Evaluation Question Two


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Evaluation Question Two

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 2 How do aspects of your magazine give an idea of the social group it is aimed at?
  2. 2. Age Content – a combination of articles surrounding the genre indicate it is a young audience who likes the genre. Interviews with young people and someone ‘recognisable’ to young as a TV star indicate it is aimed at that age group.
  3. 3. Age Photography – photography is a key part of the magazine, especially on the contents page. Images are given vintage, high exposure effects as this is reflective of a younger generation who are often associated with using these effects through mediums like instagram and Tumblr.
  4. 4. Age Writing style – long articles indicate a clever academic age group. Whilst older people have more life experience, 16- 24 is associated as an age of learning and intelligence, therefore the long articles could show to be aimed at this age group.
  5. 5. Age Colour scheme – focusses on RGB colours which are associated with vintage manipulation and pastel variants on these colours reflect again the vintage effects and make the magazine more appealing to the age group.
  6. 6. Age Other – the tumblr style layout of the contents page indicates a youthful audience with social media being more so associated with this age. Also the social media ties on the front cover and other areas suggest similar things.
  7. 7. Gender I think the magazine is fairly neutral in terms of gender but if it aims itself at one it is probably the male gender. Content – the feature about a young male who’s exploits are drugs, women and producing dance music probably appeal to men as it is the whole sex, drugs and rock n roll typecast. Men want to be him.
  8. 8. Gender Photography – the photography, especially of Ollie K is not photography that would seem to deliberately set out to make him seem sexy or attractive to a female audience. It has more focus on him, and although they are good photo’s of him, they do not detract from the article. He is not topless or anything.
  9. 9. Gender Writing style – humorous and Ollie K’s dialect is often masculine in tone. Words Ollie uses like ‘I was ruined’ to mean intoxicated and his ladish humour indicate the magazine is about young males – for young males.
  10. 10. Class Again I have not intentionally aimed it at a particular class, but there are arguments to say it is aimed at a particular class. If I had to pinpoint a class I would say it would be poorer people in the age group rather than rich people.
  11. 11. Class Content – the story about a bad boy who has gone down the wrong path would indicate that it is aimed at lower classes, though the rebellious side could connote a more upper class audience. Features about perhaps expensive DJ equipment could appeal to more richer readers.
  12. 12. Class Photography/Writing Style – I don’t think the photography says a great deal about class other than what it shows Ollie K to be wearing. A hoodie and beanie hat are generally seen to be ordinary clothes, worn by ordinary people. The writing style contains Ollie using slang which generally connotes lower classes. I don’t think class is massively relevant.
  13. 13. Social Group Content – being aimed at young people, I think the social group is hard to pinpoint. I’d like to think it was aimed at the indie social group, with the music’s genre, though this is hard to translate into a magazine as the connotations of this group is rock music. Still, I think institutions of my genre like Boiler Room show that it can be still aimed at this group. I think the genre is what leads me to this conclusion most. Also the contents page mirrors a tumblr page, an outlet used by this group, adding to the ideology.
  14. 14. Social Group Photography – the photography in the magazine has a focus on editing.
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