Nads & presagis teaming to innovate in distributed simulation xx


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NADS and Presagis have agreed to team up to promote modeling & simulation (M&S) solutions based on both companies' commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software. On November 8th, representatives of the two parties signed a Marketing Agreement at NADS Headquarters to conclude the deal.

The agreement includes collaboration for marketing of COTS-based solutions for Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) interoperability. These solutions will be based on Presagis product lines and SIMWARE, the flagship product from NADS.

Know about the agreement between NADS and PRESAGIS and how this companies complement in tools and technologies.

You can see also the webinar made on april 17th about this presentation

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  • An integrated M&S workflow provides:Product interoperability guaranteeEnd-to-end testing to reduce costly integration time for disparate productsSignificantly reduces risk for a customer to move to a new releaseAssurance that all products in the portfolio work together as specified, have been tested and verifiedEasier to configure, tune, test and validate the workflowLess time spent isolating problem areasBetter diagnostic toolsOne vendor support for entire workflow
  • STAGE is not specific to any domain. STAGE have been used and is aiming to be used in theses 4 major areas of deployment as well as for specific civilian applications.
  • Support for the important standards based communication protocols that enable connectivity to third party systemsInteroperability:CIGI support (SimAdapter)SimAdpater ImprovementsAPI accessHLA evolved (Pitch integration)Articulated Part supportEntity appearance mappingMission functions (LOS, HAT, HOT, Collision, Position)Basic ATI support (not optimized yet)DIS/HLA ImprovementsCIGI Support in Vega Prime (integration of Lyra capabilities)
  • Nads & presagis teaming to innovate in distributed simulation xx

    1. 1. NADS & PRESAGISteaming to innovate indistributed simulation April 18, 2013
    2. 2. SpeakersJose-Maria Lopez-Rodriguez Roberto NarettoVP Business Development and Sales Regional Sales Manager, South Roberto.Naretto@presagis.comJosé-Ramón Martínez-Salio Samir KarazivanPresales Team Director Field Application
    3. 3. WHO ARE WE?
    4. 4. About Presagis
    5. 5. Integrated Workflow An evolutionary approach for a unified portfolio of M&S COTS tools supporting multiple database formats 3D Modeling | Terrain Generation | Simulation | Visualization
    6. 6. ADDRESSING YOUR CHALLENGES Our integrated suite of M&S software tools: > Reduces the time required to integrate tools across the workflow > Provides the ability to use existing database standards or emerging standards for a single unifying database. > Defines a unified workflow to help you minimize IT spending costs and maximize time savings. > Supports the reuse of content and software modules across different programs
    8. 8. M&S INTEGRATED WORKFLOW Standards Databases User Plug-ins
    10. 10. MULTI DOMAIN
    11. 11. SIMPLIFY THE INTEGRATION PROCESS Increased interoperability with 3rd party tools Native HLA Native DIS CIGI DDS
    12. 12. About NADS
    13. 13. NADS Snapshot An European SME fully oriented to the Aerospace, Defense and Homeland Security Markets Founded in 2002. Focused on High-Tech and Innovative Solutions for LVC Simulation. HQ in Madrid (Spain) Engineering centers in Madrid (Spain) and Cadiz (Spain) Commercial Offices in Madrid and Paris (France) VARs and partners worldwide.
    14. 14. We are leading M&S industry towards a future convergence in the cloud HLA DIS TENA SISO LSA
    16. 16. • Our Vision: Future of M&S systems is on the network Evolution of the S&T industry Simulation in the Cloud (Simulation as a Service)
    17. 17. Distributed Simulation is the most efficient way to improve operational readiness of our military and security forces. CONSTRUCTIVE SIMULATION BLUE FORCES CONSTRUCTIVE SIMULATION Injecting Blue Forces in the RED FORCES scenario Injecting Red Forces in the scenario. Human behaviour represented by agents & IA VIRTUAL SIMULATOR FORWARD AIR CONTROLLER VIRTUAL SIMULATOR Mission: Reconaissance & Designing APACHE LONGBOW Targets Mission: CAS VIRTUAL SIMULATOR A10 Thunderbolt Mission: Observation & CAS
    18. 18. • Our Vision: Future of M&S systems is on the network But Reality is Complex: * Different Standards for interoperability * Too many COTS hard to interoperate between them * Different Data & Voice Communications * Legacy vs. COTS based Systems * Heterogeneus simulation ecosystems * Scaling-Up to Very Large Exercises
    19. 19. Defense Administrations have invested a lot insimulation systems for weapon systems but:* Poor use of existing simulation assets* Distributed Mission Training is very difficult* Interoperability is very limited* Tied hands with HLA COTS vendors
    20. 20. To solve these problems, NADS & Presagis are teaming to offer the first truly open simulation framework based on Open StandardsWe are pursuing a COTS basedagile development ofsimulation systems to any levelof deploymentBased on standardsHLA, DIS, DDS, CIGI, CDB
    21. 21. When NADS met Presagis
    22. 22. Helping to develop LVC simulations to any level of deployment LVC Federate LVC Federation Sim Services HLA Federate Component Component Component #1 #2 #3 Real Time Simulation DataBus HLA middleware HLA Federation Sim Assets RT Scheduler Sim Assets DDS Gateway Sim Assets DIS Gateway Sim Assets Operational System DIS SimulationFrom a System ……......…. to a Federation of Systems Level
    23. 23. A same platform for developing LVC simulations to any level ofdeploymentCOMBINING OUR PORTFOLIOS TOIMPROVE USER EXPERIENCE
    24. 24. We are offering the first complete product commercially available for LVC simulations
    25. 25. What´s so good in the mixAdvantages we provide with our combined offering Interoperability: HLA and DDS without gateways: e.g. ownership transfer DDSI open protocol: Presagis is now open to DDS Is all about standards Use of simulation as a service Full data-centric development Reusability of legacy systems Data-centric dev Standards Interoperability Sim Assets DDSI
    26. 26. Creating solutions by mixing products
    27. 27. Mixing products …to improve reusability and composability L HeliSim I B Simulation R Repository A R FlightSim I E S SimWare
    28. 28. How your models become simulation services MULATIONConceive and deploy a complete Conceive and deploy a completeaerodynamic model for the real-time aerodynamic model for the real-timesimulation of any fixed wing aircraft simulation of any rotary wing aircraftwithout writing a single line of code without writing a single line of code Based on Matlab/Simulink  Build your simulation models  Test your simulation logic  Reuse your simulationSimDeveloper: Simulation models you can really reuse modules
    29. 29. Mixing products … to improve interoperability Vega HeliSim FlightSim Prime Stage SimWare DDSI Open Wire Protocol SimWare GatewaysLegacy HLA Legacy DIS Network Network
    30. 30. Another approach for improving interoperability… MULATION• Presagis Vega Prime has a powerful API: VPSim• SimWare NcWare Sim can be easily integrated to let VP connect with DDS or HLA• We are creating a direct connection between Vega Prime and SimWare without data bridges Vega Prime NcWare Sim
    31. 31. Some Use Cases for our combined portfolio
    32. 32. Agile Deployment of a Battle LabTactical C2 system Distributed Simulation Services FAC virtual Sim BMS Terra Vista Missile Sim terrain Service FFT Order serviceservice service Sensor Sim Aircraft SimSP Army C2 DDS services Service Service InterfacePowerLink Gateway SimWare SimWare RTI DDSI Vega STAGE SimWare RTI Prime
    33. 33. Developing a Virtual simulator like a LEGO Fast learning curve Other Environment Vaps XT Scheduler IOS All in one: create, deliver and manage…easy to grow Simware Simware Simware Simware DDSI-Based Real time Simulation Data Bus Gateway DDS HLA Simware Simware Simware SimWare Simulation Engine Sim Assets STAGE Vega PRIME Command & Control
    34. 34. Virtual Vehicle Framework• Consider the simulation components as services added together • Lego concept • Reusability• Build your simulation just by adding pieces
    35. 35. VVF : Towards a composable Virtual simulator  Plug & play architecture for a real-time simulator.  Pure data-oriented design: From the data model to the simulation models  Architecture purely distributed without bottlenecks.  Interoperability with networked simulators using HLA, DIS or DDS.  Interoperability at the component level (e.g. simulation of weapons as an external service) Data space
    36. 36. Summary
    37. 37. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts Advantages we provide with our combined offering  Agile Development for systems and Federations of Systems.  Compatibility with current standards (HLA, DIS, DDS, CBD, CIGI) and future (LSA, CBML)  Improving interoperability with a full data-centric development  Use of simulation as services  Reusability of legacy systems,  Ability to expand the capacity of existing systems of training
    38. 38. QUESTIONS?
    39. 39. @NADS_news /NEXTELADS jmlopezrodriguez Nextel Aerospace