14.04.11 Exegesis - Palm Sunday


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14.04.11 Exegesis - Palm Sunday

  1. 1. The week of the passion is full of paradoxes that keep our emotions rolling high to low and back. Articulate the pain and joy we feel during Holy Week.
  2. 2. Refrain: All glory, laud, and honor To You, Redeemer, King! To whom the lips of children Made sweet hosannas ring. 1 You are the King of Israel, And David’s royal Son, Now in the Lord’s Name coming, Our King and Blessèd One. [Refrain] 2 The company of angels Is praising You on high; And we with all creation In chorus make reply. [Refrain] 3 The multitude of pilgrims With palms before You went; Our praise and prayers and anthems Before You we present. [Refrain] 4 To you before Your passion They sang their hymns of praise; To You, now high exalted, Our melody we raise. [Refrain] 5 As You received their praises, Accept the prayers we bring, O Source of ev'ry blessing, Our good and gracious King. [Refrain]
  3. 3. Let us pray for the Church, that she may faithfully proclaim the whole counsel of God’s Word to the joy and edification of Christ’s holy people and for the calling of many into new life in Christ: Merciful Lord, You established Your Church through the blood of Christ and sent forth Your people to serve the world in Your name. Bless Your Church with pure doctrine, with zeal for Your Kingdom and with faithfulness, that we may not waver from the truth of Your Word nor fail to welcome the stranger in Your name; through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen. Let us pray for all pastors of the Church, for missionaries near and far and for the vocation of the baptized in worship, witness and service to the Lord: Merciful Lord, You have raised up faithful leaders for Your Church, and we appeal to You to continue to provide pastors and church workers. Prosper the work of those who bring the light of Christ to those living in darkness, both near and far. Bless those whose acts of mercy extend Your love to the disabled, wounded and forgotten throughout the world, that Your Church may serve You in faithful service as well as faithful witness; through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.
  4. 4. Let us pray for our nation, for those who lead us and for the causes of peace and justice throughout the world: Merciful Lord, all things come from You and all things return to You. Give to Your people leaders who will act with integrity and serve honorably. Bless [__________, our president; __________, our governor; __________, our mayor; and] all who make, administer and judge our laws. Protect service men and women in their duty for freedom, and bless all emergency workers, police and firefighters in their service to us; through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen. Let us pray for the sick, those who suffer, the grieving in their loss, the dying and all who cry to the Lord in great need: Merciful Lord, You know the sufferings of Your people and the needs of all who cry to You. Grant to us what is good and needful for us, and lead us to trust in Your mercy so that we may neither despair in our need nor grow weary of the burdens of this mortal life. Hear us on behalf of [_____________ and] all whom we name before You in our hearts; through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen. Let us pray for our faithfulness, that we who have welcomed the Lord’s entrance into suffering may rejoice in His Easter victory and be found faithful when He returns in His glory:
  5. 5. Merciful Lord, grant to us every aid and blessing of Your Holy Spirit, that we who have cried out “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord” may welcome Him who fulfills His promise with His presence in the bread and wine of this Holy Communion. Keep in faithfulness the grace given to us here. Sustain us through the Holy Week of our Lord’s journey to the cross, and lead us to trust in His promise to raise us up with Him on the Last Day; through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen. Let us pray for generous hearts, that we may joyfully and willingly return to the Lord the tithes and offerings He is due, love one another and our enemies in His name, and walk before Him in holiness of life and speech: Merciful Lord, accept the gifts we bring today, born of a grateful heart and brought to You as part of the living sacrifice of our very selves. Bring us and all people to repentance and faith, especially our enemies, and bring us to acknowledge You with one heart and one mind. Lead us to live faithfully and generously, loving You above all things and our neighbor as ourselves; through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen. Let us pray for all the things the Lord would have us ask and with confidence in Jesus’ name: Merciful Lord, grant us all things needful to us and beneficial to our faith, and help us pray with confidence through the merits and in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.
  6. 6. Week of the Passion
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