Knowledge Cities on Smart Cities: 22@barcelona case


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Knowledge Cities on Smart Cities: 22@barcelona case

  1. 22@Barcelona<br />KnowledgeCities on SmartCities:<br />22@Barcelona Case<br />Josep M. Piqué<br />
  2. Agenda<br />1<br />2<br />3<br />4<br />5<br />6<br />7<br />Framework<br />22@Barcelona: Where<br />22@Barcelona: Knowledge City<br />22@Barcelona: Smart City<br />22@Barcelona: Knowledge Economy<br />22@Barcelona: Knowledge Society<br />Q&A<br />
  3. Framework<br />1<br />
  4. Knowledge<br />Innovation<br />Knowledge<br />Infrastructure<br />Knowledge-based<br />Economy<br />Economy<br />Geography<br />Political Economy<br />Source: Loet Leydesdorff & Martin Meyer. 2003.<br />
  5. TRIPLE HELIX. Local & Global Innovation System<br />Government<br />University<br />Industry<br />Source: Henry Etzkowitz & Loet Leydesdorff, 2000.<br />
  6. I+I<br />International<br />Innovation<br />Source: Francesc Solé Parellada, Josep Piqué & Joan Bellavista. 2007.<br />
  7. Open Innovation<br />Source: Henry Etzkowitz & Loet Leydesdorff, 2000.<br />
  8. Cluster Model<br />
  9. Born Global Companies<br />University<br />Industry<br />Government<br />Source: Henry Etzkowitz, Francesc Solé Parellada & Josep Piqué. 2007.<br />
  10. The Ecology of Innovation<br />Research Universities<br />Good Business Climate<br />Entrepreneurs<br />Good Food, Wine and Coffee<br />The RegionalEconomy<br />AngelInvestors<br />Highly TrainedWorkforcewith Global Access<br />Venture Capital<br />Good Infrastructure(Social and Physical)<br />Source: The Ecology of Innovation, Tapan Munroe, 2008<br />
  11. Talent: Who is your city?<br />Source: Richard Florida, 2008<br />
  12. STREAM<br />T-Economy<br />TALENT ATTRACTION <br />INTERNATIONAL<br />T<br />T<br />T<br />TALENT RETENTION<br />PERFORMANCE<br />CREATION AND DEVELOPMENT TALENT<br />LOCAL<br />Source: Xavier Marcet and Roser Salvat, 2009<br />
  13. 22@Barcelona: Where<br />2<br />
  14. Among the main European capitals<br />
  15. Barcelona’s Metropolitan Area<br />
  16. 22@Barcelona, included in the Ensanche’s plan (1859)<br />
  17. 1860 - 1960: the “Catalan Manchester”<br />
  18. 1960 - 1990: obsolescence and degradation<br />
  19. 1986 - 1992: the opening of the waterfront<br />
  20. 1996 - 1999: the opening of Diagonal Avenue<br />February 1999<br />February 1996<br />
  21. The Barcelona’s eastern transformation<br />Sagrera AVE<br />Forum 2004<br />22@Barcelona<br />Olympic Village 1992<br />
  22. 22@Barcelona: Knowledge City on Smart City<br />3<br />
  23. A new model of making city<br />The City as a Platform of the Knowledge Economy and Society<br />Knowledge City onSmart City<br />
  24. Phase 1<br />Phase 2<br />Phase 3<br />Knowledge Economy<br />Companies<br />Smart City<br />Town Planning<br />Building<br />Infrastructure<br />Knowledge<br />Society<br />Citizens<br />Conceptual model<br />
  25. Value chain<br />Talent<br />Attraction<br />Retention<br />Development<br />Creation<br />Company<br />Promotion<br />Location<br />Coaching<br />Growth<br />Knowledge City<br />Science<br />Technology<br />Company<br />Market<br />Smart City<br />Planning<br />Management<br />Infrastruct.<br />Construction<br />
  26. The 22@ Plan, a Model of Knowledge City on Smart City<br />@ ECONOMICS<br />INCLUSIVE<br />IDENTITY<br />GREEN INFRASTRUCTURES<br />HOUSING<br />SCIENCE AND TECH<br />MOBILITY<br />QUALITY OF LIFE<br />
  27. 22@ Barcelona: Smart City<br />4<br />
  28. 198,26 Ha (115 city blocks)<br />4.000.000 m²<br />114.000 m²<br />145.000 m²<br />200 million €<br />The scale of the project:<br />Territory<br />New gross floor space<br />Increase in green spaces <br />Increase in facilities<br />Investment in infrastructures<br />3.200.000m2<br />800.000 m2<br /><ul><li>Productive Activities
  29. Housing, facilities and services</li></ul>The scale of 22@Barcelona<br />
  30. New energy networks<br />New mobility plan<br />Wi-fi and optic fiber<br />Selective pneumatic waste collection<br />New heating and cooling system<br />Underground galleries<br />Special Infrastructures Plan: The Backbone of the Smart City<br />
  31. Led<br />22@UrbanLab<br />22@UrbanLab<br />
  32. Open Innovation in Cities<br />Government<br />Triple Helix<br />The City as a Platform<br />The City as Organization<br />Public Procurement<br />City Challenges<br />Citizens needs<br />Ecology of Innovation<br />University<br />Industry<br />Driven Research<br />Tech Transfer<br />Urban Lab<br />Golden References<br />Customer Insights<br />Scalability<br />
  33. 22@ Barcelona: Knowledge Economy<br />5<br />
  34. Urban clusters<br />Cluster <br />strategies<br />Transversal<br />programs<br />ICT<br />MEDIA<br />ENERGY<br />MEDTECH<br />DESIGN<br />Clusters policy<br />Entrepreneurship<br />Services for companies<br />Internationalization<br />Community of professionals<br />Relation between clusters<br />Marketing<br />
  35. Leadership of projects: current situation and forecast<br /> 22@Barcelona: Clusters & activities<br />Companies<br />Entrepreneurs<br />Institutions<br />Specific spaces<br />Universities<br />Dissemination <br />spaces<br />Technological centers <br />Residences<br />Incubators<br /> Other services<br />
  36. Media: Barcelona Media Park<br />Companies<br />MediaPro, Lavinia, Cromosoma…<br />Institutions<br />RNE, CAC, Barcelona TV…<br />Specifics spaces<br />Audiovisual Production Centre (PBM)<br />Universities<br />UPF, UB, UOC<br />Technological centers <br />Barcelona Media-Innovation Centre <br />Incubators<br />Media-TIC Building<br />Residences<br />Melon District / Ciutadella<br />Dissemination<br />Media Factory<br />
  37. ICT: Network of R+D centres related to ICT<br />Companies<br />T-Systems, Indra, Telefónica<br />Institutions<br />CMT, FBD, Localret, AENOR<br />Specifics spaces<br />Interface building, Media-TIC building<br />Universities<br />UB, UPC, La Salle<br />Technological centers <br />Technological ICT Center<br />Incubators<br />Media-TIC building<br />Residences<br />Melon District<br />Dissemination<br />ICT House<br />
  39. Energy: Interuniversity Campus of Besòs<br />Companies<br />Endesa, Ecotècnia, Agbar<br />Institutions<br />ITER, BCN Chamber of Commerce<br />Specifics spaces<br />Campus Offices<br />Universities<br />UB, UPC<br />Technological centers <br />IREC<br />b_TEC Incubator<br />Incubators<br />Residences<br />b_TEC Residence<br />Dissemination<br />Campus services<br />
  40. Medical Technologies - Health<br />Companies<br />Matachana, Gaes, Sanofi Aventis, Isdin, Telemedicine<br />Institutions<br />CatSalut, Blood Bank, BIOCAT<br />Specifics spaces<br />Health Building, BIO Enterprise Park<br />Universities<br />UB, UPC, Official Nursing College<br />Technological centers <br />22@MedTech<br />Health Building<br />Incubators<br />Residences<br />Nido<br />Dissemination<br />Health Building<br />
  41. Design<br />Companies<br />G-Star Raw, ADD, Node, Estudi Arola, ruiz+company, Morera Design<br />Institutions<br />BCD<br />Specifics spaces<br />Palo Alto, PBM, Hub Design<br />Universities<br />University of Vic, UPC, IAAC<br />Technological centers <br />KIM BCN<br />Media-TIC, “Projecte Bressol” (textile)<br />Incubators<br />Residences<br />Melon District / Ciutadella<br />Dissemination<br />Hub Design<br />
  42. Cluster’s leader agents<br />
  43. New jobs in 22@Barcelona since 2000<br />(Accumulated data at 12.31.2009 in number of employers)<br />New companies installed in the district since 2000<br />(December2009)<br />(December2009)<br />Employees of companies already located or in process to be installed<br />Companies already located or in process to be installed<br />44.600<br />1.502<br />41’8% newly created<br />ICT <br />26%<br />Design <br />24%<br />Media <br />11%<br />Others <br />%<br />Energy <br />4%<br />MedTech<br />5%<br />New companies and new jobs at 22@Barcelona<br />(Accumulated data at 12.31.2009 in number of companies)<br />61,7 % <br />
  44. 22@ Barcelona: Social and Cultural<br />6<br />
  45. Space of personal relation<br />22@ Space of<br />Personal Relation<br />22@Talent<br />For the professionals<br />For the neighbours<br /><ul><li>22@CreaTalent
  46. 22@Digital District
  47. Actions of direct communication
  48. 22@Staying in company
  49. International Community: IN22@
  50. Access to education
  51. Relationship spaces
  52. Networking: 22@Update Breakfast,…
  53. 22@Voluntariat</li></ul>Increase of the belonging feeling<br />Creation of the community 22@<br />Pride to work/live in 22@<br />
  54. The City as Externality: Art, Culture and Technology creation<br />22@ Cultural Factories<br />Old Factories as Public Space for Art, Culture and Technology creation. <br /><br /><br />La Escocesa<br />Can Ricart<br />
  55. Q & A<br />7<br />
  56.<br />