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Ice 9142010


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Presentation given to MSU Innovation Club for Entrepreneurs.

Presentation given to MSU Innovation Club for Entrepreneurs.

Published in: Business

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  • Source: Shiv Singh:
  • Source: Shiv Singh:
  • Transcript

    • 1. How Entrepreneurs Build Relationships Through Social Media
      Jennifer Middlin
    • 2. About Me
      Freelance Marketing Consultant with nearly a decade in technology marketing and PR.
      (517) 402-4561
    • 3. Don’t drive yourself crazy…
    • 4. What it is, and what it is not.
    • 5. Icons of the web
      Top million sites on the web.
      The area of each is proportional to their reach.
    • 6. Location Services
    • 7.
    • 8. The Data
      More than 50% Female
      Aged 25 – 54 compromise more than half of users
      More than 500 Million Users
      105 Million Users (300,000 per day)
      75% use 3rd party apps. 37% on phones
    • 9. Why do we follow companies on Twitter?
    • 10. Ad Spending
    • 11. Purchase Decisions
      Users that turn to Social Media when making purchasing decisions.
      Regularly turn to SM
      Sometimes turn to SM
    • 12. So you know you should… But what do you do now that you’re here?
    • 13. What is your goal?
      Social Media Purpose Statement
      Build brand visibility and authority
      Increase influence with target community
      Promote services
      Link-building and SEO
      Increase website/blog traffic
      List building and lead generation
      Customer Service
      Community Building
    • 14. How to interact
      Commit to it, check daily, Tweet multiple times per week.
      Consider how it fits in the organization.
      @, RT & DM.
      DO NOT simply assign Facebook or Twitter to an intern or pay someone to Tweet for you.
      Be a resource, answer questions, links, be polite, helpful and engaged in the community.
    • 15. Finding followers and fans
      Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn all have recommendations.
      Follow customers, your community, your competitors.
      Find key influencers and bloggers.
      See who follows who. Pay attention to RT’s.
    • 16. Twitter Tools
      Hootsuite– Daily management
      Smart Phone Apps
      iPhone: EchoFon/Twitter
      Droid: Seesmic/Tweetcaster
      Blackberry: TiwtterBerry
      TwitterGrader– Top users, quality
      Klout– User quality
      Twibes/WeFollow– User Finder
      #FF – Follow Friday (user finder)
      SocialOomph– Autofollow users
      Jing – Sharing images and videos Directory of tools
    • 17. 7 Deadly Sins
      Greed: Twitter by default is a self-centered tool, but it's 100 times better if used as a conversational tool.
      Gluttony: Get followers fast!!!!
      Sloth:  Imagine having a conversation in person with someone where that person takes an hour to reply to you, face-to-face. 
    • 18. 7 Deadly Sins
      Envy: We should follow people based on interest, not out of courtesy.
      Wrath: It takes a thousand tweets to build a reputation and one to change it all. Think first.
      Lust: We are visual beings. Every tweet, every DM, represents your company, and more specifically you as a person.
      Pride*: Don't just talk about yourself, spread pride of others, too. Retweet, comment, and share their accomplishments.
    • 19. Any questions?
      (517) 402-4561