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  • 1. BY: Janay’ Michelle Fournette
  • 2.
    • Technology is starting to be very important in society
      • by the manner in which individuals communicate, work, exercise, and living daily.
    • Students at many levels in school use computers to do homework, assignments, practicing skills, doing internet searches or doing presentations
  • 3.
        • media & audiovisual communications
        • instructional design
        • vocational training
        • computer system instructional computing
  • 4.
    • Used in classrooms with the use of film and slide and film
    • Many teachers’ enjoy using slides and film because they are easy to use and most children know how to use the software.
    • The text stated that in the 1930s, teachers preferred to use media and film because they felt like the students would understand them and appreciate it better
  • 5.
    • Instructional systems and instructional design are effective ways that technology is used to facilitate learning
    • This system came after World War II
    • more planned, orderly approaches for developing successful training for students
    • many teachers were worried about not having enough time to develop curricula for their students, so they decided to take this approach
  • 6.
    • prepares students for the world of work with the use of technology
    • Nanci McFarland states that technology motivates students, enhances student engagement and allows special needs for students to progress
  • 7.
    • some of the ways vocational training is teaching students:
      • mathematics
      • science
      • grooming techniques
  • 8.
    • white boards are used to teach lessons such as numbers, alphabets, colors to children; it also aids children when they are reading books
    • Most children has welcome technology with open arms. children of the twentieth century have a lot of knowledge about technology in several of ways and that makes teachers get on board and take part of the transforming movement
    • For instance, many children know and understand how to use i- phones, mini laptops, and play games such as leap frog
  • 9.
    • serve teachers and administrators by advancing them and allowing them to learn more to accelerate children at a higher rate
    • Assist in distance learning, this unique system allows the user to work at their own pace and allows flexible time for personal, family, and work commitments
  • 10.
    • Technology is impacting society as a whole and educators use technology in many areas of teaching and having fun with students
    • According to Roblyer and Doering (2007), “whenever technology is being introduced into society, there must be a counterbalancing human response” (p. 12).