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Steve Jobs & William Gates
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Steve Jobs & William Gates


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Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, genius business men.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, genius business men.

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  • 1. Steve Jobs & William Gates IT Genius
  • 2. Who is Steve Jobs? • Born February 24, 1955 • American entrepreneur and inventor • Co-funder, chairman and CEO of Apple • Visionary • Former CEO of Pixar
  • 3. Time line • 1975 Steve and Woz start assembling Apple I computers • • • in the Jobs' garage, and sell them to hobbyists 1978 The Apple II becomes the first mass-market personal computer 1979 Dec. Steve Jobs is shown the first working graphical user interface at Xerox PARC. Sales of Apple II skyrocket after Visicalc, the first spreadsheet, is introduced. 1985 Steve Jobs resigns from Apple.
  • 4. Time line • 1995 Feb. Steve becomes President & CEO of Pixar • • • Animation Studios. o Nov. 29 One week after Toy Story is out, Pixar goes public. Steve Jobs worth $1.5 billion. 1997 Steve returns to Apple 1998 Steve Jobs introduces Apple's revolutionary iMac. 1999 Steve Jobs introduces the new Power Mac G3 and the color iMacs at Macworld S.F.
  • 5. Time line • 2001 Oct. 23 Steve Jobs unveils the first iPod. • 2002 Jul. 17 Steve Jobs introduces the first Windowscompatible iPods at Macworld NY. • 2004 Jan. 6 Steve unveils the iPod mini and the iLife suite at Macworld. • 2006 Feb. 28 Apple releases its first living-room product, the iPod hi-fi. • 2010 Jan. 27 Steve Jobs unveils iPad, the muchanticipated Apple tablet.
  • 6. Who is William "Bill" Gates? • Born October 28, 1955 • Business magnate, investor, philanthropist, founder /chairman / CEO of Microsoft • Gates is one of the best-known entrepreneurs of the personal computer revolution.
  • 7. Time line • 1976: Gates and Allen register the trademark “Microsoft.” • 1977: Gates takes a second leave of absence from • Harvard and sets up Microsoft in Albuquerque, N.M., where MITS is headquartered. 1981: Microsoft incorporates and buys the rights to the operating system “DOS” from Seattle Computer Products. The system is modified and renamed MS-DOS, and the company licenses it to IBM for the company’s new personal computer.
  • 8. Time line • 1983: Microsoft announces Windows as an extension of • • • • its MS-DOS operating system. 1994 Bill Gates became the wealthiest person in America. 1995 Microsoft released Windows 95. 1998 Microsoft released Windows 98. 2000 Microsoft released Windows 2000 and Windows Me (Millennium Edition). 2005: Queen Elizabeth II bestows an honorary knighthood on Gates for his contributions to the United Kingdom.
  • 9. Why do I admire these guys? • Smartest business guys • Changed the IT history and world history • Invented / Created IT stuff and earn money
  • 10. References Wikipedia All about Steve Jobs Bill Gates Time Line