Overview SQL Server 2012


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Overview SQL Server 2012

  1. 1. 40% 15 17 4.3 out of 15% 27% Number of BI apps that will add collaboration & social capabilities by 2013
  2. 2. AlwaysOn Availability Groups is a new feature that enhances and combines database mirroring and log shipping capabilities• Multi-database failover • Application failover using • Active Secondary• Multiple secondaries virtual name • Configuration Wizard • Dashboard• Synchronous and • System Center asynchronous data Integration movement • Monitoring and • Rich diagnostic Troubleshooting• Built in compression and infrastructure enhanced encryption • File-stream replication • Automation using• Auto-page repair • Replication publisher PowerShell• Automatic and manual failover (new design) failover• Flexible failover policy
  3. 3. Availability Groups Listener allow applications to failover seamlessly to any secondary; reconnecting through Virtual Network Name ServerA ServerB ServerC 2 2 2 D DB D B B TechAG1 TechListener1 Primary Primary Secondary Secondary Application retry during failover Connect to new primary onceParameter Sample: - failover is completeserverTechListener1;- and the listener is onlinecatalog HRDB
  4. 4. Database Database Active Log Active Log Synchronization SynchronizationAvailability Group uses WSFC WSFC is a Common Microsoft Availability Platformfor
  5. 5. Backups from any replica Synchronous orasynchronous secondariesPrimary backups still work Adds capacity to primary server by off- loading backups to a replica Log backups done on all replicas form a single log chainRecovery Advisor makes restores simple
  6. 6. Most Broadly adopted Productivity & SharePoint SharePoint Excel PowerPivot Collaboration ToolsDashboards & Collaboration Workbooks Applications Scorecards Analysis Reporting Services Services Most widely deployed EIM & BI Platform Integration Master Data Services Services LOB Odata Apps Feeds
  7. 7. Familiar Excel ExperiencePowerful Data MashupsIn-Memory PerformanceHighly Visual Design ExperienceRich Metadata-Driven InteractivityPresentation-Ready at All TimesEasily Access Reports & DashboardsCreate Alerts From Published ReportsCollaborate on BI Insights
  8. 8. From Authoring to Presentation in ClicksEasily change data and Collaborate with full Share dynamic reportslayout with quick clicks interactivity quickly and easily Powered by Managed & Silverlight Discoverable
  9. 9. Familiar Office Ribbon Access toSimply drag semantic and drop model objects to see datacome to life Customize Shapes and data
  10. 10. DESIGNED FOR A NEW WAVE OF INFORMATION WORKERSPower View UI Design Principles Share dynamicVISUAL EMBELLISHMENTS reports quicklySUPPORT & ENRICH DATA STORY and easilyTELLING1-way to do things2 clicks to Return on Investment (ROI) Collaborate withAll tasks done in context full interactivityEverything happens on the canvas,with the dataLess is more Easily changeChoose the right default, by default data and layoutEasy for the user, hard on us with quick clicksHighly performing and efficient
  11. 11. PowerPivot PowerPivot PowerPivot for Excel for SharePoint Analyzing Massive Data Volumes in ExcelWith a few mouse clicks, a user can create and publish intuitive and interactive self-service analysis solutions.
  12. 12.  BS GRUPO (CPLS Microsoft) http://www.bsgrupo.com Comunidad:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/sqlpassperu/  https://www.facebook.com/groups/41328057424/  http://limaitpro.sqlpass.org/  @SQLPASSPERU