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A day in a life at wesssssssstside
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A day in a life at wesssssssstside

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  • 1. “ A Day in a Life at Wesssssssstside!”
    • By: Jonathan Meekins
    • Christopher Lykins
    • Ali Rasheed
  • 2. Top of the Morning! Your day begins as you walk in to Westside at 7:00am in the morning, all battered up just waiting to learn something new! Most upperclassmen come to school in there vehicles. It’s okay you’re almost there!
  • 3. Eat, Study, Socialize! The Life! You have the opportunities to relax ‘til you have to spend the day learning!
  • 4. Vendo Land!
    • Feeling like you need a break from school, but you can’t go off-campus and don’t want lunch food?
    • You can always go to “Vendo Land” to get a snack from all the vendors and machines!
  • 5. Westside Football!
    • Are you dedicated? Do you want to be a football player?
    • Join the Westside Football team to form a brotherhood and life long friends!
    • This team has been to the Playoffs and were State Bound ‘09-’10 year!
  • 6. Westside Baseball!
    • Westside High School competes in the U.I.L. District 20 5A with Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Sophomore teams.
    • Westside baseball ensures that its players and coaches will be dedicated to obtaining excellence on and off of the field.  Through dedication, hard work, and upholding a solid tradition of excellence the Westside baseball program will ensure that not only the school, but ultimately the players will benefit from obtaining such experiences in the program.
  • 7. House Principals and Councilors !
    • Unless you need something from your dean, this is one place you want to avoid during your stay at the “Home of the Wolves”
  • 8. Basketball Gym!
    • Home of the Wolves Basketball Teams (Girls and Boys)!
    • For more information go to either Deon Williams or Troy Gillespe!
  • 9. Drama Department!
    • Westside Drama Department does 6-7 shows a school year!
    • If you’re one of those people who loves to be active and outspoken then this is the place for you!
  • 10. Dress code!
    • At all times you should be in dress code:
    • No Hats
    • Have I.D on at all times
  • 11. Westside Locker rooms!
    • Basketball and Football Locker rooms!