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China And The Western World
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China And The Western World



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  • 1.  
  • 2. China and the Western World
    • Productive Agricultural society
    • Natural resources available for development
    • 1793 Qing Emperor allows diplomatic communication with western world
      • Showered with gifts but not impressed
  • 3. Tea and Opium
    • Little interest in trade with West
    • Imbalanced trade with Britain
      • Tea exported for goods of lesser value
      • Silver used to cover the difference
    • Introduce opium for non-medicinal purposes and China gets hooked
  • 4. Opium War
    • Opium banned in Britain but sold to Chinese
      • Do not respond to the reasoning of the Chinese Emperors
    • Mostly a sea battle
      • Chinese ships were no match for Britains new boats
    • Treaty of Nanjing
  • 5. Treaty of Nanjing
    • Hong Kong to Britain
    • Christian Missionaries receive access
    • Extraterritorial rights (US too)
      • did not have to follow Chinese law at 4 more ports
      • Opium continues
  • 6. Internal Problems
    • Population
      • 430 million in 1850
      • Us just hit 300 million October 2006
      • Food shortage
      • Flooding
    • Taiping Rebellion
      • Peasant army revolt
      • Took control of Southeast China including Taiping
      • Finally crush 14 year rebellion and cause starvation
  • 7. Sphere of Influence
    • Region in which the foreign nation controlled trade and investment
    • United States feared being shut out of China and its trade if the European countries colonized it in the same way they took Africa
  • 8. Open Door Policy
    • Directions:
    • Read the letter independentl y and complete a primary source sheet
    • INSTEAD of the regular summary section follow the directions on the top of the sheet.
    • You have 30 minutes
  • 9. Open Door Policy
    • Now that you have your own summary, get into groups of 3 or 4 and share your summary with your group members. You need to discuss similairties and differences in the summaries and compile a master summary for your group that will be shared!
    • You have 15 minutes