Tassos Vamvakidis-Piraeus Container Terminal S.A the South East Gate of Europe


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Tassos Vamvakidis-Piraeus Container Terminal S.A the South East Gate of Europe

  1. 1. EUROPEAN MARITIME WEEK CONFERENCEPORTS AND LOGISTICS«Piraeus Container Terminal S.A theSouth East Gate of Europe»
  2. 2. Piraeus PortPiraeus Container Terminal S.AGeographicalPosition•Strategic geographical position at central point of intersection of key sea routes•without significant deviation from main routes and at minimum cost.Safe Port•No Channels , No tides , No typhoons•Safe Roads for the vesselsPhysicalcharacteristics•Infrastructure development and naturally deep drafts to accommodate the largest modern vessels.•PCT Pier II, has a natural depth of 14.5 m - 16,5 m, 1487m quay•Pier III under construction further 600 meters with natural depth 18.5.Relation totransportsystems.•Major center as gateway to Greece and Balkans countries, and distribution to Europe•Acceptable road connections•Intermodal rail facility in PCT Pier II
  3. 3. State-of-the-Art EquipmentEND 2013PIER II PIER III TOTALNEW QUAY CRANES 6 5 11EXISTING QUAY CRANES 12 12TOTAL 18 5 23NEW RMG 16 6 22NEW RTG 12 12EXISTING SC 58 58TRACTORS 82 82
  4. 4. State-of-the-Art Equipment
  5. 5. Pier IIIPiraeus Container Terminal - April 2013Pier II
  6. 6. Existing Layout of Pier II and Future Layout of Pier IIIRAIL FREIGHTSTATIONPCDCDRAFT18,5 m DRAFT16,5 mDRAFT14,5 mPiraeus Container Terminal S.A.
  7. 7. Bridging East and West with the Best Quality ServicesPiraeus Container Terminal S.A.9651,3591,86705001000150020002010 2011 2012vesselsVessel calls per annumVessels Calls685,4401,118,1472,108,0870500,0001,000,0001,500,0002,000,0002,500,0002010 2011 2012TEUSAnnual ThroughputAnnual ThroughputDecember 2010December 2011December 201213.1019.4524.85Average Moves per QC per Hour
  8. 8. 1. Multiple arrivals from China / Far East2. Feedering Network to EMEA Ports3. Railway Link with European Rail Network4. Free Zone (Type I) free of duties during staying5. Innovative VAT regime for big companies6. Cross-docking in Free Zone Warehouse of PCDC
  9. 9. The only logistics facility in S. Greece located in and operating under a Free Zone type I customsstatus.- Being in the natural entrance/exit of all in/out shipments to/from Piraeus, PCDC is the hub to accommodate multimodal transportation for both cleared and bonded cargo (under T1 or TIRdoc).- Operation on 24/7 basis.Services offered In its total 7000 sqm :- Conventional and bonded storage- Handling & Storage of ADR cargo- National distribution- Customs formalities (upon request)- Full and Partial stuffing & unstuffing of containers & trucks (TIR)- Cross docking / for multimodal transportation (from container to truck, from truck to container)- Refrigerated storage / cross docking for multimodal transportation (container to truck, truck tocontainer)- Sea & air transportation in cooperation with Athens International airport On forwarding of cargo (bonded or cleared) from PCDC to Balkans & South East / Central EuropeProvision of logistics services within PCT for handling, break-bulk, warehousing, freight consolidation, cross-docking facilities, etc.
  10. 10. o Shorter Vessel Turnaround Timeo Guaranteed Efficiency & Availability of Equipment Serving vesselo Negotiable Transshipment Tariff and Volume Contributiono Assisting to develop East & Central Mediterranean Feeder Network centered at PiraeusBridging East and West with the Best Quality ServicesPiraeus Container Terminal S.A.TripoliMisurata BenghaziOdessaVarna
  11. 11. The Port of Piraeus, linked with theEuropean Rail Network, and based on itsfacilities - able to handle up to 10 trainsper day - is in a position to offer, reliabletransportation of single containers fromPiraeus Port to Central and EasternEurope, reaching:• Hungary, Austria, CzechRepublic, Slovakia in 4-6 days• Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, in 7-9 daysDedicated BLOCK TRAIN facilitiesfrom Piraeus Port to Central andEastern Europe, based on annualagreements.
  12. 12. THANK YOUPiraeus Container Terminal S.A.Bridging East and West with the Best Quality Services