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My fourth and fifth grade students ask me for good books all the time. Here's my answer for 07-08...

My fourth and fifth grade students ask me for good books all the time. Here's my answer for 07-08...



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  • Bob was a studious planner who wanted to grow up to be a doctor. Joe dreamed of making his fortune in show business and loved magic tricks and problem-solving.When an accident left Bob recovering in a darkened basement, the brothers began experimenting with ultraviolet light and fluorescent paints. Together they invented a whole new kind of color, one that glows with an extra-special intensity – Day-Glo.
  • Little, Brown’s Secret website has games, videos, and excerpts.
  • A ppt. presentation is available on Mr. Schu’sblogspot, compiled by Terry Sams & Melissa Guinn.
  • Snowflake –catching instructions are also included. There is also a guide for this book by Chronicle Books. And a Story of Snow blog.
  • SharonCreech.com has teaching guides for all her books.
  • Out of My Mind gives a voice to those who otherwise lack one. Sharon Draper highlights Melody’s struggle and allows the reader to focus on her abilities, rather than her disabilities. You cannot help but pause and consider how you have unintentionally treated those who may face a similar struggle. Out of My Mind is difficult to get out of your mind. I changes the way you think about those differently-abled.There is an Out of My Mind discussion gudie available.
  • There is a Familiars discussion and activity guide.
  • Thing About Georgie discussion guide. Lisa Graff’s website has more about Georgie and dwarfism.
  • There is a Captain Nobody interactive website.
  • The official Guyku Headquarters has teacher resources, downloads, activities, certificates, and more.
  • May want to have the book with you to demonstrate one of the poems…..
  • In this funny, uncannily wise portrait of the dynamics of a sixth-grade class and of the greatness that sometimes comes in unlikely packages, Dwight, a loser, talks to his classmates via an origami finger puppet of Yoda. If that weren't strange enough, the puppet is uncannily wise and prescient. Origami Yoda predicts the date of a pop quiz, guesses who stole the classroom Shakespeare bust, and saves a classmate from popularity-crushing embarrassment with some well-timed advice. Dwight's classmate Tommy wonders how Yoda can be so smart when Dwight himself is so clueless. With contributions from his puzzled classmates, he assembles the case file that forms this novel.
  • Jason Blake is an autistic 12-year-old living in a neurotypical world.Most days it's just a matter of time before something goes wrong. But Jason finds a glimmer of understanding when he comes across PhoenixBird, who posts stories to the same online site as he does. Jason can be himself when he writes and he thinks that PhoneixBird-her name is Rebecca-could be his first real friend. But as desperate as Jason is to met her, he's terrified that if they do meet, Rebecca wil only see his autism and not who Jason really is.By acclaimed writer Nora Raleigh Baskin, this is the breathtaking depiction of an autistic boy's struggles-and a story for anyone who has ever worried about fitting in.
  • Melody is not like most people. She cannot walk or talk, but she has a photographic memory; she can remember every detail of everything she has ever experienced. She is smarter than most of the adults who try to diagnose her, and smarter than her classmates in her integrated classroomthe very same classmates who dismiss her as mentally challenged because she cannot tell them otherwise. But Melody refuses to be defined by cerebral palsy. And she's determined to let everyone know it...somehow. In this breakthrough story from multiple Coretta Scott King Award-winner Sharon Draperreminiscent of The Diving Bell and the Butterflyreaders will come to meet a brilliant mind and a brave spirit, and remember that every voice is important.
  • Ever since she can remember, Bird has loved flying in small propeller airplanes with her mechanic dad. When the local airstrip is turned into a military flight school, Bird is in heaven. But when a young Japanese American student named Kenji Fujita joins Bird’s class, the entire school seems to be convinced that he’s a spy, or at the very least, that he and his uncle want the Japanese to win.Bird is wary of Kenji, not just because he’s Japanese, but because he steals her flight-related topic for a school report and leaves her to write about the deadly boring local marsh weed. But on Bird’s first trip to the marsh, she and Kenji accidentally discover real spy activity in the area.Bird realizes that Kenji is actually a stand-up guy—and she and Kenji begin an adventure that will shake the town and may even change the future of the world.
  • Nobody Owens, known to his friends as Bod, is a normal boy. He would be completely normal if he didn't live in a sprawling graveyard, being raised and educated by ghosts, with a solitary guardian who belongs to neither the world of the living nor of the dead. There are dangers and adventures in the graveyard for a boy-an ancient Indigo Man beneath the hill, a gateway to a desert leading to an abandoned city of ghouls, the strange and terrible menace of the Sleer. But if Bod leaves the graveyard, then he will come under attack from the man Jack--who has already killed Bod's family. . . . Beloved master storyteller Neil Gaiman returns with a luminous new novel for the audience that embraced his "New York Times" bestselling modern classic coraline. Magical, terrifying, and filled with breathtaking adventures, the graveyard book is sure to enthrall readers of all ages.
  • Eleven-year-old David Greenberg dreams of becoming a TV superstar like his idol, Jon Stewart. But in real life, David is just another kid terrified of starting his first year at Harman Middle School. With a wacky sense of humor and hilarious Top 6 Lists, David spends his free time making Talk Time videos, which he posts on YouTube. But before he can get famous, he has to figure out a way to deal with: 6. Middle school (much scarier than it sounds!) 5. His best friend gone girl-crazy 4. A runaway mom who has no phone! 3. The threat of a swirlie on his birthday 2. A terrifying cousin 1. His # 1 fan, Bubbe (his Jewish grandmother) 1/2. Did we mention Hammy, the hamster who's determined to break David's heart? When David and his best friend have a fight, David is lucky enough to make a pretty cool new friend, Sophiewho just (gulp) happens to be a girl. Sophie thinks David's videos are hilarious, and she starts sending out the links to everyone she knows. Sophie's friends tell their friends, and before David knows it, thousands of people are viewing his videosincluding some of the last people he would have expected. David may still feel like a real-life schmo, but is he ready to become an Internet superstar?
  • With frostbitten fingers, sleepless nights and sore muscles, 14-year-old Jackson Jones and his posse of cousins discover the lost art of winging it when they take over an orchard of 300 wild apple trees. They know nothing about pruning or irrigation or pest control, but figure it out they mustif they are to avoid losing $8,000 (because of an unfair contract). With spot illustrations for mechanical-loving readersthe gears of a tractor, a plow with disksand with mathematical calculations of the great mount of money to be earned, this novel has the sort of can-do spirt and sense of earned independence not often found in today's fiction.
  • Inspired by family stories, two-time Newbery Honor winner and New York Times bestselling author Jennifer L. Holm beautifully blends family lore with America's past in this charming gem of a novel, rich in historical detail, humor, and the unique flavors of Key West.Life isn't like the movies, and eleven-year-old Turtle is no Shirley Temple. She's smart and tough and has seen enough of the world not to expect a Hollywood ending. After all, it's 1935, and jobs and money and sometimes even dreams are scarce. So when Turtle's mama gets a job housekeeping for a lady who doesn't like kids, Turtle says goodbye without a tear and heads off to Key West, Florida, to stay with relatives she's never met.Florida's like nothing Turtle has ever seen. It's hot and strange, full of wild green peeping out between houses, ragtag boy cousins, and secret treasure. Before she knows what's happened, Turtle finds herself coming out of the shell she has spent her life building, and as she does, her world opens up in the most unexpected ways.
  • A tragic accident has turned eleven-year-old Aubrey’s world upside down. Starting a new life all alone, Aubrey has everything she thinks she needs: SpaghettiOs and Sammy, her new pet fish. She cannot talk about what happened to her. Writing letters is the only thing that feels right to Aubrey, even if no one ever reads them.With the aid of her loving grandmother and new friends, Aubrey learns that she is not alone, and gradually, she finds the words to express feelings that once seemed impossible to describe. The healing powers of friendship, love, and memory help Aubrey take her first steps toward the future.Readers will care for Aubrey from page one and will watch her grow until the very end, when she has to make one of the biggest decisions of her life.
  • No one would believe me but at times I would choose wartime in Saigon over peacetime in Alabama. For all the ten years of her life, HA has only known Saigon: the thrills of its markets, the joy of its traditions, the warmth of her friends close by . . . and the beauty of her very own papaya tree. But now the Vietnam War has reached her home. HA and her family are forced to flee as Saigon falls, and they board a ship headed toward hope. In America, HA discovers the foreign world of Alabama: the coldness of its strangers, the dullness of its food, the strange shape of its landscape . . . and the strength of her very own family. This is the moving story of one girl's year of change, dreams, grief, and healing as she journeys from one country to another, one life to the next.
  • Gustave, having been forced to move from Paris to the countryside after his parents decided it was not safe for Jews to live in the city during World War II, meets a Catholic girl named Nicole, whose family is part of the French Resistance, and together they devise a plan to rescue his friend and family members from the Nazi occupied territory.
  • Twelve-year-old Lanesha lives in a tight-knit community in New Orleans' Ninth Ward. She doesn't have a fancy house like her uptown family or lots of friends like the other kids on her street. But what she does have is Mama Ya-Ya, her fiercely loving caretaker, wise in the ways of the world and able to predict the future. So when Mama Ya-Ya's visions show a powerful hurricane--Katrina--fast approaching, it's up to Lanesha to call upon the hope and strength Mama Ya-Ya has given her to help them both survive the storm. Ninth Wardis a deeply emotional story about transformation and a celebration of resilience, friendship, and family--as only love can define it.
  • The story of a formative year in 12-year-old Franny Chapman's life, and the life of a nation facing the threat of nuclear war. It's 1962, and it seems everyone is living in fear. Twelve-year-old Franny Chapman lives with her family in Washington, DC, during the days surrounding the Cuban Missile Crisis. Amidst the pervasive threat of nuclear war, Franny must face the tension between herself and her younger brother, figure out where she fits in with her family, and look beyond outward appearances. For Franny, as for all Americans, it's going to be a formative year.

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  • Do you know any good books…? Mr. Mika LRC Director Beebe Elementary
  • • Find a good book! • Search the catalog • Revisit popular series • Think about great authors • Use the Beebe Web Site • Discover other book lists Today’s lesson will help you: Yes, I do!
  • Library Catalog • Author, Subject, Title, or Series
  • Battle of the Books • Over twenty years in District 203 • A literature challenge for students in 4th & 5th grade • Team of four become experts on a list of 40 books – 30 new – 10 previous Battle book
  • • Link to official web site • Book trailer • 2nd Year on Battle List • Also a Bluestem Nominee • Also a Rebecca Caudill Nominee
  • One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate • When Ivan, a gorilla who has lived for years in a down-and-out circus- themed mall, meets Ruby, a baby elephant that has been added to the mall, he decides that he must find her a better life.
  • Laugh With the Moon by Shana Burg • Massachusetts thirteen-year- old Clare, grieving after her mother's recent death, reluctantly travels with her father to spend nine weeks in a remote village in Malawi, where new friends and experiences help open her mind and heart.
  • About Average by Andrew Clements • As the end of sixth grade nears, Jordan Johnson, unhappy that she is only average in appearance, intelligence, and athletic ability, reveals her special skills when disaster strikes her central Illinois elementary school.
  • Wanderer by Sharon Creech • Thirteen-year-old Sophie hears the sea calling, promising adventure and a chance for discovery as she sets sail for England with her three uncles and two cousins. Sophie’s cousin Cody isn’t sure he has the strength to prove himself to the crew and to his father. Through Sophie’s and Cody’s travel logs, we hear stories of the past and the daily challenges of surviving at sea as The Wanderer sails toward its destination—and its passengers search for their places in the world.
  • Incident at Hawk’s Hill by Allan Eckert • A shy, lonely six-year-old wanders into the Canadian prairie and spends a summer under the protection of a badger.
  • Noah Webster & His Words by Jeri Ferris • Includes bibliographical references. An illustrated account of the life of Noah Webster, a Connecticut farm boy who spent twenty years writing what became the first American dictionary ever to be published.
  • Gingersnap by Patricia Reilly Giff • When her brother Rob, a Navy cook, goes missing in action during World War II, Jayna, desperate for family, leaves upstate New York and their cranky landlady, accompanied by a turtle and a ghost, to seek their grandmother, who Rob believes may live in Brooklyn. Includes soup recipes.
  • Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein • Twelve-year-old Kyle gets to stay overnight in the new town library, designed by his hero (the famous game maker Luigi Lemoncello), with other students but finds that come morning he must work with friends to solve puzzles in order to escape.
  • Riley Mack & the Other Known Troublemakers by Chris Grabenstein • Eleven-year-old Riley Mack and his friends, Briana, Mongo, Jake and Jamal outwit the school bully, solve the mystery of who stole the goldendoodle named Poodle, and get evidence to help the FBI catch bank robbers.
  • Double Dog Dare by Lisa Graff • When Kansas Bloom moves to California and joins the Media Club at school, he soon finds himself trying to outdo one of the other fourth- grade students in a "dare war" while vying for the job of on-air video homeroom announcer.
  • Star in the Storm by Joan Harlow • In 1912, fearing for the safety of her beloved Newfoundland dog Sirius because of a new law outlawing non- sheepherding dogs in her Newfoundland village, twelve-year-old Maggie tries to save him by keeping him hidden.
  • Breathing Room by Cary Fagan • In 1940, thirteen-year-old Evvy Hoffmeister and her newfound friends struggle to get well at Loon Lake Sanatorium, where they are being treated for tuberculosis.
  • Worm Whisperer by Betty Hicks • Ellison Ellis Coffey, a lonely fifth-grader, discovers he might have the special gift of talking to bugs and decides to use his ability to win his town's annual Woolly Worm Race.
  • Never Say Die by Will Hobbs • Fifteen-year-old half-Inuit Nick and his white brother, Ryan, meet and share an adventure on the Firth River in the Canadian Arctic, facing white water, wild animals, and fierce weather as Ryan documents the effects of climate change on caribou for National Geographic magazine.
  • One Dog and His Boy by Eva Ibbotson • When lonely, ten-year-old Hal learns that his wealthy but neglectful parents only rented Fleck, the dog he always wanted, he and new friend Pippa take Fleck and four other dogs from the rental agency on a trek from London to Scotland, where Hal's grandparents live.
  • Small as an Elephant by Jennifer Richard Jacobson Abandoned by his mother in an Acadia National Park campground, Jack tries to make his way back to Boston before anyone figures out what is going on, with only a small toy elephant for company.
  • Any Small Goodness by Tony Johnston • Arturo and his family and friends share all kinds of experiences living in the barrio of East Los Angeles-- reclaiming their names, playing basketball, championing the school librarian, and even starting their own gang.
  • True Colors by Natalie Kinsey-Warnock • In 1952 Vermont, ten-year- old Blue decides to set out in the middle of her town's sesquicentennial celebration to find the mother who abandoned her as a baby, and her search leads her to discoveries that will change her life forever.
  • View from Saturday by E.L. Konigsburg • Four students, with their own individual stories, develop a special bond and attract the attention of their teacher, a paraplegic, who chooses them to represent their sixth-grade class in the Academic Bowl competition.
  • No More Dead Dogs by Gordon Korman • Eighth-grade football hero Wallace Wallace is sentenced to detention attending rehearsals of the school play where, in spite of himself, he becomes wrapped up in the production and begins to suggest changes that improve not only the play but his life as well.
  • One White Dolphin by Gill Lewis • When a baby albino dolphin caught in old fishing netting washes ashore, Paralympics sailing hopeful Felix and English school girl Kara work with veterinarians and specialists to save and reunite the dolphin with her mother, setting off a chain of events that might just save the reef from the environmental effects of proposed dredging
  • Bliss by Kathryn Littlewood Twelve-year-old Rose Bliss wants to work magic in her family's bakery as her parents do, but when they are called away and Rose and her siblings are left in charge, the magic goes awry and a beautiful stranger tries to talk Rose into giving her the Bliss Cookery Booke.
  • Punished by David Lubar • Logan and his friend Benedict are playing tag in the library when a mysterious man punishes him for his disrespect by making him speak only in puns.
  • Homemade Stuffing Maker by John Madormo • Twelve-year-old Charlie's analytical skills win him few friends at school, but when the most popular girl in class comes to the makeshift private investigation office in his parent's garage asking Charlie's help to find her missing bird, he and friend Henry begin their first real case.
  • Candymakers by Wendy Mass • Four gifted twelve-year-olds, including Logan, the candymaker's son, are set to be contestants in the Confectionary Association's national competition to determine the nation's tastiest sweet, but nobody anticipates that a friendship will form between them.
  • Fabelhaven by Brandon Mull Kendra and Seth find themselves in the midst of a battle between good and evil when they visit their grandparents' estate and discover that it is a sanctuary for magical creatures.
  • Something to Hold by Katherine L. Schlick Noe • In the early 1960s, Kitty is one of only two white children in her class on Warm Springs Reservation, Oregon, where her father is a government forester, and although past injustices and pain are still very much alive there, she eventually finds friendships and opportunities to make a difference.
  • Borrowers by Mary Norton • Miniature people who live in an old country house by borrowing things from the humans are forced to emigrate from their home under the clock.
  • Wonder by R. J. Palacio Ten-year-old Auggie Pullman, who was born with extreme facial abnormalities and was not expected to survive, goes from being home-schooled to entering fifth grade at a private middle school in Manhattan, which entails enduring the taunts and fear of his classmates as he struggles to be seen as just another student.
  • When Life Gives you O.J. by Erica Perl Zelly Fried wants a dog more than anything, so at the urging of her grandfather, during the summer before sixth grade she takes care of a "practice dog" made out of an orange juice jug to show her parents that she is ready for the responsibility, even though she is sometimes not entirely sure about the idea.
  • Lizard Music by Daniel Pinkwater • When left to take care of himself, a young boy becomes involved with a community of intelligent lizards who tell him of a little known invasion from outer space.
  • Doing Time Online by Jan Seibold • After he is involved in a prank that led to an elderly woman's injury, twelve-year- old Mitchell must make amends by participating in a police program in which he chats online with a nursing home resident.
  • Jake and Lily by Jerry Spinelli Twins Jake and Lily have a very close relationship, but when they turn eleven, their parents give them separate bedrooms and Jake begins to spend time with a group of neighborhood boys. Lily is devastated as she struggles to make friends, and Jake is faced with a bully.
  • Alex the Parrot: No Ordinary Bird by Stephanie Spinner • Presents the true story of an African grey parrot named Alex, and explains how its intelligence changed the way scientists view the brain.
  • King of the Mound: My Summer with Satchel Paige by Wes Tooke • Twelve-year-old Nick loves baseball so after a year in the hospital fighting polio and with a brace on one leg, Nick takes a job with the team for which his father is catcher and gets to see the great pitcher, Satchel Paige, play during the 1935 season. Includes historical notes.
  • Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage • Map on inside covers. Washed ashore as a baby in tiny Tupelo Landing, North Carolina, Mo LoBeau, now eleven, and her best friend Dale turn detective when the amnesiac Colonel, owner of a cafe and co- parent of Mo with his cook, Miss Lana, seems implicated in a murder.
  • Secret of the Skeleton Key by Penny Warner • Using their code-breaking skills, four middle-schoolers solve the mystery of the eccentric man who draws stick figures on his second- floor bedroom window.
  • Pie by Sarah Weeks Alice's Aunt Polly passes away and entrusts the recipe for her world-famous pie crust to her cat, which she leaves in Alice's care, and as everyone, including Alice, tries to discover the secret ingredients, Alice learns some important lessons about faith, love, and family.
  • Short Seller by Elissa Brent Weissman • While seventh-grader Lindy Sachs is recovering from mononucleosis, her father gives her access to his etrading account as a way to pass the time and she discovers that she has a knack for buying and selling stocks.
  • Prairie Thief by Melissa Wiley • In late nineteenth-century Colorado, Louisa's father is erroneously arrested for thievery and, while under the charge of the awful Smirch family, Louisa and a magical friend must find a way to prove his innocence.
  • Bluestem Nominees 2013-2014 PowerPoint created by Katie Lawrence and Brian Wilson Bluestem Steering Committee Original design by Michelle Johnson This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/
  • Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo New to her Southern town, India Opal goes to the store for a box of macaroni and cheese, but returns home with a scruffy stray dog! During one unforgettable summer, this lovable pooch helps India feel less sad about things. Together they make some unusual misfit friends who change her life forever. (182 pages) Newbery Honor Book
  • Bones: Skeletons and How They Work by Steve Jenkins Bones come in all shapes and sizes, and can do many amazing things. Packed with illustrations (many of them actual size), this fascinating non-fiction picture book shows the skeletons of humans and all kinds of animals! (32 pages) A quick read 
  • Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis In 1936, Bud decides to flee from his foster home (after being attacked by bats) and find his long-lost father. He sees a poster for a jazz band. Is the mysterious man in the photograph his dad? Suitcase in hand, Bud hits the road to find out. (245 pages) Won Newbery and Coretta Scott King awards!
  • Calli Be Gold by Michele Weber Hurwitz Calli Gold’s family has a motto: Be Gold! It’s hard to live up to the triumphs of her sports star siblings and the expectations of her on- the-go, ambitious parents. However, things change when she meets a second grader who needs a friend. Will Calli ever find her special talent? (198 pages)
  • Cheesie Mack Is Not a Genius or Anything by Steve Cotler, illustrated by Adam McCauley Cheesie Mack enjoys making up new words, writing science fiction stories, battling his older sister, and preparing to playfully disrupt his fifth grade graduation. Cheesie’s life changes when his buddy Georgie discovers a valuable old coin. Cheesie now has a mystery to solve—but how will he do it? (229 pages) Funny! 
  • Clementine by Sara Pennypacker, illustrated by Marla Frazee Pay attention, Clementine! That is what third grader Clementine always hears. In one eventful week, this funny heroine gets into all kinds of trouble. What can you do when you have ideas ―sproinging up‖ in your brain all the time? (133 pages)First in a series! 
  • The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins by Barbara Kerley, illustrated by Brian Selznick Once there was a time when people did not know what dinosaurs looked like. In 19th century London, artist and sculptor Waterhouse Hawkins builds giant dinosaur models to show how big and amazing they are! This non-fiction picture book shows how this interesting man made an important contribution by mixing art and science! (47 pages) Non-fiction!
  • Edgar Allan’s Official Crime Investigation Notebook by Mary Amato Someone has stolen Slurpy, the class goldfish! And the crook has left a poem behind, creating an even bigger mystery. It’s up to detective Edgar Allan to outwit his rivals and solve this case! But how? (140 pages)
  • Emily’s Fortune by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor In the 19th century American west, orphan Emily tries to travel by stagecoach (with her pet turtle Rufus in tow) to live with her Aunt Hilda. Hot on Emily’s trail is her evil Uncle Victor, who wants to stop her plan! Can Emily and her new pal Jackson outwit Uncle Victor? A hootin’, tootin’ adventure! (147 pages)
  • I Feel Better with a Frog in My Throat: History’s Strangest Cures by Carlyn Beccia How do you cure a sore throat? Put a frog down your throat? Wear a necklace made out of earthworms? Tie a dirty sock around your neck? Believe it or not, people throughout history tried to make these odd cures work. This non-fiction picture book tells you whether strange remedies such as puppy kisses or electric eel shocks helped with colds, stomachaches, and other ailments. (48 pages)Non-Fiction!
  • Knights of the Kitchen Table by Jon Scieszka, illustrated by Lane Smith Joe, Sam and Fred are celebrating Joe’s birthday when he gets a gift from his uncle, a magician. The gift is a book that magically takes the boys to Medieval England where they meet famous knights, battle a dragon and a giant. Full of laughs and adventure - check this out to see if the trio can make it home before dinner! (64 pages) First in the hysterical Time Warp Trio series!
  • The Lemonade War by Jaqueline Davies Evan and Jessie Treski are at war! A lemonade war to be exact. Whoever sells the most lemonade during the last week of the summer will win the respect of their sibling. Full of competitive ideas and lots of heart. Read The Lemonade War to find out who wins, and whether Evan and Jessie can be friends again. (192 pages) First in a Series
  • Little Wolf’s Book of Badness by Ian Whybrow, illustrated by Tony Ross All Little Wolf wants to do is stay home with his parents and little brother and be polite. This is not acceptable to the fearsome wolves, and he’s shipped off to Cunning College to learn the 9 Rules of Badness from his famous fairy tale uncle, Bigbad. Little Wolf writes hilarious letters home about his adventures and attempt to earn a golden BAD badge from his uncle. (144 pages) Very Funny!
  • Nubs: The True Story of a Mutt, a Marine, and a Miracle By Brian Dennis, Kirby Larson and Mary Nethery The true story of Nubs, a wild dog in Iraq, who befriends American marine Major Brian Dennis. Unable to take Nubs with him to his next base, Brian had to leave his friend behind. Follow Nubs as he sets off on a dangerous, desert journey to find his human friend. Will Brian and Nubs be reunited again? Read to find out! (48 Pages)Non-Fiction!
  • Number the Stars By Lois Lowry Based on the true story of people in Denmark who helped 7,000 Jews escape the Nazis during World War II. Narrated by 10- year old Annemarie whose family helps hide her best friend Ellen and aids her family in escaping the country. A gripping story about a horrible time in history that shows there was some hope for the Jews to escape. (156 pages)Winner of the Newbery Medal
  • Pie by Sarah Weeks Alice’s Aunt Polly is called the Pie Queen of Ipswich, largely because her secret pie crust recipe is so outstanding. When her Aunt Polly passes away, Alice learns that the secret recipe has been left to Polly’s huge, mean cat Lardo, and Lardo has been given to Alice. Suddenly Alice has the power to decide who the new Pie Queen might be as everyone in Ipswich goes crazy for pies. A fun read about baking, community and family. (192 pages)Non-Fiction!
  • Seaglass Summer by Anjali Banerjee Poppy Ray longs to be a veterinarian like her uncle Sanjay, but she has never owned a pet. She is able to gain experience with animals while spending a month helping her uncle at his animal clinic off the coast of Washington. While she loves meeting newborn puppies and taking care of dogs, cats and birds, Poppy also learns being a vet is hard, sometimes gross work. (176 pages)For Animal Lovers
  • A Strong Right Arm: The Story of Mamie “Peanut” Johnson by Michelle Y. Green The true story of Mamie Johnson, who loved baseball so much she dared to try out for the all-male, all- white Police Athletic League and made the team. She dreamed of playing in the big leagues like her hero Jackie Robinson and finally did! She was one of 3 African American women to play professional baseball, pitching for the Indianapolis clowns! This book is full of exciting baseball stories and lots of heart. (128 pages) Sports Biography!
  • Waiting for the Magic by Patricia MacLachlan, illustrated by Amy June Bates When William’s father leaves, his mother quickly adopts four dogs and a cat to keep her children company. With the help of his little sister Elinor, his mother, and the five furry new additions William begins to learn a new definition for family while discovering the magic in his own backyard. (176 pages) By the author of Sarah, Plain and Tall!
  • Wonder By R.J. Palacio Auggie was born with a facial deformity that has kept him from going to mainstream school until now. As a fifth grader Auggie is going to a traditional school for the first time. Told through not only Auggie’s voice, but those of his sister, friends and others, Wonder is the story of rising above differences to accept all people and choose kindness over mean behavior. (320 pages)Choose Kind!
  • Which book will you read first? Be sure to read at least four so you can vote!
  • Rebecca Caudill • Born in KY, later moved to TN • One of ten children, both parents were teachers • She graduated from Wesleyan College and received her master's degree from Vanderbilt University in 1922. • She taught English in high school and college and worked as an editor for a time. • She published her first book for children, Barrie and Daughter, in 1943.
  • Rebecca Caudill • Illinois Children’s Choice Book Award Gr. 4-8 • Books nominated by children • Master list of 20 titles is sent to participating elementary and middle schools • Students read the books on the list and vote for their favorites each February • Votes are sent to the award committee, which compiles the final tally • Winning title is announced in March • Plaque is given to the author of the winning book
  • ALA’s Newberry Award • Named for the 18th century bookseller John Newberry • First children’s book award in the world (1921) • Awarded annually to the most distinguished children’s literature published the previous year.
  • Other Lists • Anderson’s Bookshops – Kid’s Picks – Mock Newberry List • Naperville Public Library – General Book Lists – Children’s Book Awards • Lisle Public Library – Literature Links
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