page you can draft intro text
  5. 5. Create a new questionSurvey editing dashboard: Dropdown gives a range of standard question types: Choose Multi-Point Scale; click next Enter a “base” – the basic question intro Enter individual row choices – these can be Likert-type items Enter column designators – for Likert, these would be strongly agree to strongly disagree Optional not-applicable checkbox allows users to actively opt out of an item
  6. 6. Editing question text & response optionsClick to type in the question stemThen add two or more response optionsNotice the formatting control options in the right hand paneText is saved as you click away; options are saved immediately
  7. 7. Preview your workLink appears in a box where you can copyThis is also a “home” control screen where you can add a header, logo, introductory textThe green plus sign allows you to add more questionsOptions at the bottom allow addition of a text footer and designation of an URL for a thank you page when users complete your surveyTest frequently to ensure you are getting what you want
  8. 8. QuestionPro Paid Accounts• Free survey limited to 10 questions and 100 responses; next step up is $15.00/month and removes all of these restrictions• Universities can get a site license that opens to all students, faculty, staff• Note: Surveys created with the regular design process work on mobile devices with no additional modifications
  9. 9. Show Your Work to Others• Two ways: – Distribute a link to one or more classmates • Ask them to complete your survey and provide you with feedback – Grab a screen shot of your survey page • On Windows, Alt+PrtScrn (on laptops you may also need to press the Function key) • On Mac, Shift+Command+4, then position the mouse over the window, then press spacebar, then click • Put your screenshot in a PowerPoint file and upload to SlideShare (or another sharing service); send a link to your classmates