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  • Ivy Exec is a NON ACCREDITED business (multiple complaints on BBB!) that has been stealing money from users. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- They spam MBAs with "exclusive" invitations to join... they get these emails by accessing the school's internal directories and stealing the addresses from there. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The jobs they post are copied and pasted from the career pages of top companies, they tell you, you have to pay to apply and then redirect you to the original company site... when you ask what their added value is they say that HR knows those are Ivy Exec Candidates and they get extra attention. This is bs. your resume goes into the same black hole as every other online applicant. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then they charge you and refuse to give you a refund their excuse is that you had a free trial and you never cancelled...tricky cause they never email alerting you that your free trial is about to be over and you will be charged, if your school negotiated 6 months free after that period whether you like it or not if you don't remember to cancel your credit card is charged for 6 months of service. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you see the logos of fortune 500 companies on their homepage, you would think those employers use Ivy Exec... not true ... several of these corporations have tried the service for free and were disappointed, Ivy Exec uses those logos without authorization. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- They spam people on LinkedIn and bait them by saying in order to view 'elite job posts' they need to use a credit card for verification. They end up charging people hundreds of dollars without telling them. Check out their reviews via Better Business Bureau and notice how they are not even an accredited business! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Multiple complaints do not lie (Especially ones on BBB), do a Google search on 'Ivy Exec scams' yourself and see just how many people have been scammed by these scumbags. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check it out for yourself and make sure you warn others of Ivy Exec's illegal and unethical billing practices. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sources: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Social Media Tools Grid

  1. 1. subsTools Overview ASHA Focus Professional Focus Tips Mobile ToolsFacebookA social networking website intendedto connect friends, family, and businessassociates. Profiles are createdwithphotos, lists of personal interests,contact information, etc. Users cancommunicate with friends throughprivate or public messages, a chatfeature, create and join interest groups,and “like” pages.ASHA uses Facebook to drivetraffic to ASHA content andfoster engagement withmembers and the public aroundissues relevant to theprofessions we represent. Wealso have an Inside WorkplaceWellness page to shareinformation with staff and theirfamilies.Connect with your professionalassociation, follow the updates fromcompanies you work with, get newsupdates, join groups that will helpyou learn or engage with others.Learn how to set your privacysettings.@+username to tag someonein a post or photoThere are FB apps foriPhone, iPad anddroids.TwitterAn online social networking and microblogging service that enables users tosend and read text-based posts up to140 characters. People use Twitter toshare links to interesting news or blogposts, ask questions, have argumentsand make observations.ASHA uses Twitter to drivetraffic to ASHA content andengage with members andconsumers who are usingTwitter.Build a virtual network of colleagueswith similar interests, learn byparticipating in Twitter chats,connect with your professionalassociations, follow news updates,engage with other attendees at thenext conference you attend. UseTwitter to search for currentinformation on a topic.Follow people to allow you tosee their messages in yourstreamTweets are limited to 140characters@ = “at message” followed bya twitter name to get thepersons attentionRT = retweet# = hashtag, used to categorizetweets by topic like #asha12There are Twitterapps for iPhone, iPadand droids. UseoneQubetoparticipate in Twitterchats.LinkedInA website that allows users to maintaina list of contact details of people withwhom they have some level ofrelationship. Users can invite anyone tobecome a connection. Users exchangeknowledge, ideas, and opportunitieswith a broader network ofprofessionals.ASHA’s LinkedIn Group used tobe a members-only resource;the group is now public. ASHAdoesn’t actively monitor thegroup. We promote someproducts and services from theASHA Linkedin profile.A virtual rolodex where each contactyou connect with keeps his/her owninformation current. LinkedIn can beused to build a professional network,post and find jobs, answer questionsand to connect with a targetedaudience.Start by connecting togroups you are already a member of.Build your profileConnect with others you knowJoin some groupsThere are Linkedinapps for iPhone, iPadand droids.UnderstandingSocialMed
  2. 2. BlogA blend of the words web and logs, ablog is a website or part of a websitethat’s updated with new content fromtime to time. Blogs are usuallymaintained by an individual withregular entries of commentary,descriptions of events, or othermaterial like graphics or video.ASHA’s blog is used to enhanceeffectiveness across professionsand settings, increase activeinvolvement of members, andimprove externalcommunication.Follow blogs related to yourprofessional focus or blogs that willhelp you achieve a learning goal.Use a RSS ReaderSubscribe to email updatesPinterestA virtual pin board that allows userstoorganize and share things you findon the web. The pin boards can beused for planning and organizationalpurposes. Users are also able tobrowse pin boards created by others.ASHA is using Pinterest to shareASHA resources as well as findand share resources beingshared by CSD students andprofessionals. We also usePinterest to recruit postingvacancies to the Job Opps@ASHA board.All of the resources used duringInnovation Day were compiled onPinterest( You can follow publications, boardscreated for conferences or meetingsyou will be attending, and pins fromother people with similar interests.Pin = share an image with a linkBoard = pins organized arounda topicRepinning = sharing whatsomeone else pinnedThere are Pinterestapps for iPhone, iPadand droidInstagramAn app that allows users to sharephotos. You snap a picture, choose afilter to transform its look and post it.You can share it to Facebook, Twitteretc.The ASHA Leader is conducting aphoto contest with Instagram, AWeek In the Life of theProfessions, to showcase ourmembers helping peoplecommunicate. #ashaigersFollow businesses and brands youlike to learn about new productofferings. Employers are usingInstagram for branding andrecruitment.# = hashtag, used to categorizetweets by topic like #ashaigersor #ashastaff@+username to tag anotheruser in a photoThere are Instagramapps for iPhone anddroid. You can alsouse webstagram.comas a viewer.VineCreate six-second looping videos toshare on Twitter and Facebook. Thinkof it like Instagram, except with videosinstead of pictures.We’re discussing ways we canuse Vine in the future. See 16Ways Businesses are UsingTwitter Vine from Social MediaExaminer.There is iPhone app.An Android version issupposedly comingsoon.
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