The Future of the IT Channel - Vertical System Reseller (VSR) Business Optimization Summit Keynote
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The Future of the IT Channel - Vertical System Reseller (VSR) Business Optimization Summit Keynote



Channel Change Agents: Keynote Speaker: Jay McBain, Co-Founder, ChannelEyes ...

Channel Change Agents: Keynote Speaker: Jay McBain, Co-Founder, ChannelEyes

The last few years have been some of the most disruptive in terms of technological innovation in the channel and the reseller community. Between the huge push for new technologies that can better target consumers and the development and acceptance of software and analytics, the time is perfect for solution providers to adapt, advance and restructure their businesses to meet this new demand.

In the past few years, there has been an obvious shift in the traditional VAR business model and the part resellers play in the grand machination that is the Channel. Business models have been altered, new solutions have been adopted and the role of the VAR has moved from that of integrator to consultant. The biggest metamorphosis, however, is currently playing out, and that’s the solution provider as change agent.

Where once, VARs were called upon only to refresh and update existing systems or when a technology would break down, today’s solution providers are being relied on to help their end-users build better relationships with their consumers, solve business problems that have yet to be defined and, in some cases, save their clients’ businesses from stagnation and closure.

This year, VSR’s Business Optimization Summit is expanding westward with a second conference in San Diego, CA, featuring tons of business-building seminars, networking opportunities and discussions on how to help your end-users thrive, while expanding your own company. The executives you’ll hear from share their stories about specific initiatives – what they learned, what pitfalls they experienced and how they achieved success. Industry analysts share up-to-the-minute research results and facts on industry trends to keep you informed and on course for solid business growth. VARs and ISVs will have the opportunity to network with other high-level solution integrators as well as executives from some of the leading technology manufactures in the Channel.



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The Future of the IT Channel - Vertical System Reseller (VSR) Business Optimization Summit Keynote Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Channel Change Agents Jay McBain Co-Founder @jmcbain in/jaymcbain
  • 2. Before we get started… LET’S PREDICT THE FUTURE
  • 3. Before we get started… LET’S PREDICT THE FUTURE
  • 4. Before we get started… LET’S PREDICT THE FUTURE
  • 5. “The future is never as fast or radical as we predict”
  • 6. Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2014
  • 7. Mobile Device Diversity and Management
  • 8. Mobile Device Diversity and Management “The unexpected consequence of bring your own device (BYOD) programs is a doubling or even tripling of the size of the mobile workforce. This is placing tremendous strain on IT and Finance organizations.”
  • 9. Mobile Apps and Applications
  • 10. Mobile Apps and Applications “Apps will continue to grow while applications will begin to shrink. Apps are smaller, and more targeted, while a larger application is more comprehensive.”
  • 11. 3
  • 12. “The problem is that most enterprises and technology vendors have yet to explore the possibilities of an expanded internet and are not operationally or organizationally ready.” 3Manage | Monetize | Operate | Extend
  • 13. “Hybrid cloud services can be composed in many ways, varying from relatively static to very dynamic. Managing this composition will the role of cloud service broker (CSB), which handles aggregation, integration and customization of services.” 4
  • 14. Cloud / Client Architecture
  • 15. Cloud / Client Architecture “The increasingly complex demands of mobile users will drive apps to demand increasing amounts of server-side computing and storage capacity.”
  • 16. The Era of Personal Cloud6
  • 17. The Era of Personal Cloud “Users will use a collection of devices, with the PC remaining one of many options, but no one device will be the primary hub. Rather, the personal cloud will take on that role.” 6
  • 18. Software Defined Anything
  • 19. Software Defined Anything “Momentum for improved standards for infrastructure programmability and data center interoperability driven by automation inherent to cloud computing, DevOps and fast infrastructure provisioning.”
  • 20. Web-Scale IT
  • 21. Web-Scale IT “Large cloud services providers such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc., are re-inventing the way IT in which IT services can be delivered. Their capabilities go beyond scale in terms of sheer size to also include scale as it pertains to speed and agility.”
  • 22. 9
  • 23. The smart machine era will blossom with a proliferation of contextually aware, intelligent personal assistants, smart advisors, advanced global industrial systems and public availability of early examples of autonomous vehicles.” 9
  • 24. 3-D Printing
  • 25. Worldwide shipments of 3D printers are expected to grow 75 percent in 2014 followed by a near doubling of unit shipments in 2015. 3-D Printing
  • 26. Just the Facts Where are we now?
  • 28. ~3 devices per person ~10 devices per person Internet of EVERYTHING By2020,therewillbe31billiondevicesconnectedacross4billionpeople
  • 29. IPv6 Protocol 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456 possibleinternetaddresses That’s100devices foreveryatomon thefaceoftheearth
  • 30. WIFI Basketball Consumerizationwillbe funtowatch– but NOTwherethemoneyis
  • 31. WIFI Toothbrush Yes,thisishappening (butnotwhyyouthink)
  • 32. Where Are Channel Opportunities?
  • 33. 8 Opportunities to Spot in your Home Town
  • 34. Connected Advertising and Marketing 1
  • 35. Smart Factories2
  • 36. Intelligent Traffic Management3
  • 37. Parking Space Management 4
  • 38. Waste Management Systems5
  • 39. Smart Electricity Grids6
  • 40. Smart Water Systems7
  • 41. Smart Warehouses8
  • 42. Update on
  • 43. Just the Facts Where are we now? 85% of workers bring work home 87% of workers travel 84% use a smartphone for work BYOD is not coming …it is here Only 32%of companies have a formal mobility policy in place Source:
  • 44. Top Customer Fears (Opportunities) 1. Accidental loss of devices with sensitive data 68% 2. Threats from mobile viruses and malware 49% 3. Access to mobile apps by unauthorized users 35% 4. Lack of Strong Authentication standards 31% 5. Inability to manage mobile devices 31% 6. Configurations don’t comply with policy 29% 7. Lack of VPN software/compatibility to enterprise 27% % of SMB respondents Source:
  • 45. Healthcare is the fastest growing industry Where are the opportunities? Source: 85% of doctors own a smartphone, 56% use it in clinical practice Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing and Retail are also HOT Field Mobility Organizations are laggards
  • 46. Just the Facts Where are we now? What is BYOA? Source: Downloading unauthorized apps serious concern by 48% of respondents 900,000+ APPS 1,000,000+ APPS 100,000+ APPS 100,000+ APPS
  • 47. BYOD: OPPORTUNITY 1 3 Key Focus Areas: 1. Information protection: Determine information that is and is not deemed “cleared” for consumption on mobile devices either due to its sensitivity or due to the compliance burdens associated with handling it. 2. User sensitivity: Creating a profile of at-risk users and the security required for their access to critical information. 3. System risk: Take advantage of features such as on-device encryption, the use of VPNs and multi-factor authentication provides a line of safety between users, their devices and the back-end. Tiered information access. Risk Assessment/Opportunity What can you do that protects your customer and that they are comfortable with vs. what is good for their employee? Source:
  • 48. BYOD: OPPORTUNITY 2  How are you going to protect the data?  How are employees going to log in?  What devices are you going to allow on the network?  What employee security mandates are you going to impose?  Are you going to allow Personal Identifiable Information (PII) or Protected Health Information (PHI) on the devices?  What are data compliance/privacy requirements for your customers industry? (ie. Privacy Act, PIPA (AB), HIPAA, GLBA, PCI, SOC, etc.) Create a Mobility Policy/Deploy Questions to consider: Source:
  • 49. BYOD: OPPORTUNITY 3 Mobile Device Management Over a hundred choices …and counting
  • 50. BYOD: OPPORTUNITY 4 Infrastructure and Support 1. WLAN Coverage/Performance 2. Employee Support/Helpdesk 3. Device Provisioning 4. Line of Business Consulting 5. Device Hot Spare programs 6. Audio/Video Upgrades 7. Mobile Printing/Document Management 8. Building/Electrical Upgrades
  • 51. BYOD: OPPORTUNITY 5 Strategy and Integration Manage Business-to-Employee and Business-to-Customer environments. Define Social goals, business goals, financial goals, and risk management goals. Surfacing and managing APIs to access enterprise information and systems. Integration with third-party applications and partners in the value- stream. App Store delivery and management.
  • 52. Opportunity for Channel Triple Play Source: Current Channel Specialties “Triple Play”
  • 53. Whataresomeother ChannelOpportunities?
  • 54. 100,000 vendors driven by new mobile cloud economy, compete for your attention Opportunity #1
  • 55. Logicaldatawarehousesbringingtogether informationfrom multiplesourcesondemand willreplacethesingledatawarehousemodel. BIG DATAis driven from smaller channel solutions Opportunity #2
  • 56. The Channel WILLsell hardware Notsmartphones,tablets,basketballsor toothbrushes…butinstead,In-Memory Computing,ExtremeLow-EnergyServers, Cloud-enablementandsecuritydevices,and tonsofinfrastructure. Opportunity #3
  • 57. Managing security, compliance, data portability, fragmentation and device support drives: channel opportunity Opportunity #4
  • 58. Jay McBain Co-Founder @jmcbain in/jaymcbain Channel Change Agents