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Tools of the Trade-  Day 2
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Tools of the Trade- Day 2

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  • 1. You Will Need: 1. Pencil, Colored Pencils, Markers, (4) 2. Tools of the Trade (1 sheets-1 side- bookshelf- Please Staple to 2 sheets from yesterday ll
  • 2. Assignment Log #1 Check Off Date Given Date Due Name of Assignment Possibl e Pts. Earned Pts. 8/22 8/27 Mission Possible 120/15 8/27 9/3 Orientation Guide Survey 35 8/27 8/28 Cornell Notes + Abbreviations 60 8/28 8/29 Learning in Chemistry & Life 50 8/29 9/3 Power Notes: Measurements and Dealing with Data 100/20 9/3 9/5 Tools of the Trade
  • 3. Celsius Thermometer 0 degrees C = Freezing 26 degrees C = Room Temp 100 degrees C = Boiling Used to Measure TEMPERATURE Unit of Measure = Centigrade; Celsius
  • 4. Graduated Cylinder •Used to Measure VOLUME •Unit of Measure = MILLILITERS, LITERS Meniscus
  • 5. Triple Beam Balance • Used to Measure MASS • Unit of Measure = GRAM
  • 6. Beaker •Used to Measure VOLUME •Unit of Measure = MILLILITERS, LITERS
  • 7. Bunsen Burner •Used to Measure: Does Not Apply •Unit of Measure = Does Not Apply
  • 8. Meter Stick •Used to Measure DISTANCE •Unit of Measure = CENTIMETERS, METERS
  • 9. Flask • Used to Measure VOLUME • Unit of Measure = MILLILITERS, LITERS
  • 10. Front side of document: -Illustrations need to be colored Back side of document: -Match tool with job. -Use tool only once. -Tools do not need to be colored
  • 11. Calibrate: Three Main Units: 1)Liter – to measure VOLUME 2)Meter – to measure LENGTH or DISTANCE 3)Gram – to measure MASS Abbreviations: 1)All small letters except Liter = L 2)1st letter of the prefix + 1st letter of the main unit 3)One exception: Deka - dk The way a tool is marked for measurement
  • 12. Conversions: Liter Meter Gram Kilo Hecto Deka Deci Centi Milli Kilo Hecto Deka Deci Centi Milli Kilo Hecto Deka Deci Centi Milli Three rules for converting: 1)Where is the decimal in your original #? 2)Which directions are you converting? 3)How many jumps is it? Move the decimal that many jumps in the direction of the conversion.
  • 13. Measuring Liquid Volume 1. Measure ACCURATLY 2. Read the BOTTOM of the meniscus 3. Remember your unit label The Triple Beam Balance 1. Show addition problem 2. Line up your place values 3. Remember your unit label
  • 14. Homework: 1)Tools of the Trade Due Tomorrow 2) Anything you still owe me