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Acts Dig Site 7

  1. 1. Dig Site 7 Acts 10:1-23
  2. 2. At Caesarea*there was aman namedCornelius, a 65 milescenturion* inwhat wasknown as the A centurion was in chargeItalian of 100 soldiers. In Caesarea,Regiment.* the soldiers protected the city and harbor.
  3. 3. He and all hisfamily were devoutand God-fearing; hegave generously tothose in need* andprayed to Godregularly.*
  4. 4. Cornelius! What is it, Lord?One day at about three in the afternoon hehad a vision.* He distinctly saw an angel ofGod, who came to him and said,*Cornelius stared at him in fear.*
  5. 5. Your prayers and gifts to the poor havecome up as a memorial offering beforeGod. Now send men to Joppa* to bringback a man named Simon who iscalled Peter. He is staying with Simonthe tanner, whose house is by the sea.
  6. 6. When the angel whospoke to him hadgone,* Corneliuscalled two of hisservants and adevout soldier whowas one of hisattendants. He toldthem everything thathad happened andsent them to Joppa.
  7. 7. About noon the following day as they wereon their journey and approaching the city,Peter went up on the roof to pray.*
  8. 8. He became hungry and wanted something toeat,* and while the meal was being prepared, hefell into a trance.* I’m hungry!being half-awakeand not able tofunction
  9. 9. He saw heavenopened andsomething like alarge sheet beinglet down to earth byits four corners.* Itcontained all kindsof four-footedanimals, as well asreptiles of the earthand birds of the air.
  10. 10. Then voice spokeThe a voice told Do not call up, Peter. Gethim,* a secondto him anything Kill and eat.* impuretime. that God has made clean. Surely not, Lord! I have never eaten anything impure or unclean.
  11. 11. Some Forbidden Foods:lizardsmicesnailspigsturtlessnakessquidsquirrels shellfishThe idea of unclean or impure animals is part ofJewish law that specifies which foods are allowed(kosher) or not allowed for Jews. These laws arebased upon the books of Leviticus andDeuteronomy.
  12. 12. This happened three times,** and immediatelythe sheet was taken back to heaven.*
  13. 13. While Peter was wondering about the meaning ofthe vision, the men sent by Cornelius found outwhere Simon’s house was and stopped at thegate.* They called out, asking if Simon who wasknown as Peter was staying there.* Is Simon Peter staying here?
  14. 14. Simon, three menare looking foryou. So get up andgo downstairs. Donot hesitate to gowith them, for Ihave sent them. While Peter was still thinking about the vision, the Spirit said to him,*
  15. 15. I’m the oneyou’re lookingfor. Why haveyou come? Peter went down and said to the men,*
  16. 16. The men replied,*We have comefrom Cornelius thecenturion. He is arighteous and God-fearing man, who isrespected by all theJewish people. Aholy angel told himto have you cometo his house so thathe could hear whatyou have to say.
  17. 17. Please come in and be my guests.Then Peterinvited the meninto the houseto be hisguests.*
  18. 18. The next dayPeter startedout withthem, andsome of the 30 milesbrothersfrom Joppawent along.*