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Tools of the Trade Tools of the Trade Presentation Transcript

  • Today in Science
    • You Will Need:
      • Pencil, Colored Pencils
      • Tools of the Trade (3 sheets-5 sides-bookshelf- Please Staple in the order you picked them up
      • Log #1- Update
      • Cornell Notes Parts 1&2 – Due Sometime Today- Do not work on it during class
  • Assignment Log #1 Check Off Date Given Date Due Name of Assignment Possible Pts. Earned Pts. 1/23 2/1 E-Mail Me (Name-first & last, period of science this term, favorite lab or science experience K-7th) 40 1/24 1/30 end of period Mission Possible 100/ 20 1/30 1/31 Cornell Notes + Abbrev. 70 1/31 2/1 Tools of The Trade 130
    • Note taking will help you do what?
    • The specific format required in science for note taking is?
    • Name one abbreviation technique for note taking.
    • What are the 5 sections on a Cornell Notes worksheet?
    • What does the “A” in SLANT stand for?
    • What can you do from “SLANT” to put your teacher in a good mood?
    Effort Points……
    • Using abbreviation tricks can help you take notes more quickly.
    • Make sure your abbreviations and symbols MAKE SENSE!
    • Turn in Cornell Notes any time today.
    Abbreviation and Symbols
  • Celsius Thermometer Tools of the Trade 0 degrees C = Freezing 26 degrees C = Room Temp 100 degrees C = Boiling Used to Measure TEMPERATURE Unit of Measure = Centigrade; Celsius
  • Graduated Cylinder Tools of the Trade
    • Used to Measure VOLUME
    • Unit of Measure = MILLILITERS, LITERS
    • Triple Beam Balance
        • Used to Measure MASS
        • Unit of Measure = GRAM
    Tools of the Trade
    • Go to Learning Point:
    • Select Mori Classroom
    • Select Daily Assignments
    • Select Jan. 30 th -Feb. 3 rd
    • Select Hyperlink “ Triple Beam Balance”
    Tools of the Trade
  • Beaker Tools of the Trade
    • Used to Measure VOLUME
    • Unit of Measure = MILLILITERS, LITERS
  • Bunsen Burner Tools of the Trade
    • Used to Measure: Does Not Apply
    • Unit of Measure = Does Not Apply
  • Meter Stick Tools of the Trade
    • Used to Measure DISTANCE
    • Unit of Measure = CENTIMETERS, METERS
    • Flask
    • Used to Measure VOLUME
    • Unit of Measure = MILLILITERS, LITERS
    Tools of the Trade
  • Tools of the Trade
    • Front side of document:
      • Illustrations need to be colored
    • Back side of document:
      • - Match tool with job.
      • -Use tool only once.
      • -Tools do not need to be colored
    • The Triple Beam Balance
      • Show addition problem
      • Line up your place values
      • Remember your unit label
      • Measuring Liquid Volume
      • Measure ACCURATLY
      • Read the BOTTOM of the meniscus
      • Remember your unit label
    Using the Tools
  • Remember
    • Homework :
    • Tools of the Trade- Finish measurement of tool diagrams.
    • Due tomorrow any time during the day!