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  • 1. Today in ScienceYou will Need:1)Pencil, Colored Pencils,Highlighters or Markers2)Definition of Matter Lab – 4 pages8 sides – Picked up yesterday3)Test #1– Signed and Corrected-Due Now – Please turn in.
  • 2. Test #1-Retakes1. 10 opportunities to retake2. Starts Thur. Sept 27th – Oct. 4th3. Before school or at lunch4. Please schedule a time with me.5. Same content/different tests6. No notes;just a calculator
  • 3. I spy w/ my little eye1. The inside of the “WhatzIt?”2. Strong and durable am I3. My makeup is found towards the left side of the P.T.4. So…..neither liquid or gas5. Do you think you’ve unlocked the mystery…..
  • 4. What Makes a Substance a Solid, Plasma Liquid, Gas or Plasma? EE NN EE Gas RR GG YY Liquid Solid http://www.buzzle.com/articles/phases-of-matter.html
  • 5. 3)Draw, label & color •Solid = Different for each table •Liquid = H 2 O + Food coloring • Gas = N 2 , O 2 , CO 2, H 2 O Write YES or NO for each characteristic Variable: Control Same Packaging forSoli all substances Gasd Liquid
  • 6. Examples of Sublimation
  • 7. What is a Physical Property of Matter?-Change in form, shape or state… does not change the IDENTITY of the substance.
  • 8. TEXT BOOK Pg. 85 (Each worth 5 points)Physical Properties Definition Example (Own Words) (Your Own)Thermal ConductivityState One of 4 main phases of matterMalleabilityDuctilitySolubilityDensity
  • 9. Turn to the Periodic Table on Pgs. 196-197You will Need BLUE, ORANGE & PURPLEShade in each box of your P.T. as follows:• Liquid = BLUE = Do FIRST• Gas = - ORANGE = Do SECOND• Solid = - PURPLE = Do LAST
  • 10. Finding Percents:Fraction Entire Decimal Rounded to % Nearest 100th /109 2 divided by 109 = Nearest 100th Percent value2 /109 /109
  • 11. Homework 1)Should be done with pgs. 1,2,5 & 6 You are behind if not complete with these pages.