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7. The Russian Empire
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7. The Russian Empire


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  • 1. The Russian Empire Peter the Great Ivan the Terrible
  • 2. Ivan IV
    • First Russian monarch to use the title of Tsar (also spelled Czar)
    • Assumed the throne at age three
    • Regent formed consisting of Ivan’s sister Yelena , Ivan, his younger brother Georgi, and several Boyars
      • What are boyars?
  • 3. Ivan the TERRIBLE
    • Yelena dies in 1538
    • Suspicion surrounding the possible poisoning by the Boyars
    • Ivan 8 years old
    • Boyar families fight for de facto control of the government and push Ivan to the side
      • Encouraged him to be cruel to animals and people
    • 10 years of Boyar rule leaves Ivan scarred
      • Unbalanced, undisciplined, cruel and slightly crazy
  • 4. Ivan Takes Control
    • In 1543 executes a member of the Boyars and grants more freedom to a family he favored
    • Marries Anastasia Romanov in 1547
  • 5. The Two Ivans: Part I
    • Permanent military established
      • Nobility required to serve
    • Economics
      • Government monopolies
      • New currency
    • General increase in control over the lives of all of the citizens
  • 6. The Two Ivans: Part I
    • Instituted reforms including the formation of the Zemski Sobor
    • Sudebnik
      • Code of laws
      • Limited aristocracy
      • Made it more difficult for peasants to leave their land
  • 7. The Two Ivans: Part I
    • Church Reform in 1551
      • Government supervision of clergy
      • Check on growth of church land
      • Correction of rituals
      • Icon-painting rules
  • 8. Ivan’s Illness and Loss of Son
    • Falls ill and demands princes and boyars swear allegiance to his small son Dimitri
      • Many refuse
      • Ivan Recovers
    • Visits a monastery to give thanks for recovery
      • Nurse drops baby Dimitri into a river and he drowns
  • 9. Death of Anastasia
    • Dies in 1560
    • Ivan has emotional break down
      • Bangs head on floor in full view of court
      • Destroys furniture
    • Ivan believes (but has no proof) the boyars poisoned his wife
      • Tortures and executes many including his close allies and confidants
    • Cruelty and insanity break through
  • 10. The Two Ivans: Part II
    • Mistrust of Boyars leads to constant vigilance, cruelty, and repression
    • Oprichnina
      • Special police force assembled to destroy the Boyar land-elite
      • Wear all black and ride black horses
      • No remorse for torturing, killing, or dismembering other human beings
  • 11. The Two Ivans: Part II
    • Constant paranoia and alternative debauchery and repentance
      • Secret “monastic” order
    • Creative, horrific torture for anyone who crossed his path in reality or in his delusional mind
    • Killed his second son in a fit of rage leaving his third and final son from Anastasia Theodore to take the throne upon his death