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This is my Textual Analysis Document for my research and planning for my A2 final production.

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Textual Analysis Document

  1. 1. Textual Analysis of Existing Products 1: Sleeping with Sirens “If You Can’t Hang” The video I am analysing is by Sleeping with Sirens, and it iscalled “If You Can’t Hang”. This genre of music is “Post-Hardcore”. The main characteristics this video has, is the fact that thevideo is shot in a big dark, wet room, and the band members areplaying their instruments aggressively in order to put across a point. The band is playing in a waterlogged room, which has brightwhite lights pointing at the camera. The main concept of this song is the fact that it’s a male point ofview of a girl who can’t “Hang around” in a relationship. He’sbasically telling the girl, that if she isn’t in a relationship for the longrun, she might as well leave him. This point of view is shown as quite an aggressive tone, as thelead singer, as well as the rest of the band, play their instrumentsharshly and almost “Scream” the vocals.
  2. 2. The music video has short, fast-paced cuts, which go from thesinger to the rest of the band and the background they are playing in. The video’s cutting pace begins to slow down in the middle ofthe song, as the song begins to slow into a breakdown section. Thevideo is then composed of long shots of the singer. There are many close ups of the band in this music video, theshots are of the band members, often screaming or lookingaggressive covered in water. The band members being aggressive inwater, could portray that even though they have been rained on(Their clothes being wet, could also mean the girl in the relationship
  3. 3. has done something bad) they will always “fight” back, this is shownby their aggressive behaviour while being soaking wet. As you can see, this music video is completely performancebased, it is of all the members of the band, playing the song, in whatlooks like, a waterlogged abandoned warehouse. The main shots used in this music video are Close-ups of theband members, and long shots of the background. Editing has beenused to create a fast-paced cutting action, which gives the wholevideo a violent/angry feel to it, this is appropriate due to the songbeing about an angry concept. The band member’s body language is quite hostile, and tense.
  4. 4. 2: Violet “Perspectives” The video I am analysing is by Violet, and it is called“Perspectives”. This genre of music is “Post-Hardcore”. The main characteristics this video has, is the fact that thevideo is shot in a big dark, room, and the band members are playingtheir instruments aggressively. The band is playing in a large empty room (Apart from bandsequipment), which has bright white lights pointing at the band tocreate a almost shadowy silhouette effect at the camera. The video swaps from long shots to close ups to extreme closeups regularly. The main pace of cutting together the shots isrelatively fast. The close ups are of the band members face’s and theirinstruments. There are often long shots of their silhouettes againstthe plain white wall.
  5. 5. Throughout the music video, there are small “flashbacks” to awoman who has minimal clothes on. This is to perhaps attract moreviewers, as from my survey I took on my target audience; it showedmore candidates would rather see music videos with “Hot Females”in it. The way she is dressed, and the way she acts and moves in theframe, gives a seductive and suggestive tone. This would appeal tomore of the male audience rather than the female, due to the obviousmale to female attraction. Typically, most post-Hardcore videos will have an angry tone,in this video this is present, because of the way the band and singer“plays” their instruments. This is because of the aggressive ways,such as “Screaming the Vocals” and slamming their instrumentsbadly.
  6. 6. The band members have numerous tattoos and long hair,which promotes the stereotype of the people who play and listen tothis genre of music. The bands overall body language is “tense” and quite hostile tothe camera. For example, the long hair and tattoos would fit with thestereotype of an “Emo” person, which is part of my target audience. This music video is dominantly performance based, howeverhas some shots of a slightly narrative nature of a barely clothedwoman showing suggestive nature. The music video seems also to be putting across a message, itseems the band are trying to show different perspectives of howpeople see life, and see women. In the video it shows a shot of awoman with some text saying “Addiction” on it, meanwhile the songlyrics go harsh and extremely heavy. This could portray that hisaddiction to women has almost driven the singer angry and sayingthat all women are seductive and almost deceiving to be somethingbad. Towards the end of the song, the cutting speed betweendifferent shots begins to slow down, as the music slows to a halt. Andthis final shot is of the women slowly walking and fading away.
  7. 7. 3: Red Jumpsuit Apparatus “Your Guardian Angels” The video I am analysing is by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus,and it is called “Your Guardian Angel”. This genre of music is “Post-Hardcore”. This is the original video to the song I am doing a musicvideo for. The song is a depressive song about losing a girlfriend or aloved one. This is shown clearly by the lyrics to the song. The video starts off with the lead singer, in a small alleywayin aroom. He is holding a light bulb, which flickers, on and off. This couldportray that the light bulb is his “hope” because it is a depressivesong. His “Hope” could be his thoughts about maybe getting backtogether with his girlfriend, but then reality hits him so the light bulbgoes back off. The next shots are of the band, in a backstage area for ashow. It shows the entire band depressed so they have all most likely“lost” someone. Even though they are in back stage, being in goodaccommodation and treatment, it gives the impression that the bandis only happy with their girlfriend. This is shown by their looks intothe mirror throughout the video
  8. 8. Throughout the video, it shows the band on theirInstruments, playing the song with a depressed look on their face. In the music video, it shows more shots of the band staring intomirrors, with the lyrics, they give the joint effect of that he is staringback into his past, thinking about the mistakes he had made to losehis girlfriend.
  9. 9. The main shots used in this music video, are close ups,extreme-close ups, long shots and mid shots. These are mostly all atthe band and their instruments and equipment. Later in the music video, the music video turns into a moreheavy and performance based song and video this is shown by theband walking onto stage and playing live, in front of a crowd. The overall body language of the band members is quitedepressive, as it seems they are hurt over losing their girlfriend,however at the end, when they are playing to a crowd, it shows theyare fighting back the depression. This gives the impression thathowever bad your depression gets, you can get right back up afterlosing something important to you. The ending shot is of the lead singer, back in the original firstshot in the alleyway, holding a light bulb, which is bright. The shotthen fades to black and the song ends. This gives the impression thatthe band is back to normal and no longer depressed and that theirhope is back high again.