Intermediate Assistive Technology and Universal Design Presentation


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Intermediate Assistive Technology and Universal Design Presentation

  1. 1. Intermediate Assistive Tech and Universal Design Amanda Williams Allie Skiest Jessy Morgan Lela Dantrassy
  2. 2. Kurzweil 3000 A text-to-speech reader that helps struggling readers with their fluency and comprehension. AW
  3. 3. Audio Books LD Accommodate students with print disabilities and move away from “one size fits all” approach! Provide access to CDs and portable media players.
  4. 4. Paper-based Computer Pen Records and links what a person says to what a person writes using the pen and special paper. For more information click here AS
  5. 5. Intellikeys JMM Adaptive keyboards for students struggling with physical disabilities
  6. 6. AlphaSmart A portable word processor that helps students who are struggling with putting thoughts in print AW
  7. 7. Pix Writer LD Motivate students to write by pairing words with their picture. Students receive immediate feedback through built-in speech capabilities.
  8. 8. Typoscope A reading tool that allows for easier reading through a small rectangular cut out only showing one to three lines at a time. Learn more! AS
  9. 9. WordWise JMM Software program that uses a combination of picture, text and speech features to assist language development
  10. 10. LINCs Strategy A vocabulary strategy that allows students to create a meaningful relationship between a to-be-remembered word and prior knowledge. AW
  11. 11. Looking for Words Combination of reasoning skills while building student vocabulary! Learn new words by exploring different locations!
  12. 12. Kidspiration A visual mapping tool used to assist students in brainstorming ideas, concepts, and terms; linking images to text. Learn more ways to use Kidspiration AS
  13. 13. Write: Out Loud JMM Talking word processor that allows students to hear what they are writing, combined with an eReader feature.
  14. 14. Intellitalk AW A talking word processor that provides vocal feedback for entered text.
  15. 15. Write Online LD Includes rich feature set for writing that is accessible from any web browser. Mind mapping mode allows for quick brainstorming using variety of shapes.
  16. 16. Colored Overlay A colored overlay can reduce dyslexia as the correct color allows the reader to see letters more accurately. Learn more! AS
  17. 17. Clicker 6 JMM Supportive writing and reading tool that combines an interactive word processor with on-screen grids.
  18. 18. Scholastic Character Scrapbook AW Students can create a scrapbook to analyze characters within a text.
  19. 19. TestTalker LD Words are spoken by a speech synthesizer while simultaneously being highlighted.
  20. 20. Pencil Grips A low-tech device to provide mobility and stability. Pencil grips help the student maintain a steady hand to allow for efficient hand movement and improved handwriting. Lessons and Tips AS
  21. 21. Small Talker JMM Communication device that allows for playback with visual reminders to assist ELLs and students struggling with language development.
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