Hitler And The Blitzkrieg
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Hitler And The Blitzkrieg






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Hitler And The Blitzkrieg Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Hitler and the Blitzkrieg
    • German Aggression
    • Map of Expansion
  • 2. Poland Falls
    • Blitzkrieg
      • “Lightning War”
      • Air Planes bomb and drop troops
      • 1.5 million troops and tanks roll across the border at dawn on Sept 1 1939
    • Who was waiting for the Germans to make their move?
      • Soviet Union
  • 3. Soviet Union Aggressions
    • Sept 17 th Soviets take control of the Eastern half of Poland
    • Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia are next on Stalin’s list
      • Easily annexed
    • Finland fights back
      • Poor weather
      • Finns totally outnumbered and gunned but used skis to transport troops
      • Finally forced to surrender in March of 1940
  • 4. Phony War
    • German and Allied forces sitting along the French Maginot Line waiting for something to happen
    • April 9 th 1940 Hitler launches surprise attack on Denmark and Norway
      • Both countries fall
      • Hitler wanted the area to build bases for an attack on Great Britain
  • 5. Make a lot of noise here…
    • Hitler sets his sights on France
    • Uses Holland, Belgium, and Luxembourg as distractions away from France
    • Sends a large force through the Maginot line at the Ardennes
      • Tanks burst through the thick vegetation and catch the Allies complete off guard
  • 6. Allies Surrounded
    • Germans unite their forces in Belgium
      • Belgium surrenders
      • Allied troops forced to retreat to the town of Dunkirk with no escape
    • May 26- June 4 Private boat owners shuttled the forces across the English Channel to safety
      • 338,000 troops rescued
  • 7. France Falls
    • France left with little or no defenses
    • Mussolini sees an opportunity and declares war on France and Britain
    • French lose control of the Northern half of the country directly to the Germans
    • Southern half controlled by a puppet government
  • 8. Charles de Gaulle
    • French General
    • Sets up exile government in England dedicated to reconquering France
    • Urge all of the remaining forces in France to continue to fight
    • Formed the Free French military forces to continue the battle
  • 9.