Autotask Webinar - Growing your business in 2011 - Jay McBain - Jan 2011


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How to plan and execute a growth strategy for your IT business. Exploration of product and industry verticals with specific tips and tactics on making it happen!

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  • Anthony will do the count down as we head to the start of the webinar, then introduce me just before the start.Thanks Anthony for getting us to the start of this excellent webinar titled, ‘Running Your Business with Management Dashboard’s.Good afternoon, my name is Len DiCostanzo, SVP and Dean of Autotask Academy. Autotask Academy is happy to be bringing this educational webinar to our customers and invited special guests today. Our goal at the Academy is to provide education and best practice guidance to our growing customer and user base on how to best implement and continue to use Autotask to automate and optimize business operations. We also strive to deliver top level business education that parallels and augments the strengths of our product set. This webinar will provide information on how you can utilize management dashboards in to run your business better. Armed with the knowledge you gain from the dashboards, you can see where to apply your focus and grow your business and be more profitable. So, let’s get going…
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  • I wanted to provide a brief overview of Autotask Corporation before jumping into our topic today.AT was founded in 2001 as one of the 1st SaaS companies, bringing Autotask to market to help you run your IT business. Better. Since then, AT has grown to 30,000+ users, 3,200 plus customers in 42 countries. Our 170 or so employees are located in the US, Europe, Beijing and India. Our corporate headquarters is located here in the Albany Capital District, where we have been voted as one of the best places to work for 6 straight years. Having moved my family from Staten Island, NY to work with the great people here, I can tell you that is no lie.As a SaaS company, uptime is key to our existence and last year our 99.999%, 5 9’s uptime was pretty incredible. Especially considering we roll out a major release to our software every 6-8 weeks. We are investing 50% of every dollar we earn back into the product to make that happen. This continual improvement of our product is what excites lots of our customers. As the number one IT Business Management Platform, we have been voted best software product by COMPTia and Business Solutions magazine, as well as being selected as one of the best channel vendors in the industry.As we roll through 2010, we continue to educate the market and our customers, and share our story. This year we will do over 180 events, and through Autotask Academy, we touch thousands more as we look to further the growth of the IT channel.When you work with Autotask, you are working with a trusted advisor who will work to ensure your success.
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  • Autotask Webinar - Growing your business in 2011 - Jay McBain - Jan 2011

    1. 1. A U T O T A S K A C A D E M Y W E B I N A R Growing Your Businessinto New Markets in 2011 PRESENTER: Jay McBain Senior Vice President Strategy and Market Development Autotask Corporation
    2. 2. A U T O T A S K A C A D E M Y W E B I N A RPlanning for Growth | Steps Strategic Adjacent Framework OpportunitiesDevelop MarketPartnerships Sizing Understanding Ecosystem
    3. 3. A U T O T A S K A C A D E M Y W E B I N A RState of the Market | Revenue Mix Dont Know/Unsure Other Services 4.5% 5.5% Consulting Managed Services 28.2% 8.6% Technical Services 11.7% Hardware Software 20.4% 21.1%
    4. 4. A U T O T A S K A C A D E M Y W E B I N A R Business Planning GeographyOffering Route Customer IndustryStrategy to Market Verticals Buying& Value BehaviorProposition Segment Your Business Product or Service Verticals Pricing and Competitor Promotion SWOT Strategy Credit & Sales CoverageCapacity Acquisition Financials & MarketingPlanning Enablement Demo- Community graphics Measurements and Metrics
    5. 5. A U T O T A S K A C A D E M Y W E B I N A RState of the Market | Technology Mix Business applications software 17.1% Branded systems and servers 14.2% Custom systems 12.3%Software infrastructure and middleware 7.7% Security 7.0% Voice and data networking 6.8% Data center 6.3% Printing and imaging 5.3% Storage 5.3% Displays 3.0% Unified communications VoIP 3.0% Other peripherals 2.8% Components 2.7%
    6. 6. A U T O T A S K A C A D E M Y W E B I N A RState of the Market | Industry Vertical Growth Increase Decrease Stay the Same Unsure Healthcare 45.5% 3.8% 40.4% 10.3% Financial Svcs 33.1% 5.5% 51.0% 10.3% Manufacturers 28.6% 4.1% 55.1% 12.2% Education 26.6% 5.0% 55.4% 12.9% Retail 25.0% 6.1% 54.5% 14.4% Communications 24.4% 3.1% 60.3% 12.2% Telco Svc Providers 23.9% 2.7% 58.4% 15.0% Federal Govt 23.8% 7.7% 55.4% 13.1% Digital Home 22.1% 4.1% 61.5% 12.3% State/Local Govt 21.8% 10.5% 56.4% 11.3% Utilities 17.9% 5.4% 59.8% 17.0% Transportation 16.0% 2.8% 64.2% 17.0% Construction 15.2% 13.6% 56.8% 14.4% Automotive 15.1% 4.0% 67.5% 13.5%
    7. 7. A U T O T A S K A C A D E M Y W E B I N A R Planning for Growth | Adjacent Markets “CONVERGENCE” CLOUD PC/Server Mobility Sales Solutions Consumer Electronics POS Data Capture Break/Fix Hosting Services Digital Cloud Disaster Signage Consulting Computing Recovery Inventory Services Document Business RFID, Bar Code PC/Server Imaging Applications Home Infrastructure Virtualization Custom Builder Training Automation Implementation Pro A/V Education Managed Video Unified Managed Print Networking Communications Services Security Security VoIP Green IT Video Surveillance Wireless Data Protection Custom Telecommunications Software Backup/Recovery Internet Services Solutions & Development Storage Sales# ofCompetitors 70,000 50,000 30,000 10,000 1,000
    8. 8. A U T O T A S K A C A D E M Y W E B I N A R Planning for Growth | Sizing the MarketDetermine factors such as: 300,000- Propensity to buy your solution- Financial ability (credit)- Competitive SWOT 100,000- Market timing- Barriers to entry- Technical requirements 70,000- Marketing requirements- Sales requirements 30,000TAM = Target Addressable Market
    9. 9. A U T O T A S K A C A D E M Y W E B I N A RPlanning for Growth | Targeting a VerticalHow to enter a new vertical:1. Study the ecosystem: What do customers read? Who do they follow? What events do they attend? How do they get influenced?2. Who are the Top 50 “Connectors”? Making the connection3. Determine buying behavior How long is sell cycle? How do customers buy? Seasonality, recurring?
    10. 10. A U T O T A S K A C A D E M Y W E B I N A RPlanning for Growth | Develop Partnerships 1. Determine product or service mix How many categories? Top revenue opportunities? Top growth opportunities? Industry leaders? Top Distributors? 2. Engage the Top 50 “Connectors” Social media tools work well:
    11. 11. A U T O T A S K A C A D E M Y W E B I N A RState of the Market | Move to the Cloud? % of 2009 Actual Budget % of 2012 Anticipated Budget60% 52.8%50% 42.1%40%30% 21.3% 19.2% 19.2% 17.5%20% 15.6% 12.3%10%0% On-premise Product On-premise Hosted Off-premise Hosted Pure Cloud Purchase
    12. 12. A U T O T A S K A C A D E M Y W E B I N A R How Can Autotask Assist in Growth?1. Cash flow predictability2. Consistent client service levels, managed expectations3. Efficient use of staff and increased utilization4. Expanded service offerings5. Cost reduction6. Increased profitability
    13. 13. A U T O T A S K A C A D E M Y W E B I N A RManage Your IT Business Better
    14. 14. A U T O T A S K A C A D E M Y W E B I N A RAutotaskGo! Up to 3 users FREE TRAINING! Contact Management  Autotask Go! Essentials + Service Desk, SLA Management  Takes You From Tickets to Configuration Management Billing Knowledgebase Calendar  $29/mo/user Workflow Automation Contracts and Billing  NO up-front fees! Reporting RMM Integrations  Buy off the web! Outsource Management/SC Portal Additional options – e.g. Surveys
    15. 15. A U T O T A S K A C A D E M Y W E B I N A RAutotaskPro *Everything in AutotaskGo! More than 3 users  Dispatchers workshop Contact Management  Project Management FREE TRAINING! Management Service Desk, SLA Management Sales Opportunity  Configuration Management  Quoting and Expense Reports • Register for FREE courses Knowledgebase +  Timesheet & Vacation Tracking • Right off the Autotask Academy Calendar  Inventory Workflow Automation Training Calendar in Online Help! Contracts and Billing• Call sales @ 518-720-3500 x1 Designer Utility  LiveLinks for Reporting pricing & demo !  Access To Web Services API RMM Integrations Base price $55 per user, per month •  Upgrade Path From Go! Outsource Management/SC Portal  VARStreet Integration! Additional options  Surveys
    16. 16. AUTOTASK CORPORATION A U T O T A S K A C A D E M Y W E B I N A R 40,000+ Users 42 Countries2010 Uptime 99.995% 200+ Staff US, Europe, Beijing, India Major Release 150+ Marketing Events Every 6-8 weeks 7 Year’s Founded in 2001 Best Places to Work One of 1st SaaS Companies!CompTIA Breakaway 2010:Best Channel Strategy 50% Revenue Back into Product MSP Mentor 250 MSP Mentor 100 Channel Chief – Bob Godgart TOP 150
    17. 17. A U T O T A S K A C A D E M Y W E B I N A R Questions? Answers!Growing Your Business into New Markets in 2011 Complete survey for a chance to win a FREE Flip video! PRESENTER: Jay McBain Senior Vice President Strategy and Market Development Autotask Corporation Buy Autotask Pro or Autotask Go! Get US$1000 Voucher! – Good for Start-up and Consulting Fees. New customers who sign today through February 28, 2011 E-mail: Subject: “NewMarket0131 – SMB DB Template” 518 – 720 - 3500 x1 Sales