Theres no i in journalism fall 2013


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OK, fine. Maybe there is, but we can show you how to build your staff and department by creating a team that works together and wants to stay together for the long haul. We’ll provide specific take-home ideas that your staff can implement right away.
Jesse Sutherland and Brian Wilson, Advisers, Waterford Kettering HS

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  • - sing happy birthdayMake them bring in treats for one anotherMake them feel specialEven celebrate half birthdays
  • - set a limit on how much to spendAdviser participates, too give a list of likes and dislikes – fav. Food, drink, etc. Keep it a secret Guess at the end Make sure everyone gets stuff and make people feel like real jerks if they don’t give anythingHave a few things stocked up just in caseAlso, get editors/producers small token of appreciation
  • - certificate and medal of honor - can totally make someone’s day - make sure you remember to do it - feature it on your website? Facebook group?
  • - have staff/department wide banquet with awards - cheap alternative - culminating event just like they do in sports - makes them feel apart of something
  • the name game,pressure cubes, human knot,garbage-bag balloon fun- make them get to know each other - they MUST know each others’ names – it’s crucial for them to work together - also must realize how to get through hard times together and problem solve – pressure cubes, human knot, etc.
  • - impromptu dance party/lessons - depending on mood – can help push through deadlines together
  • - All the Good things - Say one nice thing about the person next to you, etc. - never exclude anyone – foster that right from the start - Cards, meals, love, etc. when staffer is going through hard time - no one sits alone at lunch
  • - Mufasa picture - paint thrown at me for Games for the Cure promo - stories
  • - birthday - holiday celebration - celebrate celebration
  • - laugh together, cry together, be there for one another - giddy when things go well - send love, cards, food, etc. when member of staff is having a hard time
  • - what’s going on in life? - What happened this weekend? - Table Topics game - I share personal life things – family, big foot films (share films we do) -
  • Letter of acceptanceStaff MeetingHave them in to film show at end of the yearAnnounce on facebook?Varsity jackets
  • - share contact info - Facebook group - communicate outside of class
  • - shirts - alumni group - Why we <3 WK TODAY - Program swag - posts on facebook, etc.
  • - Hall of Fame wall - clap for each other after PA Announcements - Senior/Alumni wallClap when they walk in after reading announcementsAlways supportiveLook at each others’ workVote for best storySenior and Underclassman of the Year awardsGo down and clap for each other after an issue comes out or after a big show
  • - have a purpose or mission (homecoming?) - do community dinner at the lock-in - have editors/producers talk - combine staffs
  • - everyone brings food - host it at a staffer or adviser’s house - play games - combine staffs for department bonding
  • - eyes and ears of the school - joint website that’s updated daily
  • - mixer-type stuff - small group planning sessions - lock-in - Boston conversation
  • *show t-shirts HEREReporter’s NotebooksT-shirtsPinsBumper stickersVarsity jackets?Induction ceremony
  • - adviser to adviser - notes to board and admins about successes or stuff - common application -facebook tags, posts - say nice things to each other - going down to congratulate each other after big stuff happens – but also spreading the word
  • - bake sale - bowl a thon - 5k race - restaurant fundraiser -
  • Elective FairSJW weekMovie nightRead my shirt dayGift cardsTrivia questionsBake SaleJRN Dept.
  • Theres no i in journalism fall 2013

    1. 1. * [*well, OK. There’s one. But that’s it.] Presented by: Jesse Sutherland Brian Wilson Waterford (MI) Kettering High School
    2. 2. Staff [or team, or program, or whatever you call it.]
    3. 3. Celebrate birthdays: how many different ways can you sing the same song? {We came up with Spanish, French, whispered, shouted, yodeled, Irish, cello’ed, scream-o, opera}
    4. 4. Have a Secret Santa gift exchange [I knitted you a lovely sweater.]
    5. 5. Elect staffers of the week {But then hold them to every single campaign promise they made.}
    6. 6. Make paper plate awards for a year-end banquet [Just avoid using the toxic markers if you plan to eat off of those plates later in the day. I’ll only make THAT mistake once.]
    7. 7. Develop a line of Jones Soda personalized bottles {Copyright infringement? Never heard of it.}
    8. 8. Play Icebreakers [If you start chipping ice before Labor Day, by June you have a lovely sculpture. Then it melts. See how well that analogy fits?]
    9. 9. Listen to music, but make it a shared experience. {Hey! Get those things out of your ears!}
    10. 10. Help them realize how much they care about each other [Huh. Was not aware of your softer side.]
    11. 11. Be willing to do stuff that most people would consider really dumb. {They never really thought you were that cool anyway.}
    12. 12. Allow nicknames to happen [Mine is M-C-Lean. I DJ on the weekends]
    13. 13. Eat food. Lots and lots of food. {I know we’ve had brownies three times this week. Deal.}
    14. 14. Don’t be afraid to show some emotion [you big crybaby]
    15. 15. Share with one another {You have a LIFE? Get OUT…}
    16. 16. Make everyone feel welcome right from the start [If you have a mat, that helps. But it’s not required..]
    17. 17. Be accessible {But if you post about font choices at three in the morning, don’t expect more than 26 responses.}
    18. 18. Share your love for the program [Go ahead. Hug it out.]
    19. 19. Celebrate successes {Woo hoo!}
    20. 20. Department [because it just sounds cool]
    21. 21. Get married. {think we’re joking? We’re not…}
    22. 22. Hold an overnight lock-in extravaganza [don’t make any plans for the rest of the weekend, either]
    23. 23. Get to know people at a get-to-know-you Picnic {your bean salad contains HOW many different beans? Wow.}
    24. 24. Create common goals [Not ‘common’ like ‘boring’. Common like ‘together and stuff’.]
    25. 25. Get to know each other {Have we met? Uhh…yes. Yes we have..}
    26. 26. Give out department swag [Look how cool we are! Seriously! Come back!]
    27. 27. Promote each other {Congratulations! You got the job.}
    28. 28. Cover live events together [“Aw, but I liked it a lot better when we found out about stuff four weeks after it happened,” said no one ever..]
    29. 29. Raise money together {And have fun at the same time! Two birds! One stone!.}
    30. 30. Represent together [Oh…you don’t know how to ‘represent’?!]
    31. 31. Go to conferences and conventions together {Hey! Kinda like this one!}
    32. 32. Proof is in the pudding: [Not really sure if this fits at all here, but it felt right] @WaterfordDrift
    33. 33. Jesse Sutherland @jmclean3 Brian Wilson @wilsob01