Review How to have happy marriage; Amazing guide for singles and married


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Review How to have happy marriage; Amazing guide for singles and married

  1. 1. REVIEW- HOW TO HAVE A HAPPY MARRIAGE; AMAZING GUIDE FORSINGLES AND MARRIED Get this book @ 87 pages and 5,632 words book deals with dating or courtship advice, relationshipadvice, sex advice, resolving martial conflicts and marriage repair, money management inthe home and Child training principles. Issues covered in this book include the following:*MONEY MANAGEMENT IN THE HOME: Your goals in money managementshould include Giving unto the Lord, Avoiding financial bondage through debt,Providing for the needs of the family and Save for emergency. Read books andother materials on finance regularly. Say no to pressure from family and friends.Pray about all financial issues, companies that you invested in and commit yourmonthly plans to God. *EXTENTED FAMILY AND VISITATION: Extended familyand in-laws are close relations from both angles. Love, care andunderstanding should be your guiding principles in relating with in-laws andextended family. Religious programmes supersede all extended familyprogrammes. All close ties to extended family or in-laws before marriage shouldbe broken-off after marriage. You should endeavor not to tell in-laws about yourfamily. Rather you should take all family needs to God in prayer first or consultspirit filled leaders. In-laws should be visited in times of needs and whenever youdim necessary they should be visited.
  2. 2. Get this book @*CRISIS MANAGEMENT IN THE HOME: Conflict is a reality of life. One of thecauses of crisis in the home is allowing pressure from friends and relatives toincrease demand on spouse. Why you should resolve crisis among you should bebased on Love for each other, Stability of home and ministry and Good example toour children. * CHILD REARING AND TRAINING: The minimum of two yearschild spacing is encouraged by family planning experts. You need to agree on thetype of family planning method e.g. calendar method, use of condom at times.
  3. 3. Guide them on how to choose friends and to avoid corrupting relationship. Wewill nurture our children to spiritual and physical maturity. Inculcate personalstudy skills in our children and encourage them to study for at least 2 hours athome. Taking away privilege that the child cherish and Proximity time-out(involving isolating the child emotionally without physical distance) are effectivemethods of training your children. . *SEX AND PREPARING FOR HONEYMOONTHROUGHOUT YOUR MARRIAGE: Sex questions that you need to answer whilein courtship are -How frequent should you have sex? What are other ways topromote excitement in your marriage apart from sex? Sex like any other humanactivity, can be planned and learnt. Make time for each other at least once a week:not family, no friends, and no business. It is also a way to sparkle one’s sex life.Marriage is created for the following reasons, companionship completeness andcommunication.
  4. 4. Get this book @*SENSUAL LOVING – THE GATEWAY TO LASTING RELATIONSHIP: Accordingto some sex experts, the best sex is married sex, as long as it contains theingredient that many happy husbands and wives secretly share sensuality. Thestress reducing effects of sensual touch can set the stage for fulfilling love-making.If sex is the fire in marriage, I can conclude that sensuality is the spark that keepsit burning. *WONDERFUL HEALTH BENEFITS OF MARRIED SEX: Some peopleargued that sex can reduce the lifespan of a man. Sex Boosts Immunity: Goodsexual health may be equated to better physical health. Sex Relieves Stress: One
  5. 5. major benefit of sex is lower blood pressure and overall stress reduction as opinedby Scottish researchers in the journal Biological psychology.. Other benefits of sexwere stated in this book.Get this book @ or courtship advice, Relationship advice, Sex advice, Resolving Martialconflicts and marriage repair, Money management in the home, Child trainingprinciples
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