Ppd jeopardy


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Ppd jeopardy

  2. 2. PPD DEAD COMINGUNSEEN GO PROBING FUN SMART TOTHINGS FIGURE AROUND FACTS GUYS TERMS 100 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 100 200 100 200 100 200 100 200 100 300 300 100 300 100 300 100 300 100 300 100 400 400 100 400 100 400 100 400 100 400 100 500 500 100 500 100 500 100 500 100 500 100
  3. 3. All matter is made up of these 3 subatomic particles.A. What are electrons, protons and neutrons?B. What are alpha, beta and gamma?C. What are earth, wind and fire?D. What are paper, rock and scissors? Return to Main Board
  4. 4. This particle is made up of 2 protons and 2 neutrons and can be very damaging to internal organs of the human body.A. What is a beta particle?B. What is cosmic radiation?C. What is an alpha particle?D. What is a neutrino? Return to Main Board
  5. 5. These two types of photons (or rays) are essentially the same except for their place of origin within the atom.A. What are cathode rays and x-rays?B. What are beta rays and alpha rays?C. What are devil rays and cosmic rays?D. What are gamma rays and x-rays? Return to Main Board
  6. 6. It’s also known as anti-matter.A. What is an electron?B. What is a positron?C. What is a neutron?D. What is a wonton? Return to Main Board
  7. 7. These type of x-rays are emitted at discrete energies from the excited atom as a result of electron capture decay.A. What are superficial x-rays?B. What are characteristic x-rays?C. What are phantom rays?D. What are emission rays? Return to Main Board
  8. 8. Radiation Safetytechnicians do this 4times a year to verifythat Radiation labsare clean.A. What are contamination surveys?B. What are asbestos surveys?C. What are fire extinguisher surveys?D. What is appearing on ‘Dancing With the Stars? Return to Main Board
  9. 9. These are the only UKemployees licensed tohandle Radioactive Waste. A. Who are Senior Engineers? B. What are Phlebotomists? (Phle-WHO?) C. Who are Radiation Safety Technicians? D. Who are ‘Montgomery Gentry? Return to Main Board
  10. 10. This is the best way to keep from getting radioactive contamination on yourself.A. What is spraying for bedbugs?B. What is ‘Calling in Sick’?C. What are wearing gloves and hand washing?D. What is a lead suit? Return to Main Board
  11. 11. Radiation symbols ontape indicate that the areacontainsA. What are bedbugs?B. What is radioactive contamination?C. What is expensive equipment?D. What are a gamma-photo-pulserators? Return to Main Board
  12. 12. Exposure to radiationmay increase yourchance of gettingA.What are bedbugs?B.What is Cancer?C.What is Syndromatic Hepatic Ductular Hypoplasia?D.What is a bad hair day? Return to Main Board
  13. 13. I theorized, E=mc2, assigning amass to the electromagneticwave. A. Who is Jose Guadix? B. Who is Charles Barkley? C. Who is Jethro Bodine? D. Who is Albert Einstein? Return to Main Board
  14. 14. My theory of the atomallowed the electron tomaintain a stable orbitaround the nucleus. A.Who is Thomas Edison? B.Who is Neils Bohr? C.Who is Alfred Hitchcock? D.Who is Pierre Curie? Return to Main Board
  15. 15. I proposed that the atomhad a positively chargednucleus and negativelycharged electronssurrounding the nucleus. A.Who is Kevin Costner? B.Who is Conrad Roentgen? C.Who is Cliff Clavin? D.Who is Lord Rutherford? Return to Main Board
  16. 16. Along with my student, HerbertBecker, I discovered a verypenetrating uncharged type ofradiation. James Chadwicklater called this type of particlea neutron. A.Who is Walther Bothe? B.Who is Robert Duvall? C.Who is Delwood Snyder? D.Who is Hans Schtickel? Return to Main Board
  17. 17. In 1897, I stated thatcathode rays were reallyparticles. I called them“corpuscles” at first, butthey later became knownas electrons.A.Who is Sam Drucker?B.Who is Kelsey Grammer?C.Who is J. J. Thomson?D.Who is Sir Edmund Hillary? Return to Main Board
  18. 18. It’s the period of time required for any given radioisotope to decrease to one-half of its original quantity. A.What is half-life? B.What is half-value layer? C.What is decay time? D.What is half and half? Return to Main Board
  19. 19. It’s the SI unit that is the amount of radioactive material which disintegrates at the rate of 1 atom per second. A.What is a Sievert? B.What is a Roentgen? C.What is a Gray? D.What is a Becquerel? Return to Main Board
  20. 20. It’s the disintegration mode that involves the ejection of a helium nucleus. A.What is electron capture? B.What is alpha decay? C.What is beta-plus decay? D.What is beta-minus decay? Return to Main Board
  21. 21. It’s approximately equal to the radioactivity of one gram of Radium 226. A.What is a Fermi? B.What is a Curie? C.What is a Becker? D.What is a Bohr? Return to Main Board
  22. 22. For any atom, it’s the number of protons plus the number of neutrons. A.What is the atomic volume? B.What is the atomic activity? C.What is the atomic mass number? D.What is the atomic force value? Return to Main Board
  23. 23. It’s the symbol that represents the Transformation (or Decay) Constant. A.What is gamma (Γ)? B.What is sigma (Σ)? C.What is lambda (λ)? D.What is iota (Ϊ)? Return to Main Board
  24. 24. In the equation, A=A0e-λt, it’s what A0 represents.A.What is the amount of time passed?B.What is the alpha energy after time, t?C.What is the activity after time, t?D.What is the initial activity? Return to Main Board
  25. 25. DAILY DOUBLE
  26. 26. In the equation, N = N0e-λt, it’s what N represents. (Be careful…We’re looking for “N”, not “A”) A.What is the number of radioactive atoms after time, t? B.What is the initial number of radioactive atoms? C.What is the neutron number of the atom? D.What is the name of the atom? Return to Main Board
  27. 27. If Polkium has a half-life of 5 days, and youinitially had 150 Ci, this is the activity whichwould be present after 3 days. Remember: A=A0e-.693t/halflife A.What is 122 Ci? B.What is 99 Ci? C.What is 82 Ci? D.What is 77 Ci? Return to Main Board
  28. 28. No, I can’t makeflap-jacks, but I canhunt down peskybetas. It’s mycommon name.A.What is a lunar probe? I’m one of thoseB.What is a griddle-cake probe? also!C.What is a circular probe?D.What is a pancake probe? Return to Main Board
  29. 29. Because of my thin Mylarmembrane, I’m bestsuited for detecting thistype of radiation. A.What is alpha radiation? B.What is neutron radiation? C.What is proton radiation? D.What is microwave radiation? Return to Main Board
  30. 30. You close yourwindows to keep outflies. We close oursto keep out these. A.What are x-rays? B.What are beta particles? C.What are gamma rays? D.What are neutrons? Return to Main Board
  31. 31. It’s the reason why myinternal GM detectorresponds more accuratelythan many other GMs at lowenergies.A.What are photon forensics?B.What is gamma gumption?C.What is energy compensation?D.What is x-ray excitement? Return to Main Board
  32. 32. Of GM, ion chamber,scintillation detector orsemi-conductor, the onethat I detect x-rays with. A.What is GM? B.What is ion chamber? C.What is scintillation detector? D.What is semi-conductor? FINAL JEOPARDY Return to Main Board
  33. 33. It’s the activity remaining after 20 years of a radioactive source that has an initial activity of 200 mCi and a half-life of 10 years. A.What is 25 mCi? B.What is 50 mCi? C.What is 100 mCi? D.What is 150 mCi? Return to Main Board
  36. 36. Where Rampaging Monsters come from.Where is Hollywood,(of course)? CORRECT QUESTION