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Mi participación en Radio 2.0 París
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Mi participación en Radio 2.0 París


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10 herramientas para mejorar el Engagement en Radio 2.0. Combinando Realidad Aumentada con personalización y otras funcionalidades.

10 herramientas para mejorar el Engagement en Radio 2.0. Combinando Realidad Aumentada con personalización y otras funcionalidades.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Radio 2.0 París José María García-Lastra @jmglastra10 Best tools to improve user and brand engagement
  • 2. …from the 20th to the 21st Century Radio …2
  • 3. The new listener: 1. Now is Interactive. 2. Is not passive. 3. Wants personalization. 4. Wants to take editorial decisions. Im in charge now3
  • 4. The new Radio: 1. There are multiple channels. 2. Radio no longer has the exclusive last hour. 3. A content for each person. 4. The advertising can be tailored to each listener. When, where and what you want.4 All the channels.
  • 5. How to adapt to the channel??? How to improve engagement??5
  • 6. The engagement pyramid of the 21st Century Radio ++ Engagement + Engagement6
  • 7. The engagement pyramid of the 21st Century Radio ++ Engagement + Engagement7
  • 8. + Engagement.10.- New Publishing Formats: Timeline It allows to present the events in a timeline format. Allowing us to include all the information associated to the event: audio, video, images, links…8
  • 9. + Engagement.9. Integrating Social Media since the production: Paloo. The user participates in the productive process, providing contents (UGC), proposing topics and suggesting opinions from the Social Networks.9
  • 10. + Engagement.8.- Multichanneling: Paloo, multichannel. Intuitive CMS, agile and flexible, prepared for the contents management on different channels and their visualization from the different devices.10
  • 11. + Engagement.7. New Contents: CRMS and semantic tools, Big Data.11
  • 12. + Engagement.6. Proactive search of the user: Campaign manager. Communication circuits with specific contents for a concrete target. They are manageable using a CMS that generate different schedules attending to: time, day, and location of every one of the integrated screens of the circuit, they give us the possibility of focusing our campaigns to our target, augmenting their impact and efficiency.12
  • 13. + Engagement.5. New Platforms: Merkur. It´s a tool that facilitates the quick adaptations of a brand from a web channel to any other (smartphone, tablet, SmartTV, videogames console, etc.) to access it via a navigator or from an app.13
  • 14. + Engagement.4. New Advertising: interactive, multimedia, using AR. Advertising enriched with AR applications that produce a more direct impact and influence on the consume impulse.14
  • 15. + Engagement.3. New Contents Formats: Linking through AR Tool based on Augmented Reality that allows to: • Link audio contents (stream signal, podcast, etc.) with an image. • Link contents associated to the images that are published on an online radio player.15
  • 16. + Engagement.2. Thematization: Theme Channels Tool that works as a bridge between the CMS and the WEB, as a non intrusive form, and allows that a mainstream Radio offers to the audience a theme channels portfolio.16
  • 17. + Engagement.1. Personalization: Personalized Channels. With the CMS the user can generate their own program schedule of specific channels based on their tastes and information needs.17