CeBIT 2010 After-Show Report


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An Nn-Depth Report of the 2010 CeBIT Trade Fair held March 2-6, 2010 in Hannover, Germany. The World\'s Largest and Most Important Technology Trade Fair.

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CeBIT 2010 After-Show Report

  1. 1. Successful CeBIT 2010 "pushed" ICT industry Investment volume exceeds EUR 10 billion With 4157 exhibitors and 334,000 visitors, CeBIT 2010 hit the ground running and exceeded all expectations. Just under 20% of professional visitors came from abroad. 74% bore investment responsibility and 36% were CeBIT 2011 to exploit user-side market there with definite investment plans. The total knowledge investment volume amounted to more than EUR 10 billion. On Saturday 6 March 2010, CeBIT 2010 successfully closed its doors. The focus now is on analyzing the data compiled daily by the One in three visitors came from many employees and external helpers during the world's largest top management - 6.2 million ICT show. business contacts More than half of CeBIT visitors come exclusively to CeBIT and no other trade fair in the ICT industry. For the first time, the number of CIOs registered for CeBIT from the largest German companies exceeded 270. A third of those attending were top management and 6.2 million business contacts were made. Media interest was equally impressive: 5350 journalists were accredited for the world's most important ICT trade fair. Many exhibitors reported growth in their business contacts, as did the organizers of congresses, forums and special shows. At the Global Conferences, for example, audience numbers climbed 21%. Partner Country Spain, in establishing itself as one of Europe's leading ICT countries, provided The new CeBIT After Show Report tells you everything you need to not only a large volume of business but also know about new trends, visitor structure in the exhibition halls, added color to the show. Both exhibitors and international media response and marketing skills. At the same visitors benefited from the added value of the time, you can enjoy CeBIT 2010 one more time, with its numerous new "Push" magazine and new services professional events, galas and awards ceremonies. In the CeBIT available on, spurring business, After Show Report, you will find out exactly why, for many know-how, life and much, much more. exhibitors and visitors, this year in particular was so important. Following the success of CeBIT 2010 comes CeBIT 2011. Enjoy a glimpse into the future with our new imagefilm about the upcoming ICT-Event! CeBIT 2010's strong showing, exceeding expectations, laid the necessary foundations for new growth in the industry. At the closing press conference, Ernst Raue, member of the board of Deutsche Messe, remarked: "Recent days are the best evidence of just how strong CeBIT is. And we will grow in 2011 with an intensified concept." He promised: "We are giving CeBIT an even clearer structure, and will appeal to new target groups and extend our leading position even further." Raue also announced: "For the first time, we will integrate the user side into the design of CeBIT." Accordingly, Deutsche Messe will set up appropriate committees and put their market knowledge to work in the strategic development of the worlds largest ICT trade fair.
  2. 2. ASR CeBIT 2010 Home » CeBIT Show CeBIT Show CeBIT 2010 in 100 seconds x 5 Spanning the digital world Visitors to CeBIT 2010 came from every corner of the earth to experience the complete spectrum of the ICT universe in an unrivalled setting. Exhibition areas like "Business IT," Five 100-second video clips, one for each day of the fair, provide a fast, informative "Internet & Mobile Solutions/Webciety" and "green IT" and entertaining overview of CeBIT 2010. provided specific and comprehensive information about the latest developments in the digital world. Summary Facts & Figures Highlights Exhibition Areas Voices & Viewpoints Facts & figures behind the world's most important ICT platform 4,157 exhibitors from 68 countries and a total of 334,000 visitors clearly demonstrate that CeBIT continues to be the world's most important technology platform. More than 100 companies, among them AMD, Ericsson, Motorola and Telefonica returned to the world's foremost ICT trade fair. According to reports from many companies, compared to last year increases of up to 30% in the number of business contacts were not unusual. And a survey has shown that CeBIT provided the impetus for investments totaling upwards of EUR 10 billion. You can find all the numbers for CeBIT 2010 here.
  3. 3. Industry off to a flying start ICT Industry leaves the crisis behind and hits the ground running The high-tech economy has given CeBIT 2010 top marks. 4,157 exhibitors from 68 countries displayed their products and IT solutions. A total of 334,000 visitors came to the trade fair grounds over the five days of the event, more than 12,000 up on the same period last year. This represents a 3.7% increase in the number of visitors. 74% of professional visitors bore investment responsibility and 36% were there with definite investment plans. The total investment volume amounted to more than EUR 10 billion. One in three visitors came from top management and for the first time, more than 270 CIOs from the largest German companies met at the world's most important ICT gathering. More than half of the visitors come exclusively to CeBIT and no other trade fair. More than 100 companies, among them AMD, Ericsson, Motorola and Telefonica returned to the world's foremost ICT trade fair following a break. A survey of members of the Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media (BITKOM) revealed that the majority of exhibitors delivered a very positive assessment of the course of the trade fair. "CeBIT reinforced the optimistic mood in the industry," said BITKOM President Dr. August-Wilhelm Scheer. "Many exhibitors are going home with major contracts in their pockets and high expectations of the post-fair business. CeBIT gave the IT and communications industry just the push it needed in the wake of the economic crisis." Many professional visitors came to Hannover with definite intentions for purchasing or investment. "Precisely because, for many companies, travel and marketing budgets are tight, visits to the trade fair were carefully planned," added Scheer. Expectations exceeded CeBIT 2010 thus significantly exceeded companies' expectations. "CeBIT 2010 impressed. The excitement in Hannover was contagious. The investment bottleneck is starting to open up," said Ernst Raue, member of the board of Deutsche Messe. Many companies reported growth of up to 30 percent in the number of business contacts at their stands compared to 2009. The fair provided the impetus for investments totaling in excess of EUR 10 billion. "CeBIT 2010 turned hope for growth into concrete business. The industry is leaving the crisis behind and taking off," said Raue. Conferences and discussion panels - the knowledge network The event raised its profile as an international platform for economic policy. "CeBIT is not only the most important trade fair of the digital industry. It is also the world's most important ICT congress." The CeBIT Global Conferences recorded a 21 percent increase in audience numbers. "The increasing competition for knowledge is generating more and more interest in our conferences," said Raue. "For this reason, too, more than 100 economic policy delegations, both domestic and from abroad, attended CeBIT." Spain convinces. Successful premiere of CeBIT sounds! Partner Country Spain, represented by more than 100 companies, successfully showcased itself at CeBIT 2010. Said Raue, "With its performance at CeBIT, Spain has established itself once and for all as one of the leading ICT countries in Europe." CeBIT sounds! had a successful premiere. "The market response was impressive. It has already been decided: we will definitely carry on with CeBIT sounds! In future it will set the rhythm for the interface between the music and ICT industries," said Raue. Today is yesterday: Sights set on CeBIT 2011 The reactions from ICT industry companies to the extended concept for CeBIT 2011 are very positive. "New customers are already showing interest, returnees from all branches of the industry have announced their intentions, and several exhibitors at CeBIT 2010 want to negotiate multi-year contracts with us," Raue reported.
  4. 4. 100 seconds x 5 CeBIT 2010: short, sharp and in motion CeBIT 2010, day by day - all in just 100 seconds. The ICT industry presented itself in motion and in color, with stimulating interviews and innovative exhibition areas. The video podcasts, updated daily, were viewed more than 7500 times. CeBIT on 6 March, 2010 with English overdub CeBIT on 5 March, 2010 with English overdub CeBIT on 4 March, 2010 with English overdub CeBIT on 3 March, 2010 with English overdub CeBIT on 2 March, 2010 with English overdub
  5. 5. Imagefilm CeBIT 2011 Just click into the future Look forward with us to CeBIT 2011! Go ahead and click - you will find all you need to know about the world's most important ICT event.
  6. 6. Connected Worlds Worlds grow together CeBIT motto "Connected Worlds," a recurrent theme through all exhibition areas CeBIT as holding a looking glass up to society: The interconnectedness of today's world was mirrored at the world's most important ICT fair. Things complement each other, build on each other. "Connected Worlds," naturally enough, was the motto for this year's CeBIT, a theme that reverberated through the halls and across the trade fair grounds. New technologies for the global network By virtue of the Internet, the world has become networked. In companies, the importance of Web 2.0 technologies is growing: customers, suppliers and employees have been communicating in online communities for a long time. For this kind of networking to exist, technical and organizational limits have to be overcome. And to this end, companies develop new hardware technologies and network infrastructure. With individualized mobile end-user devices, from internet-capable mobile phones to the eBook, people living in Connected Worlds can optimize their business processes and help shape coexistence in a networked society. Webciety - the walk-in internet The CeBIT exhibition focal point "Webciety" in Hall 6 reflected current developments in today's internet society and the online economy. Visitors and exhibitors alike took advantage of the opportunity to find out about the latest solutions, services and technologies in online business, visiting the "Webciety" exhibitors as well as the stands in the neighboring "Internet & Mobile Solutions" area. The associated lecture forum offered exciting information on the themes of a digital future. In total, over the five days of the fair, more than 100 speakers took part. And the best part: the whole thing was a lot of fun. Because Webciety was set up as a walk-in internet. Hexagonal, "plug & play" home bases offered the opportunity to experience business oriented Web applications and business models live. The home bases were hexagonal in order to abut one another directly without creating a rigid grid. A visit to Webciety at CeBIT created the feeling of surfing through the internet, a sensation only
  7. 7. the whole thing was a lot of fun. Because Webciety was set up as a walk-in internet. Hexagonal, "plug & play" home bases offered the opportunity to experience business oriented Web applications and business models live. The home bases were hexagonal in order to abut one another directly without creating a rigid grid. A visit to Webciety at CeBIT created the feeling of surfing through the internet, a sensation only reinforced by the fact that one could pass from one home base to the next with a single step, with no sense of being "in transit". Just like in the Internet... Automatic identification - from item checking to quality assurance Also a central reference point for CeBIT's main "Connected Worlds" theme, the AutoID/RFID area generated both international and trans-industry interest, displaying innovations and providing news on the topic of automatic identification: in industrial applications (identification of items and individuals, quality assurance), trade and logistics (asset management), the services sector (access control), healthcare and much more.
  8. 8. CeBIT sounds! CeBIT 2010: Here's the music! CeBIT sounds! establishes itself as music-business festival Dieter Gorny opened the Music Business Festival CeBIT sounds! with a call to find new marketing channels for music. The President of Germany's Federal association of the music industry (BVMI) and founder of the music TV broadcaster Viva said, "There could be flourishing alternatives for the music industry if the big labels had offered online music more cheaply when the time was ripe." For five days in Hall 22, everything revolved around the theme of music. CeBIT sounds! brought together industry decision-makers and talents, provided thought-provoking material on the subjects of sales and earnings and entertained with concerts by young artists. "The music industry's value chain has become completely digitalized," declared Ernst Raue, member of the board of Deutsche Messe. BVMI President Dieter Gorny 'Die Sterne' in concert H-Blockx frontman excited by special exhibition The Association of Independent Music Companies, MySpace, Musicload, Roland Instruments, Sony Ericsson, Yavido and Musixcard were booked as exhibitors. For Roland Instruments, it was the first CeBIT appearance for 15 years. "Now we are meeting our target audience here," said Roland product specialist Michael Menze. Henning Wehland, member of the board of trustees, frontman for the rock band H-Blockx and singer with Söhne Mannheims, sees in CeBIT sounds! a new outlook for the entire music industry: "IT and music have a lot in common, but in recent years they haven't worked together nearly enough," said Wehland. The development of IT is responsible for the crisis in the music industry. "CeBIT 2010 was therefore a good opportunity to finally work on ideas together. I've picked up a lot of food for thought." Internet should become main distribution channel for music Harald Eisenächer, Segment Director of Personal & Social Networking, Products & Innovation Division of Deutsche Telekom AG, appealed to the music industry to put attractive deals in place aimed at paving the way for the Internet to become the main legal distribution channel for music. Turnover for his music portal Musicload, with 6.5 million titles and 4 million users, climbed by 30%. The music industry demonstrates how, thanks to "ICT, new business models are created and the old become completely revolutionized," said trade fair boss Raue, and ended with a promise: "It has already been decided: we will definitely carry on with CeBIT sounds!" More than 40,000 visitors made the journey to Hannover to experience the new, interdisciplinary music fair live. Deutsche Messe is extremely satisfied with the results of the event. "With CeBIT sounds! we have successfully merged the music and ICT industries. The concept is a winner, and we are very pleased with the response from the market," said Marius Felzmann, CeBIT department head at Deutsche Messe in Hannover.
  9. 9. OS X Business Park IT solutions and business applications for the Apple Mac OS Platform and the iPhone The "OS X Business Park," a 240 square meter joint stand with a focus on business solutions based on Apple's OS X operating system, more than met the expectations of many exhibitors and the organizers. More than 30 partners presented IT solutions and applications for Mac computers and the iPhone to the large numbers of qualified visitors at the Park - including exciting new products such as a mobile "Business One" SAP client for use on the iPhone. With its visually stunning, high-quality design, the OS X stand, located in Hall 2 directly opposite IBM Germany, drew a large number of highly qualified visitors. The program of on-stage events, which included nearly 60 talks and presentations, also received a very good response. At times, the stimulating themes and energetic speakers drew such a large audience that it was impossible for anyone else to squeeze through the corridor next to the stage. Among the exhibitors in the OS X Business Park, which was set up in cooperation with Deutsche Messe, were such well-known IT, software and solution providers as ELO Digital Office, Fujitsu, Microsoft, Parallels and SAP. Apple hardware and peripheral products were presented by M&M:Trading!, the largest certified Apple Premium Reseller in Germany, with 16 branches in their specialist "mStore" chain. In all, 12 different IT solutions, applications and accessory products were publicly presented for the very first time at the OS X Business Park. The OS X Business Park also received excellent feedback from the 250 or so participants in the daily CeBIT Guided Tours, who visited the Business Park as part of a program of tours focused on selected themes. Each day from Tuesday to Friday, two groups - each with between 20 and 40 people - stopped for around 15 minutes at the OS X Business Park, which had previously been selected by the CeBIT Global Conferences advisory committee as among the Top 10 Highlights of the Guided Tour program. In addition to the regular Guided Tours, there were also two special tour groups for CIOs of well-known major companies. Ralf Hinnenberg, project manager at SBG|28 and responsible for the OS X theme park and the cooperation with Deutsche Messe, was extremely pleased with the feedback received: "The premiere of the OS X Business Park, a joint stand for software and IT solutions providers for Apple Mac and iPhone users, was an unqualified success. With regard to the number and quality of visitors, the expectations of practically all of the 30 partners and joint exhibitors were exceeded. CeBIT 2010 gave an impressive display of its suitability as a platform for reaching the target group of business customers in the Apple market."
  10. 10. The digital classroom "Bits for a learning society" A two and a half hour tour around CeBIT is, not least, an instructive journey through the IT world. And when Chancellor Angela Merkel and Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero visited their "Bits for a learning society" project, the students in the "digital classroom" at the Microsoft stand in Hall 4 made absolutely sure that their hard work would not be forgotten among the myriad of innovations on display. The students gave the Chancellor a "schoolbook" for her to remember them by. Inside, students and their parents and teachers had written their wishes and suggestions on the theme of learning in the future. Merkel thanked the children and promised them that she would do her homework. The Hausburgschule from Berlin demonstrated to Merkel and Zapatero that language lessons in particular could work in a completely different way: in a video linkup with a class in Madrid, they organized their student exchange. And to do so, they needed no more than a PC with a good broadband connection, Office Live Meeting 2007 and a webcam. Over the course of CeBIT, more than 500 pupils had the opportunity to try out the high-tech lesson in the 150 square meter "digital classroom," working with Microsoft Surface-equipped desks, multitouch whiteboards and netbooks.
  11. 11. Next level 3D Impressive vision of the future 3D films like "Ice Age 3" and "Avatar" have been huge hits with cinema audiences. And the level of enthusiasm for the next generation in visual possibilities was also high among CeBIT visitors. At Next level 3D, however, the focus was not on feature film production, but rather on increasing the use of the new technology for marketing 3D-capable information and content, for example by using the technology to increase the attractiveness of advertising messages at point of sale, online or on television. But 3-D is in demand on the home front, too. Thus, for example, FIFA is offering to broadcast the football World Cup in 3D. devices which allowed users to experience an event in three dimensions include monitors and notebooks, which were presented at CeBIT 2010. Among the matching glasses, the so-called "cinemizer" stood out as something you, a pair of futuristic looking video glasses which - connected to an iPhone - makes it possible to watch 3D while you're out and about. 3D is also making advances in the photographic field. This was demonstrated, for example, by Fujifilm's "Finepix" model, with which to lenses simultaneously take a photograph of a subject that can be seen immediately on a corresponding camera monitor - without the need for glasses.
  12. 12. connected living "House of the Future" works with you The house of the future has its own butler: the "4 Star Cooking Assistant," a kind of electronic kitchen adviser, suggests recipes which take certain personal preferences of the user into consideration. But that is not the only function that the 25 members of the "Connected Living" network - among them such research institutes and suppliers as AOK, the Bundesdruckerei (Federal Printing Office), Deutsche Telekom and Miele - have been banking on. Their "House of the Future," on display on 400 square meters in the future parc in Hall 9 at CeBIT 2010, is intended to make life easier for those living inside, in many different ways: appliances and light switches operate by remote control, windows open at the press of a button and the home exercise machine puts together personalized training programs. The living room as nerve center of the system The home network can be controlled via PC, notebook or TV remote - even when you are away from home, by smartphone. The system which connects all of these things, known as the "Connected Living Home Service Platform," works by gesture control and is based on Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system. Both end users and manufacturers can benefit from the "Connected Living" principle. By using a common platform, more and more devices can be integrated, thus increasing the value to the end user. For appliance manufacturers and service providers, "Connected Living" offers the possibility of developing customized wizards and integrating them into the network.
  13. 13. BITKOM Broadband World Solutions for fast expansion of the broadband network The "BITKOM Broadband World" presentation its world premiere at CeBIT 2010. As a primary point of reference for CeBIT's main "Connected Worlds" theme, "Broadband World" in Hall 13 was the broadband platform, attracting suppliers, communities, planners, users and policymakers. The latest products and services were presented on around 2000 square meters of display area, and there was also a forum for technical presentations and discussions. In the run-up to CeBIT, Dr. Tobias from the Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media (BITKOM) expressed his appreciation of the economic difficulties faced by companies, but also stressed that "every euro invested in expanding the broadband network will be returned many times over," as improvements in communications infrastructure support and promote Germany as a business location. But it is a big challenge, which neither the state nor industry can take on alone. "Industry and politics have to do it together," Dr. Tobias emphasized. At CeBIT 2010, "BITKOM Broadband World" made a vital contribution as constructive forum for bringing together politics and industry and for setting important points on the future agenda.
  14. 14. CeBIT Studio SME Web TV for decision makers In the business world, being well-connected has advantages: speed of communication and intensive cooperation are key to ensuring the future of small and medium-sized companies. The Web TV platform Studio SME, organized by the G+F Group network, had set itself the goal of more firmly anchoring new information and communication technologies in small and medium-sized enterprises. Studio SME served as the central venue for moving-image information from the IT, innovation and growth areas. At CeBIT, IT industry experts presented live in the competence studio on current trends and solutions, while in the business studio, the constructive alliance of management and IT topics was foregrounded. More than 120 invited speakers talked to entrepreneurs, company founders and decision makers of small and medium-sized companies in both the industrial and service sectors, as well as in the innovative trades, about the most important ICT trends -- live on stage or onscreen in the workplace. Around 60,000 users tuned into the live streaming offerings from Studio SME.
  15. 15. Enterprise Application World Software infrastructure for companies Recognize potential, retain customers and increase efficiency - in Hall 5, under the heading "Enterprise Application World," CeBIT 2010 brought together the complete spectrum of software solutions for the management of business processes. The fields of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Controlling (Management Information Systems, Business Intelligence) and Business Process Management (BPM) today form the backbone of every company's software infrastructure. Centrally located within the "Business IT" area, top decision-makers visiting "Enterprise Applications" were presented with complete integrated solutions for a wide range of industries as well as solutions for the targeted optimization of intra- and inter-company business processes. In 2030, the ICT sector in Germany will generate gross added value off 90 billion euros Especially when faced by major economic challenges, ICT solutions become sought-after applications for keeping companies on track: software and services are the growth drivers of German business. The crush of visitors in Halls 2, 3, 4 and 5 showed clearly that business solutions in all industries have moved to top priority on decision-makers' investment lists. In 2030 the ICT sector in Germany will generate gross added value off 90 billion euros, at the same time leaving such traditional showpieces of the German economy as mechanical engineering and the automotive industry in its wake. As many as 452,000 new jobs in the software and IT services industry will be created in the same period.
  16. 16. CeBIT Professional Data Center Security comes first Security headed the bill in the CeBIT Professional Data Center, designed by Deutsche Messe in cooperation with the professional journal Network Computing. With stimulating round-table discussions, specialist presentations and impressive demonstrations of live hacking, the theme park comprehensively showed how a data center, as the heart of a company's IT operations, could be reconceived and reconstructed for the future. Other focal points included cabling/infrastructure, active components, virtualization and consolidation, consulting, power supply, connections - carriers and managed services. A range of topics occupied those taking part in the forum, including legal (compliance), energy efficiency, security and virtualization, as well as the experience gained from the multitude of tests carried out at Real-World Labs.
  17. 17. Exhibition areas You can find out all about the exhibition areas at CeBIT 2010 here. Simply click - and you're there!
  18. 18. Business IT Reliable IT solutions for successful companies For a company to be successful in this competitive world, its processes have to function quickly and, above all, efficiently. Now more than ever, modern applications must be able to withstand growing cost pressure and need for optimization. In the Business IT area, exhibitors in five halls presented their innovative applications for cost efficient processes to international professional visitors. Themes ranged across a broad spectrum, from AutoID/RFID technologies (Hall 6) to Virtualization, Business Storage and Server Technologies (Hall 2). Exhibitors met with top decision-makers and in many cases were able to turn them into customers and take home new stimulus for the development of their own companies. Not least, the large number of special themes and the eye-catching program attracted a great deal of media interest and resulted in continuous press coverage: before, during and after the trade fair. SPECIALS overview Virtualization & storage solutions for every need (Hall 2): Among the range of themes in Hall 2, virtualization was high on the agenda, attracting many visitors to the Virtualization & Storage Forum. This special exhibition organized by CeBIT and Arrow ECS caught the interest of a large number of visiting professionals who came to the show with concrete projects and virtualization plans for their companies in mind, and who were there to find out about new products and solutions on the market. Lead buyers, IT decision-makers, data centre manages and technical consultants were able to gain a comprehensive overview of this complex area and the high level of interest generated by the stand clearly demonstrated just how important the field is. With eleven top-notch exhibitors - among them technology leaders like Citrix, IBM, Microsoft, Symantec, Vizioncore and VMware - the forum offered an impressive and well-rounded program that included 76 specialist presentations, drawing an audience of more than 1000 over the five days. On any one of the numerous Guided Tours, participants were able in a short time to gain an overview of the most important aspects of the role that virtualization could play once implemented as part of a company's IT. The intensive exchange with the suppliers reflected the high demand for the kind of future-oriented product solutions companies need to optimize their business processes - and at the same time making savings on their IT costs - with storage and virtualization. CeBIT Open Source Forum + Park (Hall 2): The Open Source forum was kept continually busy with top-flight lectures and presentations on Linux and Open Source.
  19. 19. Already the center of attention of the special event last year, in 2010 the forum confirmed the ongoing and increasing trend towards more open, freer software. Such drawcard speakers as Klaus Knopper, the creator of Linux Distribution, Karsten Gerloff, the president of the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE), Professor Dirk Riehle, the first "open-source professor" at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg and Jim Zemlin, Executive Director of the Linux Foundation saw to it that virtually every forum seat was filled for the duration of the fair. As open-source software has grown to become an integral part of IT across all fields, the lecture program had something to offer for public sector users and mid-sized companies as much as for programmers, private users and major corporations. Themes in the forum covered a broad range, spanning high availability, cloud computing, virtualization and desktop as well as providing background information on licensing models and open standards. A further highlight of the event was the Linux New Media Awards ceremony which, with such a renowned cast on hand, drew even more attention to the topic of open source. Prizewinners and presenters from firms and projects in the open-source scene came from the ranks of such illustrious companies as Google, Intel, IBM, Citrix with its free Xensource virtualization platform and OpenStreetmap, attacting even more media interest. On the Internet, audience numbers nearly doubled: Almost 10,000 viewers tuned in to watch the live streaming from the CeBIT Open Source forum. Since the middle of March, videos of the event have been available in the archive at and on the international website Interest has remained consistently high, and after CeBIT ended viewer numbers quickly climbed into the five-figures. CeBIT Studio SME (Hall 2): With an innovative format, both at the trade fair itself and on the Internet - and always firmly focused on SMEs - IT and management trends were recognized, experiences exchanged, technologies appraised and themes heatedly discussed. Around 100 events on such topics as setting up a company, growth, value creation, quality and networking brought into sharp focus the question of how companies, with the help of IT, manage to position themselves as leading companies for the long-term. OS X Business Park (Hall 2): The "OS X Business Park," a 240 square meter joint stand with a focus on business solutions based on Apple's OS X operating system, more than met the expectations of many exhibitors and the organizers. More than 30 partners presented IT solutions and applications for Mac computers and the iPhone to the large numbers of qualified visitors at the Park. DMS Forum + Area (Hall 3): A comprehensive program of presentations, with user reports, technical presentations and podium discussions, informed audiences across a range of subject areas including basic ECM, Enterprise 2.0, electronic signatures, email management and legal fundamentals for the implementation of ECM technologies. ECM Today - Efficiency is easy (Hall 3): "With its "ECM Now!" initiative, the ECM Alliance Germany presented its ECM lab, where IT decision-makers could take a "multimedia walk," gathering comprehensive, manufacturer-independent information on the advantages of ECM systems along the way. The entire ECM lab followed the motto "Efficiency is easy," highlighting not only such aspects as profitability and speed, but also showing realistic implementation possibilities for ECM technologies. The highlight at the ECM Alliance's joint stand was the fashion show staged by Berlin's International Fashion School ESMOD. Based around the theme "There's a better use for paper, starting now," the ECM initiative presented a singular kind of "Papier Couture." As a consortium of independent software manufacturers, the alliance works to foster the recognition of ECM systems as business-critical applications as well as the increased utilization of the wide range of added values represented by such systems - thus, in future, making redundant the mountains of files that accumulate in offices. At CeBIT 2010, professional models showcased a unique collection of paper outfits made from old office documents. But the show was much more than mere eye candy - attracting a constant press of visitors and plenty of media attention, it was a complete success. At the fashion show, which took place every two hours, visitors could cast their vote for the best looking outfit. On the final day, the best designers were honored with attractive prizes." VOI Showcase "Live & Digital VOI Post GmbH" (Hall 3): As for last year, the VOI Mail Processing Competence Center (CCPB) transformed the concept of the digital office into a showcase where the previous, purely process-oriented organization of exhibits and equipment was replaced by an organizing principle aligned to departments. On almost 100 square meters perfectly situated in Hall 3, Stand A20, twelve member companies (manufacturers and consultants) presented the essential stages, equipment and processes involved in digital mail processing within a company, taking VOI Post GmbH as an example. For the first time, the showcase was accompanied by its own mail-processing forum, where specialist presentations around the theme of mail processing complemented the live demonstrations in the showcase itself and provided deeper insight into individual aspects of the topic. The
  20. 20. For the first time, the showcase was accompanied by its own mail-processing forum, where specialist presentations around the theme of mail processing complemented the live demonstrations in the showcase itself and provided deeper insight into individual aspects of the topic. The consultant companies represented in the Competence Center delivered special lectures that provided an overview of the entire showcase and, in so doing, introduced digital mail processing and the digital office as a whole. Forum + Area Software & Systems (Hall 3): In the forum for IT professionals, everything was focused on "Software development - Experiences with current methods, products and tools" and "Systems - Cloud and virtualization." A total 1400 people were drawn to the half hourly presentations. This year, new programming languages like Google Go and Scala drew particular attention, as did High Availability in the systems area. Enterprise Application World, EAW (Hall 5): With the aid of numerous technical and future presentations, keynotes and expert discussions, the conference area informed visitors about the latest trends and application possibilities for ERP software in companies. CeBIT Job & Career Market (Hall 5): The central marketplace for hiring companies and for qualified applicants offered information about interesting possibilities for entry-level positions and professional advancement, as well as the latest trends on the employment market. Visitors were able to talk to representatives of well-known educational and training institutes and find out about effective steps they can take to assist them in their professional lives. CeBIT Forum Learning & Knowledge Solutions (Hall 6): The conference part of the platform hosted discussions centered on success factors and challenges offered by methods both old and new in the field of digital learning concepts and knowledge management. CeBIT Forum Auto ID/RFID + Solutions Park (Hall 6): The Auto ID/RFID forum served as a starting point for those interested in finding out about contact-free identification of products, containers and other objects, and offered visitors the opportunity to see where the potential offered by RFID technologies can already be realized and what the future looks like.
  21. 21. Business Communications & Networks High-speed communication wherever you are Communication at the press of a button, to the farthest flung corners of the earth: Intelligent unified communications systems bring together telephony, email, instant messaging and Web conferences using open interfaces and standardized protocols. In Halls 12, and 13 and in pavilions 32 and 33 in the open-air area, CeBIT 2010 presented breathtaking new high-speed technologies with ever more flexible and faster networks, exemplifying how companies can improve their efficiency using integrated communications processes - with positive consequences both for their bottom line and the environment. International exhibitors provided expert company representatives with first-hand information about how to prepare their network for the future - from innovative hardware and perfect peripherals to ready-to-go, all-inclusive solutions - and how to minimize internal processes and maximize profits by outsourcing data and computing time. The exhibition program was rounded off with two notable SPECIALS. SPECIALS overview BITKOM Broadband World (Hall 13): Staged for the first time, "Broadband World" offered companies in the broadband industry an innovative platform and forum and brought together suppliers, communities, planners, users and policymakers. Professional Data Center@CeBIT (Hall 12): This special event was organized for the first time by Deutsche Messe in cooperation with the professional journal "Network Computing."
  22. 22. Destination ITS Intelligent traffic telematics: Entire process chain under one roof In Hall 7 at CeBIT 2010, the successfully established and world-leading "Telematics & Navigation, Automotive Solutions and Transport & Logistics" trade fair presented itself for the first time as "CeBIT Destination ITS" (Intelligent Transport Systems), mapping the entire process chain of intelligent traffic telematics. The new location, strategically well-situated directly adjacent to the Business IT and Public Sector Parc exhibition areas, supported exhibitors and ensured even more visits by decision-makers to the trend-setting industry gathering than in 2009. Also boosting the increase in business contacts were numerous live demonstrations held in both the indoor and outdoor areas, as well as forums and congresses. This year, the exhibition sector was primarily concerned with the car of the future. More specifically, the focus was on GPS supported Tracking & Tracing and on the communication between the vehicle and its environment be it with intelligent fleet management, with the latest B2B navigation systems, by means of driver assistance and information systems in the car itself, or with Europe's future eCall emergency call system. The top-drawer SPECIALS offered a wide range of extra information. SPECIALS overview CeBIT in Motion (Hall 7): For the fourth time, the successful lecture forum CeBIT in Motion was presented by CeBIT together with three partner organizations: ITS Network Germany, ITS Lower Saxony and BITKOM, the Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media. Through a series of application-oriented specialist presentations and panel discussions involving top-notch speakers, more than 600 participants took advantage of the opportunity to find out about demands placed by electric vehicles on infrastructural information, about the newest navigation applications, about the future of "connected mobility" - i.e. up-to-the-minute trends in driver assistance systems and information systems - or the latest progress on eCall, the European emergency call system. The civil services also had their own theme day where a spotlight was cast on ITS developments for the public sector. Automotive Day (Convention area Hall 2): At the automotive industry's most important IT congress, put on by the professional journal "automotiveIT," industry experts and decision-makers presented and discussed the IT trends, solutions and innovations helping to make what may already be the world's most exciting industry even more efficient. M2M Zone (Hall 7): At a joint stand, network operators, hardware manufacturers and providers of applications and solutions put their offerings on the theme of machine-to-machine communication on display, talking about the latest developments with operators and users at a special M2M module set up as part of the CeBIT in Motion forum. Live Telematics Demonstrations (Outside area, Hall 7): At demonstration areas in both inside and outside areas, visitors were able to get up close and personal with the intelligent transport systems of the future. Among other things, they were able to experience for themselves how an electric car moves with absolutely uniform acceleration, without gears... and quietly. On the theme of driver assistance systems, visitors had the opportunity to try out Park Assist, which allows a car to maneuver automatically into a parking space without the driver doing any steering at all.
  23. 23. Navigation Day@CeBIT (Convention Center): At this conference, a regular CeBIT feature for the last three years, many high-level experts came together to discuss strategies for the successful marketing of connected services and geo-information.
  24. 24. Internet & Mobile Solutions/Webciety Internet is coming home Technical solutions and internet business models are and will continue to be among the growth drivers of digital business. The exhibitors put their latest concepts and solutions for a range of areas on display. On the subject of "Digital Media Solutions" the management, publicizing and distribution of digital content exhibiting companies demonstrated solutions for internet TV, an umbrella term covering Web TV, IPTV, online video and streaming, as well as digital content and content distribution. Web-based solutions also offered attractive, efficient solutions, with information about digital marketing, mobile internet, online services like design, consulting and infrastructure as well as eCommerce solutions. An additional topic was content management, the basis for internet business models. Web 2.0 is one of today's major development drivers and its impact supplements the content management systems. Exhibits also included web content management systems, cross-media publishing, web collaboration, social media & web 2.0 and enterprise 2.0. As a point of reference for IT, marketing, internet and communications decision-makers, CeBIT 2010 brought together the leading developments in online business. SPECIALS overview Webciety Forum (Hall 6): Webciety at CeBIT 2010 was the trade fair of the future. Conceived for companies more at home with the digital world than with building a trade fair or printing brochures, and every stand called a home base, analogous to a homepage could be digitally "played." Visitors could use their own laptops to set image, sound, film and light to match the company. With its dark construction and slightly darkened atmosphere, the main design element of Webciety was light. More than 15,000 online viewers tuned into live feeds of the discussion panels at Internet Experts (Hall 6): At the joint eCommerce-Content Management-Online Services stand located in the heart of the "Internet & Mobile Solutions" area web agents, service providers and suppliers from the eCommerce, content management, web development and open source fields presented their solutions, technologies and services.
  25. 25. Security World IT security solutions a big hit With its international orientation, "CeBIT Security World" positioned itself as a separate and vital focal point of the trade fair, presenting innovations and new products from the IT security sector. Exhibitors provided information on applications, authentication tools, card technologies for a wide range of fields, mobile security, security of networks and video monitoring, live hacking and much more. The following product areas drew international interest: anti-spam solutions anti-virus software security tools & services biometric systems card technology authentication solutions access control systems security software & hardware mobile security cryptography security & availability in data centers data recovery business continuity network security video monitoring SPECIALS overview Security Plaza (Hall 11): The new Security Plaza was the heart of CeBIT Security World, with several stages for specialist lectures, forums and conferences. Security sector exhibitors presented their products and applications. Partner for this project was Heise Events, the events department of IT and technology publisher Heise Zeitschriften Verlag. IT Security Conference (Hall 11): In a half-hour format, top names from well-known security companies reported on the latest trends and effective, practical strategies for companies to protect their day-to-day business from current and future net-based threats. Once registered, attendees could attend the conference for free. The event was also an opportunity for professionals in the field to get to know one another personally.
  26. 26. Banking & Finance World New name, new hall, proven concept CeBIT Banking & Finance World found itself housed in Hall 11 for the first time, appearing as a new, business-relevant neighbor to the CeBIT Security World. "You can't save your way out of a crisis. You can only invest your way out," said Craig Barrett, CEO of Intel, at CeBIT 2009, a remark that found its echo in the CeBIT Banking & Finance World exhibition area at CeBIT 2010. Top decision-makers from the banking and finance worlds gathered here and took away with them fresh impetus for their companies. As an international networking and business platform for providers of financial services, CeBIT Banking & Finance brought together all the right people at one location - whether the goal was to make more business contacts or to discuss such subjects as outsourcing, risk management, process optimization, compliance and multi-channel banking with experts in the field. SPECIALS overview CeBIT Banking & Finance Community Club (Hall 11): The new industry meeting point in the heart of "Banking & Finance World" targeted those financial institutes, credit facilities, savings banks and cooperative banks wanting to optimize their business processes and customer management. The "Banking & Finance Community Club" included a lounge area, where companies and service providers were able to present their solutions for the banking industry. For individual business meetings, workshops and company presentations, separate conference rooms were available.
  27. 27. Public Sector Parc Solutions and applications for public authorities Public Sector Parc brought together leading public-sector figures in one location. The gathering found a positive response at the highest levels - it was no accident that this important trade fair took place under the auspices of the Federal Ministry of the Interior: in the coming 15-18 months, the public administration must come to grips with herculean tasks. They have to plan their budgets around ever decreasing financial resources. At CeBIT 2010, the Public Sector Parc put on display the driving forces behind the modernization of public administration. Thus, focal points included cutting red tape, the trend towards citizens services and a service orientation, shared services and the concept of networked administration. One subject that drew a lot of attention was the introduction of the new personal identity card, which will become a reality on 1 November 2010. The intense dialog and the high number of professional visitors to the Public Sector Parc clearly demonstrated the growing willingness to innovate within the public services. A series of lectures and discussions homed in on the area of eGovernment for communities, states, the German Federation and the EU.
  28. 28. SPECIALS overview Forum Public Sector Parc (Hall 9): Professional visitors met with public service representatives, administration officials and decision-makers to debate the topic of communication between civilians and administrative offices, which are increasingly benefitting from innovative IT solutions. Citizens meet administrators (Hall 9): Numerous citizens, companies and civil servants were invited to this innovative event on Saturday, where they were able to find out about such topics as "Services for people and companies," "Data protection and security" and "Teach, learn, educate = fit for the future." At the same time, visitors could get an impression of which electronic services public authorities are offering, how easy it will be in the future to make applications online, what benefits are offered by the new German ID card, what security precautions are being taken in order to ensure that stored data does not end up in the hands of unauthorized parties, what applications geo-information can be used for and what situations and data it can depict graphically (e.g., route planning, construction areas, civil protection, city views etc.), why public authorities and companies/institutions with such applications are attractive employers and much more besides.
  29. 29. TeleHealth/eHealth eHEALTH in practice TeleHealth, opened by Federal Minister for Health Philipp Rösler, as part of CeBIT once again in 2010, was the leading international trade fair for eHealth solutions. Under the motto "People - IT - Health," TeleHealth demonstrated those areas where ICT can be put to good use in healthcare, where it makes sense to do so, and where it can benefit patients as well as lend practical support to medical treatment - today and in the future. With a proven concept combining conference, expo and networking, TeleHealth offered a platform for a broad range of solutions, from telemedicine to healthcare management. Together, the keynote themes of 2010 - prevention, infrastructure, telemonitoring and homecare/AAL - offered a broad range of information and once again found itself both in the conference forum and the exhibition area. SPECIALS overview TeleHealth - Conference Forum (Hall 8): At the TeleHealth conference, experts took advantage of keynotes and specialist presentations in the fields of telemedicine and eHealth to explore current developments, projects and best-practice examples. Future Care (Hall 8): FutureCare was the political and specialist information platform at TeleHealth 2010 and was organized by the industry association BITKOM. Taking as its theme "eHealth in practice," a tour of healthcare initiatives demonstrated key stages in public health incorporating ICT solutions.
  30. 30. green IT CeBIT green IT 2010 With green IT, the ICT industry as a driver of investment and innovation will continue to take a central role in dealing with today's environmental and economic challenges. green IT has gone from being a media buzzword to a generic expression for energy-efficient products and solutions and has become an established topic on the market. At CeBIT 2010, the ICT industry used green IT to show how it can make its products ever more energy efficient and effective through continuous innovation. It also showed how the use of ICT technologies can impact and optimize business processes and procedures in practically all areas of industry. CeBIT partners profited from green IT s unique exhibition concept. More than 2000 square meters of exhibition and information space in Hall 8 alongside future parc - another exhibition focal point - guaranteed the highest level of attention. First-class panel discussions within the central forum generated continuous visitor interest. Federal Minister for SPECIALS overview the Environment Dr. Norbert Röttgen CeBIT green IT Forum (Hall 8): At the heart of the exhibition area was the large forum, where daily conferences, podium discussions and presentations took place around the themes of "green IT" and "green through IT." In the forum, important current themes were highlighted and both companies and consumers were able to see how environmental and economical operations can be further developed and optimized in the future by the use of ICT technologies. Professional visitors listened to talks by blue-chip speakers from industry, science and politics. Top events and the presence of leading ICT companies in one location drew a high level of media attention to the green IT forum. CeBIT green IT key themes Smart Infrastructure Company IT is crucial for success in any business today. Reliable operation of data centers and computer workstations are a prerequisite for smooth business processes. The "Smart Infrastructure" showed how such demands can be met with low-energy and low-resource requirements, presenting virtualization technologies, innovative cooling concepts, server based computing applications and intelligent outsourcing solutions. green IT meets Business In a business environment, profit calculations are decisive when it comes to the use of green IT: sustainable IT must cut costs in the long term. Cost cutting is attainable in various ways: optimized processes, energy efficient solutions, more conscientious use of appliances and the application of state-of-the-art technology help yield handsome pay-offs from investments in green IT. Solutions which cut costs and CO2 emissions were exhibited in the "green IT meets business" area (such as 0-watt monitors, resource-friendly output devices, user-friendly mobile
  31. 31. Cost cutting is attainable in various ways: optimized processes, energy efficient solutions, more conscientious use of appliances and the application of state-of-the-art technology help yield handsome pay-offs from investments in green IT. Solutions which cut costs and CO2 emissions were exhibited in the "green IT meets business" area (such as 0-watt monitors, resource-friendly output devices, user-friendly mobile devices, etc.). green IT @ Home An enormous amount of possible savings lie dormant in the 39 million households in Germany. Domestic IT is rarely used efficiently and is often out of date. New devices, however, include intelligent power-saving technologies and are eco-friendly from production onwards. Because such criteria are playing an ever more important role in consumers' purchasing decisions, the right product strategy can be decisive for the market success.
  32. 32. future parc future parc - The Point of Inspiration One of the drawcards at CeBIT 2010 was the presentation of XML3D Technology, which adds 3D capabilities to HTML. Such elements can already be built into any website. As the nerve center of innovation, the 2010 "future parc" show was again a visitor magnet. Over some 6,000 square meters, universities, major research establishments and government ministries introduced their trend-setting projects: visions created by science transformed into opportunities for business. SPECIALS overview future talk Forum (Hall 8): The thematic heart of "future parc" was beating strongly in the "future Talk" communications forum, where ideas, opportunities and potential solutions for the challenges of the future were outlined in lectures and podium discussions. More than 100 talks, live presentations, panel discussions and project demonstrations offered visitors an excellent insight into the current state of the art as well as the technological standards of the future. future life Special Presentation "Connected Living" (Hall 9): "Connected Living" lured visitors into the lifestyle of tomorrow, where various household appliances will be able to communicate with one another - from the digital energy assistant that helps you save on heating and lighting to the virtual kitchen helper that gives tips on healthy eating. future match - International Cooperation (Hall 9): The Enterprise Europe Network organized the international cooperation exchange "future match," which provided a platform for exhibitors and visitors to find partners across Europe for commercial or technology-oriented partnerships and research cooperation in the information and communication technologies fields. The event was aimed both at companies as well as at universities and research institutes looking for partners for interdisciplinary collaborations.
  33. 33. ICT Infrastructure The whole spectrum of the digital world This marketplace showcased the entire spectrum of the ICT industry. This is where visitors came to see the basic, enabling technologies key to convergence, integration, mobility, speed and convenience. The constantly positive responses from dealers, buyers, developers and decision-makers from businesses large and small show that the ICT industry is still a growth market with huge sales potential. Exhibitors presented international visitors the performance and potential their products could offer, in these areas: Accessories Audio Components Computer, PCs, notebooks & netbooks Display technologies Graphics Imaging & photography Kiosk technologies Peripherals Point of Sales Storage The new home of Point of Sales was hall 16, exhibitors presented their high-performance, trendsetting POS solutions for business, retail or gastronomy: workstations, self-checkout systems, terminals or payment solutions with biometric identification. SPECIALS overview Golden Mall (Halls 14/15, 16, 17): The Golden Mall was the venue for exhibitors from Asia to show their new products and innovations. Here, visitors found coverage of the entire breadth and depth of ICT themes, extended through three exhibition halls. A red carpet connected halls 14 through 17, leading visitors to national pavilions staged by China, Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore, clearly laid out in the Golden Mall. As a culinary highlight, an Asian restaurant awaited visitors, serving national specialties. Water and tea was served at various locations. Next level 3D (Hall 16): The 3D theme was one of the hottest trends of CeBIT 2010. With the "Next level 3D" exhibition, visitors were treated to a demonstration of what hardware and software will be developed for home cinema as well as for professional users. In addition, CeBIT 2010 showed the first compact cameras that could take pictures and video in 3D - some even in HD resolution (1280 x 720 pixels). The new 3-D projectors, able to project films and games in three-dimensional HD images on a living-room wall, were another major drawcard for the public.
  34. 34. Planet Reseller Bigger ideas. Greater success. Over the past few years, Planet Reseller as the largest international reselling hub for distributors, manufacturers, systems houses, cooperative ventures and industry associations has become the most important meeting place for the entire ICT sector. Every sector of the increasingly complex ICT market was represented at the show, both at national and international level. Entry to Planet Reseller was reserved exclusively for specialist dealers, exhibitors and the media. This allowed exhibitors and visitors to focus on what really mattered: in-depth discussions with customers in a business atmosphere. For the first time, Planet Reseller devoted a whole key topic to "digital signage" and staged free beginners workshops for professional visitors throughout CeBIT 2010. A total of 85,000 visitors made use of the 12,000 square meter specialized reselling hub during CeBIT 2010. Planet Reseller CeBIT 2010
  35. 35. Interactive Entertainment Meeting of eSports Champions ® ® The Intel Extreme Masters has been the global league of eSports champions since 2006. With USD 530,000 in prize money the Intel Extreme Masters is the most lucrative online league for professional computer gaming. Following appearances in China, Dubai, Canada and Taiwan, the world's best computer gamers came together for the grand final at CeBIT 2010 in Hannover, where the world's best eSportsmen battled to be the number one in the disciplines of Counter Strike 1.6, Quake Live and World of Warcraft. In addition, the ESL Pro Series, the national league for professional gamers kicked off at CeBIT with a league match in Hall 23, the season opener for the 16th season.
  36. 36. CeBIT sounds! CeBIT sounds! In Hall 22, for the first time, the interdisciplinary music-business festival CeBIT sounds! had its kick off, bringing together the music industry and the ICT industry to shape the future of the music business internationally. In a series of discussion groups, panels and presentations, industry representatives showcased the latest trends in the digital production and distribution of music. The business discussions were complemented by live shows by top bands including "Die Sterne," "Boss Hoss" and "Timid Tiger," while instrument manufacturer "Roland" and music software producer "Avid" showcased their real and virtual instruments in the hall. Online platform "MySpace" and music portal "Yavido" were also represented with stands. More than 40,000 visitors made the journey to Hannover to experience the new, interdisciplinary music fair live. Deutsche Messe is extremely satisfied with the results of the event. "With CeBIT sounds! we have successfully merged the music and ICT industries. The concept is a winner, and we are very pleased with the response from the market," said Marius Felzmann, CeBIT department head at Deutsche Messe in Hannover. The Boss Hoss
  37. 37. Voices & Viewpoints German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel: "CeBIT is the largest computer trade fair in the world. It puts the latest developments in computing and internet on display. It is important because, on the one hand, it casts a spotlight on the newest technical possibilities of global communication, and on the other hand computer technology and information and communications technology are a growth market of the highest order. As the world's largest computer trade fair, CeBIT is the flagship for Germany's new technologies." Angela D. Rosario, Senior Manager, Corporate Marketing Programs, Supermicro, San Jose, California, USA: "For us, CeBIT is like an enormous playground. We feel very much at home here. Our customers and visitors come because they want to hold our products in their hands and try them out. They can find answers to all of their technical questions. They like that. CeBIT is very important for us. It gives us the opportunity to present our entire product range and to strengthen our customers' loyalty." Jens Karolyi, Vice President Marketing and Communications, Ericsson GmbH, Düsseldorf: "Ericsson has been a partner of CeBIT for many years. We are very happy that CeBIT has been successful in opening up the most important topics of the ICT and multimedia industries with the exhibitors in such an ambitious way, as well for making use of independent focus sessions such as Green IT and Broadband World to create an optimal economic platform for exhibitors and visitors alike." Frank Oliver Pauer, Sales Director Wireless Network Solutions Sales Direct & Indirect Central Europe, Motorola GmbH, Berlin: "Our main point of focus is supplying broadband service outside metropolitan regions. We cooperate with 60 broadband suppliers who are active in rural areas. For our company, CeBIT is the perfect platform to generate contact between ourselves and local communities, administrative districts, states and internet service providers. Practically all of our partners have seized the initiative and used CeBIT as an opportunity to bring along local partners and get involved in a professional exchange of views. At the fair, we were once again able to win a lot of new customers." Dirk Ebrecht, Policy Unit Head, Vodafone D2 GmbH, Group Representative Office, Berlin: "We focus on our business partners, and with more than 3000 confirmed appointments, we are well ahead of last year's figure. We are satisfied with CeBIT 2010 because we see in CeBIT an important gathering point for business and industry." Brian Osborn, Member of the Board, Linux New Media AG, Munich, Germany: "Despite the fact that CeBIT Open Source was already very successful in 2009, the 2010 event still outstripped our expectations. As an exhibitor, Linux New Media was able to more than quadruple the number of customer contacts and business transactions. As organizers of the CeBIT Open Source forum we observed the same trend. The program of presentations was constantly well visited and the Live-Streaming of the presentations online was seen by around 10,000 viewers. Open Source has become ubiquitous and the positioning in Hall 2 reflected the continued growth of the theme, for the benefit of everybody concerned - the response from visitors, co-exhibitors, presenters and the trade fair organizers was proof of this."
  38. 38. Voices & Viewpoints Bernd Hoffmann, Senior Sales Manager, Hyundai, Hochheim, Germany: "Our assessment is positively encouraging. The visitors feel drawn to our presentation. Every day, I'm hard at work 100 percent and have all sorts of interesting conversations with truly top-flight visitors." Santiago Catrufo, Deputy Sales Manager, Wave Computer Systems, Linden, Germany: "We are here for the first time. And we are more than satisfied. The visitor intake is fantastic, the conversations stimulating. For us, CeBIT is the ideal location at the ideal time. We strengthen our business relationships, present ourselves to a fresh audience. At CeBIT, we are able to reach exactly the target group we want to reach." Carsten Titt, Head of Corporate Communications, The PhoneHouse/MobileWorld Distribution, Münster, Germany: "We have come back to CeBIT for the first time after five years away, and we have discovered an ideal platform for representation and contact. It's a little like a huge family celebrations. All of the key contacts so important to us are represented here." Winfried Giesberts, Marketing Manager, TerraTec, Nettetal, Germany: "We have been coming to CeBIT for years - and are very happy to have done so. The atmosphere at the fair, the close proximity to the dealers, the resonance and the feedback from the visitors: we are very satisfied. CeBIT, for us, is simply a good platform." Willy Fischel, Managing Director, Bundesverband Technik des Einzelhandels (Federal Association of Retail Technology), Köln, Germany: "The exchange of communication and experiences concerning changes in the market and new business models hardly "icing on the cake" for every businessman. From a trade perspective, Planet Reseller at CeBIT was an absolute model of success as an international marketplace for distributors, manufacturers, system houses, partnerships and industry organizations." Salim Güler, Vice President Business Development, KOBIL Systems GmbH, Worms, Germany: "For us, CeBIT is a kind of compulsory event. This is where we meet our customers and acquire new potential customers, and this year we are presenting a world first. Our solution is unique: combining UMTS technology with smart card technology on a USB basis. There is no better platform than CeBIT for launching such an innovative product." Dr. Theo Wichers, Head of Marketing, Alcatel-Lucent DeutschlandAG, Stuttgart: "For Alcatel-Lucent, CeBIT is by far the most important trade show in Germany. We meet with out target customers there. The density of high-quality discussions with customers is unique. What is important for shaping public opinion and marketing are the special exhibitions, like Green IT World or Broadband World, where, with our presence, we seek out political and media contact."
  39. 39. Voices & Viewpoints Christoph M. Grossmann, Founder, CEO, SeeFront, Hamburg, Germany: "3D is a huge subject, the level of interest is enormous - among both visitors and the press. But we have also had many high-quality enquiries from professional visitors with whom we have had very specific business talks." Lucas Menuzzi, Head of Hardware, Storz Medienfabrik, Esslingen, Germany: "Since the release of the film 'Avatar', 3D has had everyone talking. Our 3D cinema here at CeBIT has 50 seats. We have a show every half-hour and we are constantly booked out. This is our first time at CeBIT and we are very satisfied." Susanne Eiling, Product Specialist, Fujifilm Electronic Imaging Europe GmbH, Kleve, Germany: "We brought our 3D camera onto the market in fall. And we are very happy with the response we have found here at CeBIT. For us, the end user is the potential customer. And what we are offering has gone down very well with visitors. They are interested, they want to try out the camera and have it explained. I'd say that we are here with the right product at the right time. Achim Berg, CEO of Microsoft Deutschland GmbH, Unterschleissheim, Germany: We're very pleased with this year's trade show. CeBIT has been a showcase for the hottest topics in the industry like cloud computing, mobile Internet, Green IT and so on. It clearly focused on how we will live and work in the future. This attracted both consumers and business customers in equal numbers to our stand, although we also welcome the plans to target individual visitor groups more individually with special offers in the future. The number of visitors was definitely greater than we expected - of course we've noticed an effect now that Sunday has been dropped. Microsoft was here with over 60 partners whose approval ratings of visitor frequencies and the quality of their dialogues ranged from 'satisfied' to 'very satisfied.' Many industry representatives came to the trade show with concrete procurement or investment agendas, and it is particularly those partners who made preparations in the run-up to CeBIT - and have hosted events like theme-based or industry conferences - who have clearly met the needs of these visitors. We have significantly enhanced our sales potential, but we also realize that companies looking to tackle large projects tend to bring their partners directly on board. We have registered 16 percent more leads than last year. The day with the highest volume of sales was Thursday, with an increase of 48 percent. Thanks to our stand's highlights like the digital classroom, the "New Ways of Working/Dynamic IT" area and the consumer worlds, we have received an outstanding response from visitors and especially from the media. So we will definitely be back in 2011, and the majority of our partners have also indicated a great deal of interest."
  40. 40. Voices & Viewpoints Hannes Schwaderer, Managing Director Intel GmbH; Germany: "CeBIT is still the biggest ICT trade fair in the world and its resonance extends far beyond the borders of Germany and Europe. What's more, CeBIT, like practically no other comparable platform, is able to cast a spotlight on the importance of digitalization for our society from many different perspectives. For Intel, the fair offers an ideal podium for demonstrating the range of our technologies, to provide insights into the strength of our innovations and to allow a deeper understanding of the company in all its facets - be it in the field of e-government, e-health or education, or in the entertainment or consumer electronics arenas. Let's not forget our involvement in gaming and e-sports, something we've celebrated in spectacular fashion this year with over 10,000 square meters." Gisela Strnad, Senior Director Marketing, Communication and Public Affairs, Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH, Laatzen, Germany: "I have been coming to CeBIT for 23 years. And this year, I can say: I have the impression that the CeBIT feeling, that special atmosphere that one could sense here 10 years ago, has been revived. We are represented here with three stands in three halls and with various satellites and we are satisfied across the board, on every point." Michael Bart, Product Marketing Manager, Brightpoint, Trier, Germany: "For us, CeBIT is an important communication platform. Every year, we invite our regular customers to CeBIT. We have the opportunity here to really enjoy wide ranging and personal talks with each other. Moreover, we have direct access to our manufacturers and specialist dealers. Our numbers look good, we've spoken to many new customers, the feedback is positive. So we are more than satisfied." Ulrich Kemp, COO LG Electronics GmbH, Willich, Germany: "We are completely satisfied with CeBIT 2010. Our new stand concept, in which we have integrated not only our mobile communications area but also a number of strong partners, was particularly well received by our customers and visitors. With an increase in ordering activity, we are looking forward with confidence to the further course of 2010." Martin Jetter, Chairman of the Management Board, IBM Deutschland GmbH, Ehningen, Germany: "Things were really humming at our stand this year: Our customers appreciate our appearance as both a meeting point and a platform for dialogue. Connected Worlds has become a reality at IBM while others are just talking about it."
  41. 41. Voices & Viewpoints Helmut Binder, Executive Vice President Sales International, RITTAL GmbH & Co. KG, Herborn, Germany: "Like the Hannover Messe, CeBIT represents for RITTAL a high point in the trade-show calendar. This is where we put our latest innovations in the data centre, IT infrastructure and telecommunication areas on show. In addition to an energy-efficient Live Data Centre, this year we also showed an autonomous data centre set up in a shipping container and powered by a cogeneration unit. Many visitors, including the Federal Chancellor, Dr. Angela Merkel, showed a keen interest in our systems solutions. Visitor numbers enjoyed a very positive development and the quality of our discussions was exceptionally high. Many customers came to the trade fair very well-informed and we were able to close some interesting deals as a result." Dr. Jörg Ehmer, Spokesman for the Managing Directors, ElectronicPartner GmbH, Düsseldorf, Germany: "At ElectronicPartner, we have seen especially positive results to our presentation at CeBIT 2010. This year, we were aware of the trend towards CeBIT's intensified focus on being a trade fair for professional visitors. As an exhibitor in Planet Reseller, we have supported this trend from the very beginning with our comTeam network for IT and telecommunications integrators. ElectronicPartner has a major brand range, and we are particularly happy that this year we have developed our services presentation exhibition to an attractive competency and solutions package in cooperation with our important strategic partners in the B2B arena. This concept is very specifically focused on the needs of professional IT and telecommunications systems suppliers. The positive feedback we have received confirms our involvment in further extending our CeBIT concept in the coming year." Elvir Basic, Head of Sales, Synaxon AG, Bielefeld, Germany: "We are always very happy to come to CeBIT. The trade fair has become an integral part of our sales strategy. We don't just talk about business here, we do it. However, this is also due to the fact that we specifically aim for this, we invite our customers and we hold our closing meetings here. Our salespeople are highly active. We have already closed deals with a large number of new partners. Last year we entered into 50 new partnerships and I would go so far as to estimate that it will be even more by the end of this year's CeBIT." Stefan Pehn, Head of Marketing, Siewert & Kau, Bergheim, Germany: "CeBIT was a huge success for us. We are positively overwhelmed by the reception for Planet Reseller and for our appearance within the platform. The encouragement we have received from interested specialist dealers is enormous. We are totally satisfied on all fronts." David Wedemann, Executive Board Assistant, Multi Data, POS register systems, Oldenburg, Germany: "We have been represented at CeBIT for decades. Yes, we still miss Hall 1 somewhat because we were always there in the past, but in the meantime we are very satisfied with Hall 16. The response has been good, although perhaps the number of visitors has dropped somewhat. But what is far more important than the quantity is the quality of the contacts. And that has been extremely good. We are holding many interesting and promising business discussions."
  42. 42. Voices & Viewpoints Tobias Kratz, Product Marketing, Aiptek, Willich, Germany: "We were particularly satisfied with the trade fair. We had an enormous number of visitors to our stand, professionals as well as customers and consumers. From morning to night, the AIPTEK stand handled a constant stream of traffic, thanks not least to the many attractive new products and the optimal positioning in Hall 14, close to the Planet Reseller area. AIPTEK's innovative newcomer models like the i2 3D camcorder, the versatile "Pocket Cinema" range of pocket-size projectors and the new, universal D25 "Ghetto Beamer" drew a fantastic response from the public. But the most important thing for success at the fair was the positive reaction from the specialized trade and other sales and distribution partners. In this regard, CeBIT once again lived up to the expectations of its seasoned exhibitors." Deqing Yao, Managing Director, Hanvon General Representative Germany, Hanvon Technology (Deutschland) GmbH, Kayhude, Germany: "At CeBIT 2010, we far exceeded our aims. We had the perfect stand location and consequently more visitors than we expected." Mandy Sun, Genius Kye, Taipeh, Taiwan: "The CeBIT 2010 was successful for us.We all enjoyed Hannover and at the fair." Dr. Philipp Spauschus, Press Spokesman, Federal Ministry of the Interior: "In keeping with this year's CeBIT motto "Connected Worlds," the Federal government's IT stand presented projects that, against a backdrop of increasing interconnectedness, create social and economic added value and provide solutions for today's challenges. As part of this, the new personal identity card, which will be introduced on 1 November 2010, was - like last year - a major drawcard for the public. Our visitors took advantage of the opportunity to obtain clear information about selected applications of the new card." Thomas Köplin, Press Spokesperson, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH, Bonn, Germany: "The concept of Webciety at CeBIT 2010 is made to measure for us because we are able to get together with those exhibitors most relevant to us. What is important is to make contact with our target groups and to talk to them eye to eye. Webciety makes this possibility a reality. The content is what shapes one's trade fair appearance. We made many appointments in advance and are more than satisfied with the course CeBIT has followed." Daniel Poeschkens, Head of Communication, gematik Gesellschaft für Telematikanwendungen der Gesundheitskarte mbH, Berlin: "Telehealth is a good occasion to enter into dialogue with everyone involved in healthcare provision and to discuss the possibilities of a modern health service."
  43. 43. Voices & Viewpoints Oliver von Treuenfels, CCO - Sales Director, DERMALOG Identification Systems GmbH, Hamburg, Germany: "For our company, CeBIT is an important trade fair because this is where we chiefly meet the German market. On the international side, we sense a significant decline. At CeBIT, customers are particularly interested in finding out about what's new." Jürgen Biffar, Member of the Board of DocuWare AG, Germering, Germany: "We are very satisfied with the course of the trade fair. By comparison with CeBIT 2009, the demand for document management solutions was even higher this year. The document management theme also enjoys a high standing among mid-sized companies because, particularly in economically weak times, solutions for improving processes and therefore bolstering the competitiveness of a company are more sought-after than ever." Günter Wittlinger, Head of Sales and Marketing, Document Imaging DACH, Kodak GmbH: "CeBIT paid off for us once again in 2010. After a traditionally quiet first day, we were positively overrun for the rest of the fair. In the process we made all sorts of new contacts and even had concrete project enquiries. What's more, for us, CeBIT is an important platform for maintaining our contacts with our customers and our channel and technology partners." Oliver Schmidt, Head of Business Development and Marketing, PSIPENTA Software Systems GmbH, Berlin, Germany: "As an ERP provider, we were disappointed by the visitor numbers and the hall concept of this year's CeBIT. I am sorry to say that we could not make out any clear thematic structure. Exhibitors and visitors both suffered as a result. What would be sensible and desirable is a common hall for ERP and MES providers." Project Manager Ralf Hinnenberg, Member of the Management Board, SBG|28 GmbH: "The premiere of the OS X Business Park, a joint stand for providers of software and IT solutions for Apple Mac and iPhone users, was a complete success. In terms of both the number and quality of visitors, the expectations of practically all of the 30 partners and co-exhibitors were exceeded. CeBIT 2010 has demonstrated impressively that it can be a suitable platform for the target group of business clients in the Apple market environment."
  44. 44. Voices & Viewpoints Christian Kopp, Head of Marketing, logic-base GmbH, Rain am Lech, Germany: "For us, CeBIT plays a major role in winning new customers. Our clients appreciate the concentration of competence at our stand and that the entire team makes itself available for talks. We support this exchange: every evening we present an event where customers contact us and receive information. The theme of eCommerce could be given more focus at CeBIT. The field is still growing, but has earned the right to be held in higher regard." Jörn Bodemann, Chairman, e-Spirit, Dortmund, Germany: "CeBIT is the most important trade fair and a good platform to meet with many new customers and others interested in what we have to offer. We are happy with the frequency of visitors to our stand as we have put a lot of personal effort into bringing visitors to us. But I would like to see trend themes represented in a more concentrated way at CeBIT. Focusing on trend themes gives the public a better overview." Markus Prüsener, Managing Director, KUPCONCEPT GmbH, Riemerling, Germany: "Of major interest at CeBIT is the exchange of information with other companies. We want to sample what the competition has to offer. Also, in our external presentation we are showing our colors. Our company has come out of the recent crisis in a stronger position than it was in before. By taking part in CeBIT, we want to send a message. The webciety Offers the possibility not only for specific exchanges; it also offers interesting themes and speakers from which the public can profit. It is an outstanding opportunity to gain insight into current trends." Rene Hermes, Vice President of Marketing, CoreMedia AG, Hamburg, Germany: "One must not underestimate the value of personal contact. Talking one-to-one with our customers and partners and, of course, anyone else at CeBIT interested in our products has therefore always been extremely important for us. Apart from that, the fair is an ideal platform to communicate the current themes keeping the industry busy." Björn Kunze, Marketing Director, Infopark AG, Berlin, Germany: "CeBIT is and will remain the most important ICT expo in the world. For Infopark as a software provider for web solutions, Webciety is exactly the right place to exhibit at CeBIT. A first-class program of presentations and congresses has brought a lot of specialist audiences into Webciety and to our stand. So for us, CeBIT and Webciety have paid off."
  45. 45. Voices & Viewpoints Thomas Arenz, Head of MarCom & Planning, Samsung Semiconductor, Eschborn, Germany "We are extremely happy with the course of CeBIT 2010. We have achieved our communication goals and the business we have generated has exceeded our expectations. CeBIT's new focus on being the leading trade fair for IT responsibles in Europe is absolutely the right direction to take, and a direction I hope the organizers will consistently pursue in future. In future, too, we expect a maximum proportion of professional visitors. The quality of support by Deutsche Messe sets a benchmark for Europe in every way. We are already looking forward to CeBIT 2011." Antje Hundhausen, Director Corporate Architecture & Experience Marketing Deutsche Telekom AG, Bonn, Germany: "Our brand presentation and the one-company approach at this year's CeBIT have received an extremely positive response from visitors. Our trade show stand is highly popular and is a major attraction at CeBIT. Visitors are particularly impressed with the attractiveness of our stand with its many innovative product demonstrations, where 'networked living and working' can be intuitively experienced in a hands-on environment. Interest in our products and solutions has increased." Gerd Ludwig, CEO, INTEC International GmbH, Hechingen-Schlatt, Germany: "I love this trade show and I've been an exhibitor here right from the start. CeBIT continues to be the leading exhibition for our company. Since it's held in the spring, it serves as an excellent business barometer for us. We can see here if our approach is on target. On top of that, CeBIT is the biggest sales event of the year. This is the show where we have the most interactions. This year as well, CeBIT was the kick-off event for the 2010 business year." Christian Stiefelhagen, Chief Sales Officer (CSO), Deutsche Post AG, Bonn: "The guiding theme of this year's CeBIT - Connected Worlds - reflects the spirit of Deutsche Post. We deliver 72 million letters every day, thus making the extensive exchange of information between people possible. At CeBIT 2010, Deutsche Post introduced the new dimension in written communication: the Internet letter. As binding, confidential and reliable as a classic letter, but just as fast as email. The response we have had from CeBIT visitors to our product has been overwhelming. This has confirmed for us yet again: Germany needs a more secure, more binding form of written communication online. We feel certain that this remarkable project will be a success." Dr. Harald Korb, Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of TeleHealth and Medical Director of Vitaphone GmbH, Mannheim, Germany: "With its combination of presentations and congresses, TeleHealth is following a powerful concept. We have been successful in increasing the attendance of healthcare specialists at the fair. Technology has grown in importance in the healthcare industry. TeleHealth is the best forum for making abstract concepts comprehensible and to present models of how one can portray such things in practice."