14.04.25 exegesis easter 2


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14.04.25 exegesis easter 2

  1. 1. "Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit (pneuma), he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.“ John 3:5 Jesus breathes his life and spirit into you. How can you explain this to a child or new believer?
  2. 2. 1 O sons and daughters of the King, Whom heav'nly hosts in glory sing, Today the grave hath lost its sting! Alleluia! alleluia! alleluia! 2 That Easter morn, at break of day, The faithful women went their way To seek the tomb where Jesus lay. Alleluia! alleluia! alleluia! 3 An angel clad in white they see Who sits and speaks unto the three, "Your Lord will go to Galilee." Alleluia! alleluia! alleluia! 4 That night the Apostles met in fear; Among them came their master dear And said: "My peace be with you here." Alleluia! alleluia! alleluia! 5 When Thomas first the tidings heard That they had seen the risen Lord, He doubted the disciples' word. Alleluia! alleluia! alleluia! 6 "My pierced side, O Thomas, see, And look upon My hands, My feet; Not faithless but believing be." Alleluia! alleluia! alleluia! 7 No longer Thomas then denied; He saw the feet, the hands, the side; "You are my Lord and God!" he cried. Alleluia! alleluia! alleluia! 8 How blest are they that have not seen And yet whose faith has constant been, For they eternal life shall will. Alleluia! alleluia! alleluia! 9 On this most holy day of days Be laud and jubilee and praise: To God your hearts and voices raise. Alleluia! alleluia! alleluia!
  3. 3. Let us pray for the whole Church of God in Christ Jesus and for all people according to their needs. God of mercy, when Thomas refused to believe, our Lord revealed Himself so that Thomas might know the peace, joy and comfort of our Lord’s resurrection. Deliver from doubt and fear all who hesitate to believe the promise of Your Gospel and who seek a greater sign than our Lord’s resurrection. Lord, in Your mercy, hear our prayer. God of mercy, restore those who have wandered from the faith and are lost in error’s maze. Rekindle the fire of the Spirit in the hearts of those whose faith has grown cold, and restore the many who have lost their way… enlighten Your Church, that she may shine the light of Your Gospel on all those who sit in darkness and death. Bless Matthew, our Synod president; [_________, our district president; _________ our pastor(s);] and all church workers and missionaries. Give them zeal for Your Word and for Your house… God of mercy, come to the aid of the nations. Where there is war, bring peace. Where there is disaster and suffering, bring comfort and hope. Where there is injustice and cruelty, bring relief to the oppressed. Where there is violence and hatred, bring love. Bless especially our president, governor, mayor and all elected and appointed civil servants on every level of
  4. 4. God of mercy, lead us to be good citizens and good neighbors. Help us to aspire to what is good and right, that we may show forth the virtue of Your grace in our love for one another within the household of Your Church and those not yet of the Kingdom… God of mercy, prepare us for this Holy Communion, that we may keep faithfully the body and blood of Christ that we receive in this bread and cup and so adorn this Gospel with glad hearts in all godliness and holy living… God of mercy, accept the tithes and offerings we bring as part of our worship and praise. All that we call our own has come from You, and we return to You what is already Yours as an act of faith and gratitude… God of mercy, hear us and the prayers and supplications we bring to You. Give us all things needful for this body and life, and keep us, we pray, holy and blameless, that we may be ready to receive You when You come again in Your glory; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
  5. 5. Christ Jesus Breathes His Spirit and His Life into Us by the Ministry of the Gospel