Jennifer lee hw420-unit 9 final project


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HW420 Unit 9 Final Project

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Jennifer lee hw420-unit 9 final project

  1. 1. I. Introduction:Why is it important for health and wellness professionals to develop psychologically, spirituallyand physically? What areas do you need to develop to achieve the goals you have for yourself?Instead of professionals seeing their work as a financial gain or necessity, they should see it asserving others. Selfless work will make them feel good about themselves by trying to helpothers. The professionals need to see each meeting with their client as an opportunity for loving-kindness, open-heartedness, empathetic listening, and presence. By fostering their ownpsychological and spiritual health, the health and wellness professional will be able to connectmore with their client (especially if they leave their ego behind). What this reminds me of is thesaying, “leave your baggage at the door.” A lot of professionals as well as everyone in theworld, carry around their baggage to their work place or other events. This saying seems simpleto follow but it really is not. The professional needs to be able to leave issues they are having athome, exactly there, so it does not affect the treatment their client receives. In order to fosterpsychological and spiritual wellness, I would suggest meditation (such as loving-kindness orsubtle mind exercises) or yoga. These will help clear the mind of all of the endless thoughts thatgo through it daily. Yoga will help to bring the body-mind-spirit connection back to theprofessional so they can feel whole. For physical health, exercise is recommended. I would saythat an exercise plan that incorporates aerobic (cardio) and anaerobic (weight lifting) forms ofexercise equally would be healthy to maintain. By incorporating physical exercise into theirdaily routine, the professional’s blood pressure will stay lowered, their stress response will worktowards completing the strenuous exercise, they will be more alert daily, and their internal organfunctions will not be strained. It is very important that a professional “practices what theypreach.” If they encourage their clients not to smoke and to eat healthy meals daily but do notincorporate their own advice into their daily lives, they ultimately look like hypocrites. Readinginformation and having a college degree only takes you so far. As a professional, you have toincorporate healthy practices into your life in order to foster better psychological, spiritual, andphysical wellness (Dacher, 2006).I believe that my physical exercise routine is essential for getting the damaging stress hormones(that are released) out of my body. I don’t think I really need a lot improvement in this areacurrently. I do, however, need to develop my psychological and spiritual health throughparticipating in meditation at least three times a week for one hour. I feel like I am completelyout of tune with my mental health and would like to be able to control my thoughts. My life isstressful daily, so taking time out of my busy schedule for myself, is essential if I want to behealthy overall. If I could use the left prefrontal cortex of my brain in order to develop positivethoughts rather than negative, I would be a happier person. I currently try to see the good inevery situation (even if it seems nearly impossible). If I could build upon this, I would foster ahigher understanding and execution of the practice. II. Assessment:
  2. 2. How have you assessed your health in each domain? How do you score your wellness spiritually,physically, and psychologically?Spiritually I would rate myself at a 4 on a 1-10 scale (10 being the highest). I have distancedmyself from going to church for years now due to a bad experience in childhood. I still believein a higher power but just need a place I feel safe at,in order to practice my beliefs.Psychologically I would rate myself at a 3. I need to make time for myself in order to meditate.It is really hard for me to quiet the thoughts in my head at night, in order for me to go to sleep. Idefinitely could use improvement in this aspect of my life. As for physical wellness, I thinkeveryone needs improvement but feel currently content with where my routine is at. I would ratemy physical health at a 9. I exercise on a regular basis with cardio and weight liftingincorporated. This has helped my self-esteem go up and my occurrences of illness go down.Overall the routine has helped me work more (at my job) now, so that I am not calling in sick allof the time.III. Goal development:List at least one goal you have for yourself in each area, Physical, Psychological (mental health)and Spiritual.For Physical health, my goal would be to try new moves in order to exercise different parts ofmy body. I have exercises from my physical therapist to do in order to cut down on the painfrom my scoliosis. The exercises increase the strength of the muscles that line the sides of thespine. This helps me be able to continue to move around in my daily life more often, withouthaving to sit or lay down to rest a lot. I also would like to try new exercise classes at my gymjust to see if it is the right fit for me. I like trying new things and am willing to, so that is apositive aspect that will aid my physical health in the future.Psychologically speaking, my goal would be to complete more meditation exercises at least threetimes a week. I would also be interested in talking to a counselor in order to aid with me gettingrid of emotional baggage I have been harboring for years.A goal for my spiritual health would be to have more positive comments towards myself. I alsowould like to try and find a church I can feel comfortable attending weekly. This is somethingthat has been long overdue and I need to incorporate into my life. I cannot let the past or certainpeople dictate whether I practice my faith or not. Everything I do personally needs to be for me.IV. Practices for personal health:What strategies can you implement to foster growth in each of the following domains; Physical,Psychological, and Spiritual. Provide at least two examples of exercises or practices in eachdomain. Explain how you will implement each example.
  3. 3. For physical health, I can make a rule to exercise everyday even if it is just a walk around myneighborhood. My motivation for exercising has not always been there, so I try to useinspirational sayings and pictures in order to motivate me to get up and moving. I will make aplan to try new exercise classes and make sure I attend when I say I will. I can also make theactive decision to park further away wherever I drive or walk up stairs (instead of taking theelevator), in order to ensure I walk a greater distance. Small things like these will ultimatelyhelp me in my long term goal of being physically healthy.As for psychological health, I can stop holding grudges and learn to forgive others for wrongingme. I know now that by holding grudges, I actually don’t have control over the situation and amonly hurting myself. I want to reduce my anxiety level by not worrying as much about whatevents I have going on the next day. If I made a list of all of the tasks that needed to becompleted for each day of the month and not let myself see it until the specific day, I couldreduce some stress in the process. I also could be more open minded and not let the small thingsin life bother me (such as bad drivers). I like the line from Gone with the Wind, “tomorrow isanother day.” It reminds me that whatever happens today isn’t the end of the world becausetomorrow there is hope for what the future holds.For spiritual health, I will look around and go to different church services locally. Eventually Iwill find a church that fits my style and beliefs and I will start to attend regularly. I want to bemore in tune with my body and mind so I will meditate (not only for my psychological health butspiritual as well). Instead of saying negative things about myself inside of my head, I will onlyallow positive self-talk. I know that negative thoughts about yourself, gets you nowhere, so Iwill implement this practice into my everyday life. V. Commitment:How will you assess your progress or lack of progress in the next six months? What strategiescan you use to assist in maintaining your long-term practices for health and wellness?I can keep a journal of my progress in each area. I will keep track of the new exercise classes Ihave tried at my gym and a daily check off list to state whether or not I exercised each day. Forpsychological health, I can keep a journal of my feelings and note my progress in forgivingothers from my past. I would also write in a journal the lists of tasks I need to complete dailyand check off which ones were completed and my anxiety levels about them. As for spiritual, Iwill write down which church I eventually found to attend and all the different aspects I likedabout it, such as the people, the atmosphere, or the resources available there. I will write in myjournal all of the positive self-talk comments that I have come up with over 6 months, so I canassess how I used to view myself compared to the present.This list will definitely add up over 6months and give me a good idea of what improvements I need to make and what areas I just needto keep consistent for my physical, psychological, and spiritual health.
  4. 4. Strategies I can use to maintain my progress would be: Staying positive, keeping my exerciseroutine consistent with daily motivational sources, exercising with friends to maintainaccountability, using a journal to write down progress, going to a church service with friends orfamily to ensure I go, cutting out negative self-talk right when it begins and replace it withpositive, and ultimately surround myself with positive people who want to see me better my life.
  5. 5. Work CitedDacher, E. S. (2006). Integral health: The path to human flourishing. Laguna Beach: BasicHealth Publications Inc.