Twitter for Alaska Public Radio


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Presentation promoting usage of Twitter by public radio journalists in Alaska.

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Twitter for Alaska Public Radio

  1. 1. Twitter For Stations, Programs, Journalists and Fun
  2. 2. What is Twitter? microblogging service instant messenger (sort of) mobile messaging lightweight social network; a community of your own design really... it defies categorization or simple description; you have to use it to understand it
  3. 3. Primary concepts username + “real” name + avatar updates / posts / tweets 140 character limit per update; unlimited updates following you follow others; others follow you update stream = you + who you follow “@” replies (public) “d” direct messages (private)
  4. 4. Where is Twitter? SMS text messaging iPhone apps (Twitterific, Twinkle, Tweetsville) PC & Mac apps (twhirl, TweetDeck, Twitterific) blogging plugins, widgets, Facebook integration, more E-mail (direct messages), RSS feeds
  5. 5. Personal usage
  6. 6. Let’s see this thing...
  7. 7. Professional usage Lightweight interactive backchannel / community for stations / networks programs / hosts reporters / staff Instant updates for news / live reporting / site updates Networking Learning, sharing, discovery
  8. 8. Stations / Networks APRN - WBUR - WFPL - CNN Breaking News - PBS Engage - Huffington Post -
  9. 9. Programs / Hosts CNN: Rachel Maddow - NPR: Talk of the Nation - NPR: Science Friday - PBS: NewsHour - NPR Politics - NPR Planet Money -
  10. 10. Reporters / Staff NPR: Alicia Shepard - APRN: L.Townsend - PBS: Anna Shoup - NPR: Laura Conaway - KJZZ: Rene Gutel - MPR: J.Schrenkler -
  11. 11. Public Media TwitterPack List of Twitterers in public media Be sure to add your station / program / personal account to the list
  12. 12. Suggested uses Journalistic “chatter” outside e-mail — stories in progress, research, history, questions Find sources: pros, man-on-the-street Camaraderie Expand network beyond APRN journalists A “Talk of Alaska” that never sleeps A group Twitter experience, a la BPP
  13. 13. search for any word see most popular and trending topics / words search for hash tags ( #hashtags ) what are people thinking / saying about the news?
  14. 14. The Twitter Experience
  15. 15. Get out of jail free? Student “Twitters” his way out of Egyptian jail
  16. 16. What, me worry? Tweets are public and searchable (unless you protect your updates) Can a journalist tweet personal thoughts mixed with professional updates? Should a journalist have two Twitter accounts?
  17. 17. More fun than should be legal “Favorite” tweets can be starred Tweets with a lot of favorites—from selected voters— are collected in one place This is probably what a foul-mouthed Dorothy Parker or Oscar Wilde would be writing today
  18. 18.
  19. 19. + questions