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An Orientation for Jeff Miranda's ENGL 2332 class.

An Orientation for Jeff Miranda's ENGL 2332 class.



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Engl2332fall2011orientation Engl2332fall2011orientation Presentation Transcript

  • A Brief Orientation to: English 2332: World Literature I
    Instructor: Jeff Miranda
  • English 2332: World Literature
    • What this orientation covers:
    • Preliminaries
    • Accessing the Site
    • Course Requirements
    • Course Information
    • Orientation Quiz
    • Note: All students are required to complete this online orientation. Also, there is no on-campus orientation.
  • English 2332: World Literature
    • Mr. Miranda, your instructor—call me Jeff, please.
    At Harvard, fall 2005—unfortunately, I couldn’t reach the lucky foot!
  • English 2332: World Literature
    Need to get in touch?
    Email: jeffrey.miranda@my.tccd.edu or jeffrey.miranda@tccd.edu
    Phone: 817.515.7295 (voice mail)
    Office: NW Campus, WTLO 4319A
    Mailing Address:
    4801 Marine Creek Pkwy
    Fort Worth, Tx 76179
    You’ll find my office hours in the Employee Directory online.
    Now, on to the good stuff…
  • English 2332: World Literature
    Contact your instructor when:
    You need help on course related matters, including:
    Questions about readings
    Unclear assignments
    Problems putting assignments together
    A need/desire for more time
    Broken links and missing pages
    Other course related issues
    Don’t hesitate to contact me about class.
    I’m happy to help.
  • English 2332: World Literature
    • Accessing the site:
    • The site can be found at:
    • http://blackboard.tccd.edu
    • You will see boxes on the bottom right corner to enter your username/password
    • Your logon:
    • User ID: firstname.last name
    • Password: firstinitial of last name and the last four numbers of your colleague (or student) ID number (e.g. s4049)
    • The site will be available beginning Aug. 29th at 10:00am (which is about the time that you are reading this…)
    Ironically, you’ve already gotten this far, so I’m sure this is helpful…
  • English 2332: World Literature
    Once you’ve entered the class, you will see a classroom portal page (if you’re registered in more than one class). If not, you’ll go directly to “classroom home.”
    If you’re registered in more than one class, select the class you want and enter the classroom.
    At the top of the page in the middle, you will see “classroom home.”
    That area contains the main navigational links you will need to navigate through the course.
    Click on the Syllabus (it’s available as a link on the left side of the course pages) print it out, and use it to follow along with the information that follows.
    In addition to the syllabus link, you’ll also find links to the discussion board, classmates, webliography, chat, and faq’s—just to list a few…
  • English 2332: World Literature
    Quick Tip: If you want a reply to your email, please avoid web slang and always include your name, not just a “screen-name” with your message.
    • Email Notes:
    • IMPORTANT: I will send all email to your TCC email account (available through CampusCruiser). It’s typically firstname.lastname@my.tccd.edu.
    • All of you have an account, and you need to check your account frequently; students failing to do so may find themselves hopelessly confused.
    • You can check email by clicking on the purple link “Webmail” at the top of the page (in our class site) or you can go directly to CampusCruiser.
    • Or, you can go into “Edit User Profile” (at the left side of the page in our class site) and request that your email be forwarded to another account.
    • A final note: like much electronic mail all over the world, CampusCruiser email is subject to monitoring. Use your email account for educational purposes only.
  • English 2332: World Literature
    All right, you’ve gotten this far, but now you want real information…you want to know: What does a person do in this course?
    The course description states that this course is a survey of World Literature from its beginnings through the seventeenth century.
    Wow, you might say…. How in the world are we going to do that?
  • English 2332: World Literature
    Seriously, please tell us that we aren’t going to read everything, right?
    Like most survey courses, there is far too much material for a single course. Indeed, we could fill up entire libraries with material that might be covered. But then, we couldn’t hope to cover it all.
    So, we are going to survey some material, or more specifically...
  • Major works in World Literature
  • English 2332: World Literature
    Essentially, we’ll be reading just a few (about 9) longer works.
    At times, we’ll read entire selections, but most of the time, we’ll just have time to read selections from these long works.
    In every case, however, we’ll be reading some of the most important works written in World Literature.
  • English 2332: World Literature
    More on the readings later. Now, you need a few more details before we are finished here, including:
    Quizzes and exams
    And, some final details before you complete this week’s activities
  • English 2332: World Literature
    Required Textbooks:
    Note: All texts can be purchased at any TCC bookstore.
    The Norton Anthology of World Literature
    Second Edition, Ed. Sarah Lawall, et al.
    Pkg 1 (Vols A, B, C): Beginnings to 1650 • 0-393-92453-X • 3 pb vols, slipcased • 2003
    Please note: The three volume set (NAWL) is our primary text. Earlier editions may not have the correct material, and other anthologies may have different translations. Please purchase this book set—unless you don’t care about your grade.
    Troilus and Cressida
    William Shakespeare, Pelican/Penguin Classic, ISBN 978014074869, 2000
  • English 2332: World Literature
    Required Coursework:
    Weekly Assignments and Quizzes……...20%
    Average of two papers ……….…….…..20%
    Midterm exam (ONLINE)..……………..20%
    Final exam (ONLINE) ………………..…20%
  • English 2332: World Literature
    • All work must be completed by you, the student. So, you may not:
    • download papers from online “research” sites and present them as your own work
    • complete quizzes with the help of others
    • have others do your work
    • engage in other nefarious forms of academic dishonesty
    • If you do, understand that I will flunk you and refer you to the Vice President of Instruction and/or the Vice President of Student Development and Services for additional disciplinary actions.
    • I suggest contacting me if you are struggling. Let me help you before you make unwise choices.
  • English 2332: World Literature
    You can keep track of your progress in class by clicking on the gradebook link in the “Classroom Home” area.
    Grading Scale:
    Pretty standard stuff, huh?
  • English 2332: World Literature
    • Course Feedback:
    • Writing takes time not only to produce, but also to evaluate.
    • Indeed, I usually look over each assignment a couple of times before I even start to grade
    • And I usually don’t evaluate student work until I have a stack (cyber or otherwise) of the same assignments
    • So while you may work ahead, I won’t grade ahead
    • The end result is that I won’t be providing instant feedback most of the time
    • Instead, I’ll strive to send back detailed critiques within a week of your submission
    • Many of my previous students will tell you that I may not be fast, but that I’m often the most comprehensive Online instructor that they have had
    • That said, if you haven’t heard from me for a while and you are beginning to wonder if I have received your assignment, don’t hesitate to email me and ask. I’ll be happy to let you know how I am progressing .
  • English 2332: World Literature
    On the last day of one semester, I had a student come to me in tears asking if there was anything he could do to raise his grade. “Not now,” I said. “The class is over.” So, if you are at concerned about your grades, consider this…
    A few notes about extra credit:
    I don’t really believe in it
    For if you do your work, you won’t need it
    I will only offer limited opportunities for extra credit
    If students complain, I’ll just get rid of it
    If you think you will need the extra credit, seize the opportunities when they arise—don’t wait for a better offer
  • English 2332: World Literature
    Course Schedule
    Lessons may have multiple assignments
    Each lesson has its own due date, generally due during the week and always at 11:59pm. This semester, the standard due date for assignments will be Thursday night.
    Note: lessons (from beginning to end) often require between six and nine hours. Plan for the worst, and hope for the best.
    Work may be completed early. Also, I accept late work without penalty.
    Although I don’t penalize late work, you should strive to complete
    assignments promptly. Students who fall behind generally fail.
  • English 2332: World Literature
    • Lessons:
    • In the “Classroom Home” area, take the link to lessons.
    • Note: you’ll always want to begin here.
    • Each lesson introduces concepts needed for corresponding assignments.
    • Afterwards, read over the checklist which will let you know what chapters and selections you’ll need to read prior to completing the assignments for the week.
    • You can also access tests and quizzes through the lesson pages.
    Students proceeding directly to assignments will be drawn and
  • English 2332: World Literature
    In an average fall semester week, one can expect to spend between six and nine hours working on class material (including reading, writing, and, yes, contemplation).
    Each week there will be at least one assignment per lesson. Some lessons, however, will include multiple assignments.
    Assignments should be completed in sequence, not randomly. Each lesson is constructed with assignments in sequence—follow it and you’ll be fine. As with most courses, assignments build on each other, so skipping one or a few is not advisable.
    Also note: assignments for this course are not weighted equally—exams, for instance, are worth more than essays, which are worth more than “weekly” assignments.
  • English 2332: World Literature
    • A brief primer to filenames, file-types and uploading Assignments
    • Save files as first initial last name assignment number (for example, john doe would save assignment 2 as jdoe2).
    • I only have access to MS Word, so all files must be saved as .doc (or .docx), .rtf., or .txt. If you have MS Word, just hit save. If you have any other word processor, be sure to save your files as a rich text document (.rtf) or as a text file (.txt). This includes users of MS Works.
    • Finally, when you have the proper filename and file-type, upload your assignment rather than emailing it to me. Do this by clicking on the assignment and scrolling down to the bottom of the page. Then, follow the directions.
    Except for discussion board assignments, quizzes, and the exams, all assignments need to be uploaded.
  • English 2332: World Literature
    Caution: Quizzes are timed and can only be accessed a limited number of times and only for a limited amount of time, so don’t open them unless you are ready to complete them!
    Quiz Information:
    All quizzes will be taken online using in our learning environment. They will be available in each lesson module (or follow the link to them in the lessons).
    Basically, all non-exam weeks will include reading quizzes over our course readings.
    Taking quizzes online can be tricky, but it usually works out fine. If there are problems, let me know.
  • English 2332: World Literature
    • Exam information (Midterm)
    • The Midterm Exam will take place ONLINE as well.
    • I’ll provide a brief review for the midterm exam in lesson seven and answer questions.
    • The exam will be timed and be limited to one attempt per student.
    • The exam will be available over a three-day period to make certain that everyone has a chance to take it.
    • The exam will have multiple choice questions, short answer questions, and essay questions. As a result, the Assessment manager will not grade your tests for you—I’ll do the grading.
    • The Midterm exam is scheduled for:
    • October 18-20
    • Again, the Midterm exam is ONLINE using the Assessment manager, no matter what the syllabus and exam manager say .
  • English 2332: World Literature
    Exam information (Final)
    The Final Exam will take place ONLINE as well.
    I’ll provide a brief review for the Final Exam in lesson sixteen and answer questions.
    The exam will be timed and be limited to one attempt per student.
    The exam will be available over a three-day period to make certain that everyone has a chance to take it.
    The exam will have multiple choice questions, short answer questions, and essay questions. As a result, the Assessment manager will not grade your tests for you—I’ll do the grading.
    The Final Exam is scheduled for:
    December 12-14
    Again, the Final Exam is ONLINE using the Assessment manager, no matter what the syllabus and exam manager say .
  • English 2332: World Literature
    Withdrawal Information: If you decide not to continue in the course, it is your responsibility to withdraw. You may withdraw from any course on or before the drop date.
    Contact the registrar if you need to withdraw from a course.
    Note: I can’t withdraw you from the course, even if you are not completing your assignments. And, it is my belief that withdrawing is better than an F.
    Questions? Contact me.
  • English 2332: World Literature
    My car broke down, my wife left me, I was fired, and my house burned down… Don’t call me first (call your mechanic, lawyer, and insurance agent first). Do call me when you get a chance though—I’ll understand.
    I need help!!!! What do I do?
    First, decide what type of problem you have
    Technical problems need to go through Distance Learning http://dl.tccd.edu or 817.515.help
    Help can be accessed by clicking on the “Help Desk” purple tab at the top of the page or by email, help@dl.tccd.edu as well
    Course problems? Contact me at 817.515.7295, WTLO 4319, or jeffrey.miranda@my.tccd.edu.
  • English 2332: World Literature
    Almost, but before you go to the class site, there are two more activities you need to accomplish.
    First, visit the student guide. It’s a helpful presentation that answers many “how do I” technical questions.
    Second, take the brief online quiz over this orientation in the Start Here area which ensures that you’ve done your job (reading this orientation) and that I’ve done my job (presenting the information that you’ll need to succeed).
    Are we done yet?
  • Miranda Productions
    “…another fine mess you’ve gotten us into.”