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Conflict With Mexico, Part 1
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Conflict With Mexico, Part 1



Lesson on Texas Revolution

Lesson on Texas Revolution



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Conflict With Mexico, Part 1 Presentation Transcript

    Please put all your personal items on the floor.
    Get out your textbook, notebook, and agenda book.
    We start with a short DVD presentation.
  • 2. Conflict with Mexico, Part 1
    Chapter 9, Section 3
  • 3. Conflict with Mexico
    Main Idea:
    Conflicts with the Mexican government led American settlers to declare independence.
  • 4. Growing Conflict with Mexico
    Small Colony established in Texas.
    Stephen Austin leads group of 300 Americans into Texas.
    Later, thousands of Americans came into Texas.
  • 5. Growing Conflict with Mexico
    American Settlers
    Mexican Government
  • 6. Growing Conflict with Mexico
    Mexico tolerated violations of the law, then tried to enforce it.
    Enforcement of laws increased tensions.
    Mexico also began to levy heavy taxes on American imports.
  • 7. Check Point Question
    Discuss in your small groups…
    Name two conflicts between the American Settlers and the Mexican Government.
  • 8. Events leading up to Texas Independence
  • 9. Texas Declares Independence!!
  • 10. Check Point Question
    Discuss in small groups….
    Name two events that led up to the Texas declaring independence from Mexico.
  • 11. Texans at War!!!
  • 12. Texans at War!!!
  • 13. Texans Win!!!
    Sam Houston became president of the Republic of Texas.
    Houston hoped that the United States, annex, or add on Texas.
    Americans divided on Texas annexation.
  • 14. Annexation of Texas
  • 15. Check Point Question
    Discuss in your small group…..
    How did General Santa Anna respond to Texas declaring its independence from Mexico?
  • 16. Annexation of Texas and Oregon
    Main Idea:
    Americans elected a new president in 1844 who promised to expand the territory of the United States.
  • 17. Annexation of Texas and Oregon
    Election of 1844
    James K. Polk (Democrat)
    Henry Clay (Whig)
    Polk supported annexation of Texas and Oregon. Clay avoided the issue and Polk won the election.
  • 18. Oregon and Texas Annexed!!!
    Polk negotiates treaty with British to divide Oregon Territory.
    Outgoing president Tyler asked Congress to annex Texas.
    Texas officially annexed in 1845.
  • 19. Look at Map on page 330
    Who won the battle of Golidad?
    Based on the map why might there be future conflict between Texas and Mexico?
  • 20. Tensions with Mexico
    Mexico never formally recognized Texas independence.
    Treaty signed by Santa Anna set Texas’ southern border at the Rio Grande.
    Mexico claimed that the southern border was farther north at the Nueces river.
    Polk pressured Mexico to accept the border outlined in the treaty.
    Mexico refused.
  • 21. Questions to Answer in your Notebook
    Why did Texans want independence from Mexico?
    Why do you think many Americans admired the defenders of the Alamo?
    Why did the Republic of Texas hope the United States would annex Texas?
    How did the annexation of Texas increase tensions with Mexico?