Social Media in Public Health and the Onsite Sewage Industry


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Social Media in Public Health and the Onsite Sewage Industry

  1. 1. Like us on Facebook!Use of Social Media in Public Health and the Onsite Sewage Industry
  2. 2. Merriam Webster’s DefinitionSocial Mediasō-shəl mē-dē-əforms of electroniccommunication (as web sitesfor social networking andmicroblogging) through whichusers create onlinecommunities to shareinformation, ideas, personalmessages, and other content(as videos)
  3. 3. Social MediaWhat’s in it for you??
  4. 4. Getting to know you…How many of you use:• E-mail?• facebook?• twitter?• Linkedin?
  5. 5. • Over 800 million active users• Over 300 million access through mobile devices• Huge network of useful (and not so useful) information available 24/7
  6. 6. Sign Up or Log In
  7. 7. Personal Account
  8. 8. Organization Page
  9. 9. Groups- OEHA
  10. 10. Groups- NOWRA
  11. 11. Onsite PagesOhio Onsite Wastewater AssociationOnsite Installer MagazineMinnesota Onsite Wastewater AssociationWastewater EducationStudents of Agronomy, Soils and Environmental SciencesSoil Science Society of AmericaBio MicrobicsInfiltrator Systems
  12. 12. Environmental/Public Health PagesNational Environmental Health AssociationOhio Department of HealthWilliams County Health DepartmentColumbus Public HealthWyandot County Health DepartmentUnion County Health DepartmentSandusky County Health DepartmentHamilton County Health Department
  13. 13. Fulton County Health Department
  14. 14. Columbus Public Health- News Feed
  15. 15. Columbus Public Health- Photos
  16. 16. Wyandot County Health Department- Interactive
  17. 17. Wrap-upExisting large network of usersSome information available will benefit you professionallyValuable venue to communicate with constituents
  18. 18. • Over 465 million accounts (107 M in US)• Adding 1 million accounts daily• 175 million “tweets” every day• 140 character limit means updates must be concise
  19. 19. Speaking the LanguageTweet- an update posted to your twitter profileRe-tweet- someone else’s tweet repeated by another userHashtag- a key word used to enable users to search for tweets about a specific subject (#pumpershow)Mention- when one user refers to another user by username to give that user additional exposure
  20. 20. Sign Up or Log In
  21. 21. Home Page (Timeline)
  22. 22. Composing a Tweet
  23. 23. Using Hastags (#)
  24. 24. Hashtag Search
  25. 25. Re-tweeting
  26. 26. @ mention
  27. 27. Onsite AccountsOhio Onsite Wastewater Association @ohioonsitePumper Magazine @pumpermagNetafim USA @NetafimUSASJE Rhombus @SJERhombusAmerican Liquid Waste Magazine @ALWMagAnua @Anua_USInfiltrator Systems, Inc. @infiltratorOnsite Installer Magazine @onsiteinstaller
  28. 28. Environmental/Public Health AccountsOhio Environmental Health Association @ohioehaNational Environmental Health Association @nehaorgWorld Health Organization @WHOOhio Department of Health @OHdeptofhealthOhio EPA @OhioEPAHamilton County Public Health @HamCoHealthLake County Health District @LCHealthDistMiami County Public Health @MiamiCountyPH
  29. 29. BenefitsExisting large network of users (smaller than facebook)Easy to share links to large volumes of informationValuable venue to communicate with colleagues
  30. 30. • World’s largest professional network (over 150 million members worldwide)• New members joining at a rate of over 2 per second• Members share information in more than 1 million groups• Allows “twitter style” information sharing, along with an online resume
  31. 31. BenefitsNetwork of PROFESSIONAL usersShare information with professionals in your fieldShowcase your skills and qualifications for potential employers
  32. 32. How do I manage all of this?!?
  33. 33. Social Media “Dashboards” TweetDeck
  34. 34. Social Media “Dashboards” Seesmic
  35. 35. Social Media “Dashboards” HootSuite
  36. 36. A few things to remember…Share information with millions of usersDrive traffic to your websiteEmployer permission/social media policyGuard personal information closelyCommunicate in a professional manner
  37. 37. Thank You! Jason Menchhofer, R.S. Van Wert County Health Department 419-238-0808, ext. @jmenchhofer Find this presentation online at: